Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms

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About this essay
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Consider the three candidates in Exhibit A below. If forced to make a decision tomorrow, which candidate should Alistair choose for the job? What major factors should determine his choice?

  • Every candidate has different strengths and weaknesses
  • Marie: good technical as well as administrative abilities
  • Janos: knows Hungarian culture and speaks the language, experience with the local products
  • Sinead: has experience in the organiyational and administrative part of joint ventures, knowledge about local and global products
  • The different abilities have to be compared and analyzed in relation to the vacant position
  • Marie: is the best choice
  • Long experience with Trianon in different areas
  • Became acquainted with different cultures even if not the Hungarian
  • Good technical education / background
  • Fitting family status (child in university)
  • Good language skills
  • Janos:
  • Cultural aptitude
  • Knowledge of Hungarian language
  • Fitting family status
  • Short experience with Trianon
  • Contacts to politcs may be a problem
  • Lack of technical experience
  • Sinead:
  • Great technical experience even in joint ventures and the appropriate technology
  • Weak cultural aptitude
  • Weak language skills
  • Family status might be a problem (3 underaged children)

We are told nothing of the process that Trianon uses to recruit candidates for ths level of final selection.

Given what you know about the firm from the case, outline a general recruitment and selection process for Trianon.

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Describe how your proposal fits with `best` selection practices as well as the strategic needs of this company.

  • Job requirements:
  • Technical experience
  • Cross cultural aptitude
  • Family status
  • Company`s requirements, period of employment
  • Language skills
  • Selection procedure:
  • Selection on the basis of the application
  • Style of writing, education, marks, completeness of documents
  • Interviews
  • Personal appearance, answering questions, flexibility, adaptability
  • Selection tests
  • Completion of tasks, presentations skills, mental qualities, soft skills

Should HR staff be involved in strategic decisions relating to international business operations such as finalizing a joint venture agreement? * Yes, HR staff should be involved to assure that all personnel changes regarding the future project are organized and planned properly.

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It is important to integrate HR well enough in advance, because a potentially necessary recruitment and selection process takes time.

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Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms

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