Legal Regulatory Requirements on the Human Resource Processes

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Companies today and various areas of HR should take note of the local laws and in keeping up-to-date with local laws impacting legislation and how their business is run, to which will only ensure the organizations to be able to avoids costly penalties. The legislation states that the Human resources managements must comply with all safety, health regulations for all employment agency. Ensuring regulatory and legal compliance are usually different in various states to which some business practices may be different.

Usually this includes local, state and federal laws that simply pertains to human resources in benefits, labor relations, recruitment, and termination. This also includes employees hired locally, management of employee and employee travel. For example, in the health industry for consultants that usually travel for EMR implementation, human resources usually deals with signing contracts, implementing HIPAA training course and following the rules and guidelines for each state. With the increasing globalization large organizations handling business internationally usually set up overseas.

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This will only ensure that legal and regulatory compliance are being delivered and administered.

The U.S. Department of Labor and Federal laws administer and covers major regulations and statues in the whole scope of employment, which includes workers and business. It usually outline and gives basic provision and requirements to which employees and employers must follow, which includes employee rights, record keeping, and reporting noncompliance offenders that will follow with penalties. Working for an HIPAA Compliance Officer, truly gave me the inside knowledge to which every hospital, clinic, and small facilities must follow to ensure all employees are in compliant as the federal laws has enforced.

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Human resources must be in continuous ordinance, along with implementing regulations that has been stated by federal state and administrative agencies, such as National Labor Relations Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Federal Employees Compensation Act better known as FECA, also the OSH better known as Occupational Safety and Health Act to which is administered by the OSHA, which is Occupational Safety and Health.

These administrations are listed for employees who encounter any issues regarding employment with the Department of Labor to which can assist with knowing the rights of that employee. The Human Resource Department must follow the rules given by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is known that the human resources department has many legal, and safety laws that the department must follow and abide to prevent law suits against all business, hospital, clinics, and small physician offices. The Human Resources understands that these laws were put in place to prevent managers, or supervisor from feeling they can mistreat any employee with probable cause.

However if there is probable cause the Fair Labor Standards Act better known as FLSA which allows an employer to take disciplinary action by reducing a nonexempt worker’s hourly wages. In my opinion I feel that the Fair Labor Standards Act is very fair for both parties. It allow both parties employer and employee to prove their case and if one of parties are found guilty then party is responsible for either paying the penalties or expect wages to be deducted. It is important for employees to understand what guidelines human resource must follow. Some organizations focus on specific laws and understanding how to implement the fair at throughout the organization. HR managers and human resources must view employees as having basic rights. It must reflect ethical principles and follow all safety regulations for all employees.

Compliance with regulations and responsibility for safety was established to retain prime responsibility for a facility or organization. An employer must have regulatory control to help assist with evaluation and durations of activities of operations. It should be the employer’s responsibility to demonstrate to employees through training courses and activities to be sure an employer is understanding of the safety regulations.

In some cases many workers are injured on the job to which one is responsible for filing a first report of injury, which usually is the human resources responsibility. Once the human resources department file a first report of injury, an investigation must take place next to make sure that safety regulations were met. The employee is remain important at all times however, all workers compensation claims can be denied because the employee did not follow the safety regulations.

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Legal Regulatory Requirements on the Human Resource Processes

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