Puerto Rico Perfect for Vacations


Puerto Rico is the favorite destination on the Caribbean simply because it is the most diverse island with a range of attractions and sightseeing spots in every corner of the island. Puerto Rico is a gorgeous, sunny island of many different colors. It has green trees, fields and forests, brown hills, and white, sandy beaches. Puerto Rico is famous for its beautiful beaches, warmhearted people, and delicious foods. In fact, “Borinque” is also known to be the oldest community under the American Flag.

The variety of attractions and places to visit

No other Caribbean island has such a variety of attractions and places to visit like Puerto Rico. The island was blessed with many natural attractions and great spots for sightseeing. We invite you to go beyond the shore and explore it all. When you visit Puerto Rico you will find that in order for you to see all the attractions there are it will literally take you months to explore and visit them all.

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Whatever you are looking for in a vacation Puerto Rico has it; romance, adventure, relaxation, history, beauty, magical places and friendly locals that will make you feel right at home.

The climate of Puerto Rico

First of all, If you think heaven is out of reach, then you should try choosing as a travel destination Puerto Rico. The climate is so generous that it will certainly make you feel like a million bucks. The constant temperature of about 82. 4 °F (28 °C) that does not ever change drastically is the dream of every tourist, from wherever he/she may be.

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The lowest temperature ever in the Puerto Rican island had a value of 4 °F (4 °C) and it was registered in Aibonito. Caliente” is the word that describes this great place and I’m not talking about temperature here – or, at least, not only about temperature. What are you really looking for? If your answer is “an unforgettable holiday”, then you have picked the right travel destination. Puerto Rico is the perfect place for you. Just try to imagine a place where in the winter the weather is just cool and you are not freezing, a place where you can peacefully lay down in a comfy hammock and listen to nothing but the sound of the waves crashing in the sand in a gorgeous beach.

The food of Puerto Rico

Second, the food of Puerto Rico is something that people will die for here. The taste of rice and beans, with its different spices and recipes that people put into it, makes it a pure delight just even letting your tongue touch it. Try tasting a well-done “Monfongo” or even a “Pincho” which has bread and chicken pieces together on a stick and on the chicken it has BBQ sauce. Trying feasting on pig meat which is better than chicken. Picture Waking up in the morning to the smell of coffee in the air as it awakes your soul.

If your staying near a beach you can smell the ocean flowing through your nostrils. Food here bursts with aroma, which kicks your brain in gear for a well feast. Go to San Juan and you’ll smelling a lot of stuff cooking in the air because they are a lot of people preparing food on the street. These scents will make you feel happy and hungry all day long. Third, the Puerto Rican culture is also a fascinating. You should try to know as much as you can during your staying.

Puerto Rican culture

Puerto Rican culture is “de facto” a perfect mixture of four cultures: African (from the slaves), Spanish, Taino (Amerindians) and more recently, North American. For example, from Africans, the Puerto Rican people have obtained the “bomba and plena” which is a unique type of dance and music including maracas and percussions. From Taino (Amerindians), Puerto Ricans took a lot of names related to foods, musical instruments – like the guiro and maracas – and their municipalities. In Puerto Rico there are many different sounds to hear and listen too.

The music here is vas and great. The music now is reggeton, which is kinda, like a Spanish rap with a hip-hop track, but this music either you love it or not it well make u start moving and dancing all night long. We also have the wildlife making their music, at night you’ll be able to hear the crickets and birds singing. But there also are other words, as well as objects that have originated from their localized language. Finally, just like you have read, Puerto Rico is truly a great place to visit.


Consequently, it is the place where you will always come back again with pleasure. Its outstanding geographical position, great weather, wonderful people and excellent cuisine are just a few of the “ingredients” that lift the island to the status of a top travel destination. Hopefully reading this well help you decide were you want to go on your next vacation. It is not just something that I am making it up right now and you don’t have to take my word on it. Check it out yourself and you will see that it is all real.

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Puerto Rico Perfect for Vacations

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