Puerto Princesa Underground River: A Natural Wonder of the Philippines

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The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is among the most considerable secured areas of the Philippines. It lies in the Midwest coast of Palawan, some 76 km northwest of Puerto Princesa City. It was designated as a National forest on March 26, 1971 at 3,901 has by virtue of Proclamation No. 835. To make sure long term practicality, the Park was broadened to 22,202 has that includes the entire catchment of the Underground River and important forested locations by virtue of Pronouncement No. 212 signed on November 16, 1999.

The Site includes an amazing limestone or karst mountain landscape with one of the most remarkable cavern systems on the planet. It contains an 8.2 km long underground river that streams straight to the sea. The lower half of the river is brackish and based on the oceans tide. A subterranean river streaming directly into the sea and the associated tidal influence makes it the most distinct natural phenomenon of its type to exist. The discovery of 11 minerals, clinically and aesthetically unique speleothems, and a 20 million year old Serenia fossil validates the declaration of the Puerto Princesa Underground River as one of the New 7 Marvels of Nature.

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The Website likewise consists of a full mountain to sea communities and protects forests that are crucial for biodiversity conservation. It is an agent of Palawan Moist Forests, which are amongst the most significant in Asia, and is kept in mind for high levels of regional and regional endemism. The Website works as habitat to numerous endangered, uncommon and endemic wildlife species. In the coastal area, mangroves, sea grass beds and reef are discovered.

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In recognition of its impressive universal worth, it was engraved to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization's World Heritage List on December 4, 1999. Engraving to this prominent list confirms the impressive universal worth of the Park and its well-integrated state of preservation.

Thru the efforts of Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn, management of the Park was transferred to the City Government of Puerto Princesa on December 16, 1992. It has the distinction of being the first national park devolved and successfully managed by a local government unit. It is managed by the City thru a multi-sector Protected Area Management Board (PAMB). It is a model for effective protected area management and sustainable tourism in the Philippines.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a source of pride and a key element in the identity of the people of Puerto Princesa in particular and of the Philippines as a whole. It is a symbol of commitment by the Filipino people in the global efforts to conserve our natural heritage.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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