A communication management plan is very important in determining whether a project will succeed or fail. Effective communication therefore makes a difference between the success of failure of any kind of project. One will have   to develop a communication plan outline that enables one determines whether the project is heading in the right direction – toward success or not.

The document makes sure that all the stakeholders in the project are equally informed on how, when, and why communication will take place since it is an effective way of solving problems, dealing with risks that may arise and making  sure that the project is completed as scheduled (Heldman, 2009).

A good communications management plan will provide the stakeholder with the appropriate generation, collection and distribution, storage and retrieval of project information. It also provides links between the concern people and the information necessary for a successful communication.

The plan also provide the project manager, project sponsor, the project team,  other stakeholders, vendors, customers and everyone involved in the project with guide to understand  how communications affects the  project as a whole (Heldman, 2009).

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Stakeholders’ analysis

Rick Auto Enterprises is upgrading its legacy billing system that was originally installed ten years ago. The project has brought many employees on board. These people include the project manager, the project sponsor whom by default had always been the director of the Billing Department but this time round is the IT Department manager, staff from the IT department which include;  technical architects, programmers or testers, instructional designers, trainers or technical writers, vendors and business analysts.

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In addition to this team customers are also included.

For the project to be delivered successfully, all these people must receive timely, accurately and necessary information on there needs, responsibilities and any update on the project. (Heldman, 2009).The communications management plan should therefore detail what information is to be delivered, to whom, how it should be delivered and when the information should be passed.

Communication modalities

In this case therefore, Rick Auto Enterprise senior management receives communication on the progress of the project from the project manager when requested and at an appropriate time. There should be also communications between the project leader and the entire project team on a number of issues. Firstly, there should be communication on internal communication roles and responsibilities.

Each Project delivery team member should have his or her responsibilities defined. This can be done in the work plan and the organization chart that should be created by the team leader to identify the team structure.

A set of guides is created by manager to clarify that chain of command and shows how questions are handled when need be. There should be also a continuous distribution and maintenance of work schedule. The schedule should be read-only and should be updated to reflect where the work as reached.

The public and the customers of the company should be kept informed and involved. This is done through having a documented public involvement plan. A project website should also be put in place to keep the customers informed on the undertaking and also enable them contribute through sharing of their opinions and ideas.

This website should be set almost immediately to enable the public follow the progress of the project from the beginning. The other way in which the public can get the information is through the release of information through the media either print or electronic media or both and via press releases (Stanley, 2010).

Risks that the project might face should also be communicated properly and on time to avoid them. Effective project manager insist on strong risk management policies and procedures. This can be done by identifying the risks measuring their potential harm and having a well planned action taken to deal with the threats. All these will help prevent projects from failing and careers of team players stalled.

This can best be done by identifying a risk officer who tracks the risks reports them to the relevant authorities hence contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness. Time frame of the entire projects should also be made. Datelines and project duration should be stated to enable team work and meet the set targets. In this case the Rick Auto Enterprises has it project manager working for a total of 30hours per week (Stanley, 2010).


The other major factor that should be clearly highlighted in the project communication management plan is the project’s budget and how the money will be spent in the course of the project period. In the case of Rick Auto Enterprise, a total of $ 125000 has been allocated for the vendor services. The project manager earns $150 per hour; business analyst will get $165, $135 an hour for technical architects, $110 an hour for the programmers and $100for instructional designers, trainers or technical writers.

This budget however  does not discloses all the monies needed for the project and It also not clear on whether the project management will consider purchasing all the material from the vendor which will cost  an additional $8,500 and also purchase the software that the vendor already  has in place or not . If these options are considered it will cost an additional $45000 and takes another four weeks (Stanley, 2010).


In conclusion therefore, it is mandatory for the project delivery team to accurately, timely and clearly give information on the above discussed issues   to ensure the successful delivery of the project (Stanley, 2010).

Updated: May 19, 2021

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