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Presidential Election Essay Examples

Essay on Presidential Election

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Fallacies and Mistakes in an Advertisement

During the presidential election of 2012, logical fallacies seemed to be more common than ever, with more television commercials being aired. The commercial in which an ex-steel worker blamed his wife’s death on presidential candidate Mitt Romney, included many of the common logical fallacies in the political world. These logical fallacies discredit the argument against Romney in a very negative...

The Analysis of Obama's Victory Speech

Barack Obama’s speech in Chicago following his victory in the US election was a fine example of the rhetorical brilliance that helped him defeat Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Obama is using the same simple techniques that every other inspiring speaker uses but the power and impact of his language remain undiminished. It’s commonly thought that effective orators are blessed with a mysterious...

Presidential Election of 1912

As it turned out, Wilson did receive the Presidency in 1912, but it seemed the people were almost equally divided three ways. Because of the split in the Republican vote though, Wilson carried more states and became President. As soon as Roosevelt left the Republicans and formed his own party, Taft knew the Democrats would hold the majority of electoral votes. It seems each candidate would have be...

Parliamentary System, Presidential System and Democracy

The democracies around the world all want what is best for their state and government. Many states in today's world all want to achieve and merge towards the whole democracy aspect. The two systems of the presidential and parliamentary are both options in achieving this but it depends on the state itself. Depending on what kind of ideology and attitude the state is in it will choose the system. St...

Philippine Presidential Elections 2016

While VP Binay effortlessly made it to the list of possible and feasible presidential candidate, our next guy, a potical rival of the former, and the current Senate Majority Leader, Sir Alan Peter Cayetano, needed to closely monitor surveys to make sure he's still in the running and viewed by the Filipinos as a viable candidate, according to a source familiar to Cayetano. The 43-year-old Senator f...

Andrew Jackson Campaign Speech About Presidential Election 1828

Eighteen of our states now choose their electors by popular vote, while only six still allow the legislature to choose their representatives for them. I urge you all to go to the polls on Election Day. With this election we can finally take back power from the old aristocracy. We can establish the legitimacy of majority rule based upon direct voting for candidates by the electorate, and guarantee ...

The Presidential Election Of 1828

Jackson defied the basic rights and duties under the constitution, but he did something that most Americans wanted, a land free of the Native tribes. Jackson’s decisions were all shaded by his threats towards his enemies or anyone who disagreed with him and his followers. He wanted to express his dominance as the supreme ruler of the United States. His threatening gave him a name for himself. Hi...

The Election Day

It was every race. I personally, don’t care what color anyone is, let alone our president. If I was able to vote and Barack Obama was white or vice versa, I wouldn’t vote for one of them just because of their race. It goes down to who has the best plan for us. So I don’t really understand why the comments were being made. Just like my mom, dad, grandma, etc. told me, “If it’s not nice, d...

Blockchain System and Democracy with E-Voting

Main goal of Immune Ballot is to provide our platform on almost every platform available today. For now we are on Web and in future we are moving on Android and IOS.ConclusionThe idea of adapting digital voting systems to make the public electoral process cheaper, faster and easier, is a compelling one in modern society. Making the electoral process cheap and quick, normalizes it in the eyes of th...

Women Participation in Liberian Presidential Elections

Historically, women became organized and recognized for the first time in 1910 because of their artistic talents and quilting skills. Liberian women were traditionally known for their hospitality and their skills with cultural arts and crafts. In 1957 and 1958, Liberian women hosted national fairs where, for the first time, women exhibited their skills in various sewing needle arts exhibitions whe...

President Obama and President Lincoln

When President Obama said, “For everywhere we look, there is work to be done” he was referring to the state of our economy at the time and was calling for actions to fix it that would be bold and swift. He knew that we needed to create new jobs in order to help our country grow, to build new roads and bridges and he wanted to restore science to its rightful place. He wanted to improve health c...

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