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The Declaration of Independence (1776): Brief Overview
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The declaration of independence is one of the most important events in American history it declared America to be independent of the British Empire, without the declaration there wouldn’t be a United States of America today. What would the US or the world be like if it had not declared independence? The declaration of independence was adopted by the continental congress on July 4, 1776, where the 13 colonies had cut ties with Great Britain. The Declaration was a summary…...
American RevolutionBoston Tea PartyGovernmentJohn AdamsThe Declaration Of Independence
John Adams’ Imaginary Letter to Che Guevara
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Dear, Che Guevara Greetings, my name is John Adams. To give you a brief background about me, I am America's second president that I served for four years. I am a federalist. Before my presidency, I was associated with the establishment of the nation. I have played many roles, such as the American revolution, the production of the alien and sedition acts, the Boston Massacre, and the failures of my presidency. I did so many critical duties for my country…...
Boston MassacreFidel CastroGovernmentJohn Adams
John Adams Letter
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John Adams once wrote in a letter to Jonathan Jackson, "there is nothing I dread so much, as a division of the Republick into two great Parties, each arranged under its Leader, and concerting Measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble Apprehension is to be dreaded as the greatest political Evil, under our Constitution." Adams feared The 1828 Presidential Campaign and victory of Andrew Jackson fundamentally changed the way that political campaigns in the United States are…...
John Adams
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Jonathan Sewall vs John Adams
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Jonathan Sewall and John Adams were close friends and agreed on many issues. British policies towards the American colonies during the 1760s and 1770s, however, was not one of them. Sewall, a staunch supporter of authority, defended British policies. John Adams, on the contrary, believed the policies to be unjust and thus challenged British authority. Sewall believed that the colonial challenge to British authority threatened the very way of life in the colonies while Adams thought that British authority provided…...
John AdamsPolitics
Life Easier Today Than It Was 50 Years Ago
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Pages • 6
When you write a paper, you utilize some details that you have actually checked out in books, journals, on the Web, and so on. Your teacher might have told you, "Use your own words." To put it simply, even when you utilize somebody else's info, you are not allowed to use the words they wrote. You need to utilize your own. You have to state the same thing in a various way. This is called paraphrasing. For example, if the…...
Gone With The WindJohn AdamsLifeLinguistics
John Adams’ Music Theory and Practice
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Pages • 11
John Adams' Harmonielehre By inventing the serial system of twelve tone music and atonalism, Schoenberg had created “the agony of modern music”. The minimalists had rebelled against the systematic, “aurally ugly” music of Schoenberg and the avant-garde beliefs of atonality being the “Promised Land”, choosing instead to return to traditional tonality. Adams partially agreed with the rebellion against Schoenbergian music, his works containing distinctly minimalist elements. Thus when he spoke about “freeing [him]self from the model Schoenberg represented”, he meant…...
John AdamsMusic
The Rhetorical Image of Freedom
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In Phillis Wheatley's poem, To the Right Honorable William…, evokes a spirit of an American vision that undermines that of Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, by reminding the Earl of Dartmouth that all should have freedom but for those who have obtained it, should not forget to thank God. Thomas Jefferson's vision of America is almost the same as Wheatley's with one major difference, his version doesn't include African Americans nor for that matter, equality for women. The words expressed,…...
FreedomJohn AdamsPoliticsRhetoricThomas Jefferson
John Adams and His Roles as President
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John Adams was one of the leaders in the defend American Independence. He was born on October 30, 1735. His presidency started in 1976 through 1800 and was the second president of the United States, after winning the election versus Alexander Hamilton. Upon winning the election he ended up being the Chief of State. His most significant accomplishment, as President, was to prevent a war with France, while preserving American honor. In our viewpoint he did an excellent job of…...
Alexander HamiltonJohn Adams
Slavery In America and The American Civil War
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Pages • 6
Jefferson did not present his candidacy for a third presidential period, but he helped elect the Democratic-Republican candidate from Virginia, James Madison, as president in 1808. Madison was the 4th president who also presided for two periods, from 1809 to 1817. During these years he had to confront serious problems. The worst of them was the continuous confrontations with Great Britain. Neither English nor French were in disposition to cede to American petitions. The United States wanted to have control…...
Civil WarJames MadisonJohn AdamsSlavery In AmericaWar of 1812
Film About John and Abigail Adams
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Pages • 2
John Adams, was gone for a good portion of their marriage and they missed each other so they start to to write letters to each other during the time of the Second Continental Congress. .A lot of the letters concerned domestic items, the managing of the farm.They wrote about the boys, and their education. Sometimes she just felt lonely and told him so in a letter. They also wrote about the home front of the war. Abigail Adams seems to…...
Abigail AdamsFilmJohn Adams
How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?
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Pages • 2
How revolutionary was the American Revolution? The American Revolution impacted and changed our history. A few memorable events that took place during the American Revolution are The Boston Massacre, The Tax Act, and the Boston Tea Party. Due to the extreme changes in political, social, and economical areas, the American Revolution was mainly a radical change. The American Revolution changed radically because of the ending of slavery, the women being looked at as they are equal to men, and the…...
American RevolutionBoston MassacreBoston Tea PartyJohn Adams
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How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?
...I believe that the American Revolution was revolutionary. The word revolutionary means to evolve or to change. The Thirteen Colonies winning the war caused a huge impact. They spread equality throughout and had many amendments made. The Constitution ...

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