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A Critical Analysis of the Policy Making Process in Public Administration
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South Africa has changed over time and ever since the democratic elections lots of laws and policies have been changed as well. When a policy is being made it will always involve interaction between the population and the institutions that have to perform the policy making functions. Interaction takes place by means of elections, meetings between the people and officials, public opinion surveys, media campaigns, etc. No policy can be made in an disorderly manner, so if the information which…...
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The Top-Down Theory Of Policy Implementation
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There are three well-defined theories on the implementation of policies.  One of these is the top-down school of thought, led by Van Meter and Van Horn (1975), Nakamura and Smallwood (1980) and Mazmanian and Sabatier (1983), which describes the act of putting policies into action as a hierarchical operation of a centrally-defined policy plan.  Unlike the bottom-up theory of policy implementation (Hjern and Hull, 1982) which is motivated by daily problem-solving tactics, the top-down theory focuses on the capacity of…...
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The Policy Process: Evaluation, Analysis and Revision
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The policy process, part one, contains information on the formulation, implementation, and the legislation phase. The first phase is formulation; this is where information is gathered and delivered to the various individuals and groups involved. The next phase is evaluation; this is where discussions and/or debates take place. The next phase would be implementation; this is where the policy would be acted on or adopted. The topic of this paper is healthcare insurance for elderly and low income individuals and…...
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