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Russia’s current president Vladimir Putin is perhaps one of the most powerful individuals on earth. He has already served as President of Russia for 14 years, and after his re-election in May, he is about to make that number 20. Despite having a rough childhood, Putin never gave up his dream to become an intelligence officer. He even recalls going to the local KGB office while still in high school and asking for a job. An officer there told young Putin that he should join the military or study law, so he later attended Leningrad State University and graduated in 1975 with a degree in law. By this time, he has shaped himself into a disciplined, hardworking and athletic young man—just what the KGB needed. After years of training, Putin was eventually sent to Dresden, East Germany. As a KGB officer working in East Germany, Putin saw firsthand the impacts of the finish of the Cold War and the fall of communism. The breakup of the Soviet Union legitimately impacted Putin in terms of his worldview and his ambitions, and arguably influenced his political way of thinking. After returning from East Germany, Putin shifted his focus to politics and went on to work in local Saint Petersburg Government for the mayor’s office. After building up his reputation as an outstanding administrator, Putin was promoted to Moscow and started to work his way up. Boris Yeltsin, the first president of the new Russian Federation took notice of Putin and appointed him to become the director of the FSB(The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation). In 1999, Yeltsin announced that he wanted Putin to be his successor, and appointed Putin as Russia’s prime minister, a move that surprised the world. Yeltsin went on to resign on New Year’s Eve 1999, unexpectedly making Putin the acting president of Russia. Putin’s vision for Russia and its global influence was simple—he wanted to re-establish the then-struggling Russia as a world power in all fields. 

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