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Gabowitsch and Protest in Putin’s Russia
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Gabowitsch wanted to prove that the notion that the media painted of the 2011 protests was wrong. He first attempts to dispel the notion that the protesters were all liberal and of a certain background. He brilliantly dispels this notion through a unique mixture of interviews with the protestors, blog posts, and print media. He portrays the protests from responses from the protesters themselves and his assessment. He writes in the book that there were thousands of Russians, many with…...
Famous Person – Vladimir Putin
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Introduction             Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, former Soviet Union. He is the president of Russian Federation. In 1975, Putin attended Leningrad State University and obtained the degree in International Law. He was the member of Communist Part of Soviet Union in his university. He continued to be an active member till the party was disbanded in December 1991. His career as a President started in December 31, 1999 when he became acting President, coming…...
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Chapter Discussion Questions
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Pages • 8
1. Discuss the reasons that companies embark on cross-border strategic alliances. What other motivations may prompt such alliances? The text notes five motives for cross border alliances: 1) to avoid import barriers, licensing requirements and other protectionist legislation; 2) to share the costs and risks of the research and development of new products and processes; 3) to gain access to specific markets; 4) to reduce political risk while making inroads into a new market; and, 5) to gain rapid entry…...
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