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Why was Bill Clinton able to win the Presidential elections of 1992 and 1996?
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There are a multitude of factors that justify and rationalize Bill Clinton’s election successes in 1992 and 1996; in 1992 his rhetoric capability and empathy, in stark contrast with his opponent’s, George H. W. Bush, aloof, distant manner contributed somewhat to Clinton’s Presidential election. In 1996, it seems it was Clinton’s unfaltering charm and his talent for oratory that secured his second term in office against Bob Dole’s poorly calculated proposed economic policies. However, as always there are a plethora…...
Affirmative ActionBill ClintonEmpathyPresidential ElectionRhetoric
Media bias in politics
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In this rapidly changing world where there are no corners for unknown beings to hide, mass media has been an essential factor in day to day life. It has captured a major part of human life where it cannot be deprived of. Mass media can be defined as the mass conversation including a huge number of people. Prints, recordings, cinema, radio, internet and television are some major devices of mass media. Mass media plays a major role in many activities…...
Bill ClintonDonald TrumpHillary ClintonMedia And PoliticsMedia Bias
A Biographical Analysis Of President Bill Clinton Politics
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For this assignment we chose as a subject: A President and his reign. We chose President Bill Clinton. We chose this subject, because we both once heard about Bill Clinton in the news and we also have read about him, but we didn’t know a lot about him. So we were interested in the life of Bill Clinton and why he became president and what he has done for the United States of America.Our main question is: What has Bill…...
Bill ClintonPolitics
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APUSH: Chapter 41 Vocabulary
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Monica Lewinsky young White House intern whose sexual affair with President Clinton led to his impeachment Al Gore President Clinton's loyal vice president who won the most popular votes but lost the election of 2000 Richard Cheney George W. Bush's vice president who vigorously promoted conservative domestic policies and the invasion of Iraq H. Ross Perot Texas billionaire who won nearly 20% of the popular vote as third-party candidate in 1992 Barack Obama Illinois senator who became the first African…...
Angels In AmericaBill ClintonPoliticsSociety
Unit 4
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Which of the following contributed to John F. Kennedy's win in the presidential election of 1960? The African American Vote and Lyndon Johnson's strength in the South. To eradicate poverty and solve most social problems, President Kennedy believed the United States needed to grow the economy What did the Warren Commission conclude about the assassination of President Kennedy? Both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby had acted alone. President Lyndon Baines Johnson brought to the White House enormous skill in…...
Bill ClintonCivil Rights MovementHistoryRonald ReaganVietnam WarWar
Has the Role of the Prime Minister Become More Presidential?
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AS Politics – Homework Has the role of the Prime Minister become more presidential? There is an argument that the Prime Minister dominates in the British Political system. The British traditional system has moved away from the “cabinet government” model to a “prime ministerial government” model. But there is a different question concerning about the role and importance of the Prime Minister. Does the role of the PM become more presidential? Firstly, Prime Minister is the leader of his party…...
Bill ClintonLeadershipPoliticsPresidentRonald Reagan
Analysis on Clinton’s Rhetoric in Inaugural Address
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Paper Type:Rhetorical essays
On January 21st, 1993, Bill Clinton spoke to America on what they could expect of his term as president. In his inaugural address, he motivated a nation using multiple forms of rhetoric. Although later scandal shattered his ethos, during his inaugural address his ethos is strong demonstrated by references to previous presidents and a confident tone. He also exploits a significant amount of logos, referring to the struggles of the people at the time with various things such as communism,…...
Bill ClintonEthosRhetoric
Presidential Greatness: Bill Clinton
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Bill Clinton was one of the US presidents who brought changes to the country. First his rule was able to turn USA economy historical largest fiscal deficit into surplus. His rule was involved in effective combating of ethnic killings in Kosovo and Bosnia. It was during Bill Clinton rule that America attained the highest level of economic success since early 1960s. Bill Clinton changed the U. S. A sluggish economic growth to a more desirable growth. (Miller Center Public Affairs.…...
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton’s Speech After The Oklahoma Bombing
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Bill Clinton's speech after the Oklahoma bombing is a ceremonial type of speech. Key circumstances: bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, justice for bereaved families, financial and government support for restructuring of the city 2. What did you observe about the speaker on a nonverbal level? Were there any distractions nonverbally? If so, what were they and what would you advise the speaker to do next time? The speaker is…...
Bill ClintonCommunicationHuman NatureMemorial DayNonverbal Communication
Main Divisions Within the Democrat Party
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Pages • 2
There have always been different divisions within the Democrat Party and it has historically been factionalised into two main groups (as seen in the New Deal Coalition). There is the southern conservative wing, made up of Democrats from southern states who hold conservative views on issues including social and economic issues. These Democrats are seldom reliable voters in Congress, often voting with the Republicans on fiscal issues e.g. in 2009 some Blue Dog Democrats voted against Obama’s fiscal stimulus package.…...
Bill ClintonLiberalismParty
Ronald Reagan vs. Bill Clinton
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Pages • 2
Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were both two termed presidents who were known to have had very favorable ratings during their presidencies. Although their policies and time periods in which they presided were different, both of them made significant contributions to the United States. The U.S. economy did very well under the Reagan and Clinton years. Despite similarities in their economic success, Reagan took over an economy under stagflation and inflation in the double-digits. Clinton, however, took on his…...
Berlin WallBill ClintonEconomyRonald Reagan
Public v. Private Life
Words • 552
Pages • 3
In Milan Kundera’s book, Testaments Betrayed, he contends that people act very differently when they are in public compared to their private lives. Milan appropriately emphasizes the need for separation between one’s public and private life, and asserts that the real criminals are the ones who attempt to break that boundary. Logically, people will say and do things when they are alone that would be beyond the realm of appropriate behavior when they are in public. Therefore, I agree with…...
Bill ClintonLifePoliticsSocietyWorld
Celebrities in politics
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I will get straight to the point, I believe that when celebrities get involved in politics they draw attention away from the actual political issues and campaigns at hand. Having film stars in politics for endorsements will definitely draw a crowds and more importantly votes. Because people love and become inspired by the characters played by an individual and in the end they are in fact become blinded by who that individual really is. It is as if you give a dangerous…...
Bill ClintonPolitics
Thesis Statement and Informal Outline
Words • 332
Pages • 2
Definition of personal responsibility and what it means to you. Explain the relationship between personal responsibility and college success. Include a preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in your education. This week, using the Center for Writing Excellence resources, provide the thesis statement and informal outline for your Personal Responsibility Essay assignment, due in Week Five. Thesis Statement: While one can achieve goals and have pride without taking personal responsibility, a college degree is obtained by an individual’s accountability. Informal…...
Bill ClintonThesis statement
Should Physician Assisted Suicide be legal?
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When we think about the idea of physician- assisted suicide, we most likely feel as though that the act itself should be considered murder. During 1997, The President at the time Bill Clinton signed into regulations “The assisted suicide funding restriction act”. The regulation omitted the use of federal monies to pay for physician assisted suicide, as well as euthanasia, and also mercy killings in the United States. According to the New England Journal of Medicine Physician assisted suicide is…...
Assisted SuicideBill ClintonMercy killing
3.04 free from fear
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Above all are bravery we all have faced fear whether it be death, fear of the dark, or talking to a crush. We all put on a front that we are brave and we are not afraid of anything. It all comes down the truth. There’s wars out in the world today and we all have are fear of them but we have people trying to enlighten us showing there’s nothing to fear. Such as Obama and Theodore Roosevelt’s speeches…...
Bill ClintonFearFear Of FailurePoliticsPsychologySociety
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Why was Bill Clinton able to win the Presidential elections of 1992 and 1996?
...Whilst the public doubted the factuality of Dole’s economic policies and lost a substantial amount of voters once he announced that he was against abortions. Compared to Bush and Dole, Clinton was the only viable and practical choice. Clinton may h...

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