Plan for Career

My name is Leonel Carolina. This study plan created for my Master Program application in the Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development (IHRD) National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) in Taipei, Taiwan for the September 2019, intake in order to enhance my career prospects in the field of Human Resources.

Work Experience

I had started working as a secretary of the Medical Service at Siloam Hospital Makassar from 2012 to 2016. I was in charge of providing supportive functions to the higher-level hospital administrator.

Through my work, I had adequate experience and developed extra skills in direct/indirect communication and interaction among my colleagues and individuals-customers. In addition, that position helped me to enrich my background regarding the public relations field.

In my current company, I am working as a Human Resources assistant at Panca Culinary Group, being responsible for assisting the company’s manager of the human resources department, to implementing human resources services, which was consisted of organizing recruitments, arranging payroll, staffing, performance analysis, logistic service and simultaneously playing an advisory role.

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Through this position, I have acquired more practical experience in communication skills. Specifically, in offering solutions for any kind of employees’ problems, including tax regulations, health insurance requirements, overtime legislation and safety rules during the work. Honestly, I am always interested in taking care of my colleagues, which makes me sure that Human Resources Management is the educational and working field I would like to follow. Definitely, being able to recruit staff who are skilled with the suitable qualifications, to sort out their duties and support them to overcome any difficulties, could be characterized not only a big challenge for me but also my passion for my future career.

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The fact that Taiwan has been emerging as an eminent educational gateway and been long a significant trade and investment partner of Indonesia has inspired me to apply for this scholarship. Undeniably, Taiwan’s education has, over the past decades, been reaching international standards and created brilliant human resources. With one hundred percentage English taught programs, Taiwan has attracted students from all over the world, creating a wonderful international environment and intriguing me to come and study. Besides, the country is an ideal place to enrich my cultural experience and Taiwanese languages. More importantly, Taiwan is currently a strategic trading partner in Indonesia, which create more opportunities for me to explore and support the relationship between our two nations.

In addition to the above-mentioned motivation, my working experience might be less adequate for me to achieve my future goal, consequently, I am convinced that it should be combined with academic experience. Therefore, I decided to pursue the Master’s program in Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development (IHRD) National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), because this program would be appropriate for me to deep my education in the human resource which emphasises theoretical concepts learned in the classroom into practice with a work-placement and due to its excellent reputation in the global university rankings. This university nurture students to become educated, employable and entrepreneurial global citizens. This university provides amazing student services study skills development, career and job-seeking guidance, volunteer and work experience, health and wellbeing services, personal tutors along with superb facilities. I believe that studying in a specific university could be a big challenge for me and a great opportunity to gain specialized knowledge in Human Resource.

Furthermore, I was initially motivated to apply for this program because the universities offer courses of Human Resource Recruiting and Selection, Studies in International Human Resource Development and Management, Human Resource Communications and Studies in Employee Relations & Negotiation. Some of these courses will be one of the supporters in my subsequent research interest on how to find and manage employees well in accordance with the workplace and the right time, and how to handle the conflicts between employees or between employees and management using various strategies designed for the purpose.

Moreover, my numerous greatest skills, such as my good communication and organizational, encourage me in listening and resolving people problem that is motivated me to apply for. To conclude, I appreciate every opportunity to learn new things that would affect my goals and future plans.

Detailed Study Plan

The duration of the study plan is about 24 months with English-taught design. Throughout these two years, I will complete 36 credits of graduate studies and my research will be focused on Human Resources Development. Detailed time arrangement are below:

First Year (2019-2020)

I would like to spend my first year to study core courses and attend a seminar related to my field. I will select Associate Professor Lin, Yi-Chun Jane or Associate Professor Yeh, Chu-Chen Rosa as my research advisor. And will attend in all their discussion.

Second Year (2020-2021)

I will join a research group and start my research. I hope to complete my research in semester 4 and have at least one full article that is acceptable and presented at the local/international conference or published in an academic journal under the guidance of my thesis advisor. For my subsequent research interest, I want to conduct research related to the role of human resources in infrastructure development in Indonesia.

My Plan after Graduation

After I finish my master, I am planning to take an internship in a respectable company in Taiwan for one year, and after that create my career as an advisor-consultant, both in the public and the private sector in Indonesia. I expect to develop my career in one of these areas – business development and consultancy, management, recruitment, personnel, human resources, training depends on the type of company I open my career in the continuously developing country, my motherland, Indonesia where national and international business and organisations have been thriving in recent years. For instance, nowadays, there are several companies in Indonesia requiring many counsellors to hire the right talent employees.

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