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Essay on Photography

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High school graduates should take a year off before entering college

The term "selfie" was discussed by photographer Jim Krause in 2005, although photos in the selfie genre predate the widespread use of the term. In the early 2000s, before Facebook became the dominant online social network, self-taken photographs were particularly common on MySpace. However, writer Kate Losse recounts that between 2006 and 2009 (when Facebook became more popular than MySpace), the ...

Photography in Social Media

While social networking does indeed have an effect on the youth of today, the photography that is involved with social networking plays an even bigger role in how the youth is effected. What would Facebook be without profile pictures and photo albums and the critics who judge them in the comment section? Would there even be Instagram or Snapchat? How would a teenager get the much needed self-estee...

The Morals of Vision: Susan Sontag’s ‘On Photography’

Qualifying Sontag, a single photograph of an event, place, time or whatever will only give you a limited perspective of that event, place or whatever. However it does not limit our understanding of something. It simply gives a single viewpoint or snapshot for us to base an overall understanding. Susan Sontag claims in her passage, “On Photography”, that photography limits our understanding of ...

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Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus and Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz

Arbus learn photography from her husband, Allan Arbus. At a young age she had artistic talent and in high school she was interested in creating paintings and drawings. Last but not least Annie Leibovitz took photographs of Disney movies and made them come to life instead of being a cartoon or animation and has a very unique and fun way to make photography more and more interesting for younger peop...

Senior Project proposal

For my senior project paper I plan on writing about the history of photography and cameras, it will serve as background information because I will become knowledgeable on the background of photography. I know very little about this topic, but plan to grow more knowledgeable during the course of my senior project. My primary sources in the community for my topic will be photographing sports games a...

Family Portrait

Just before giving the picture to my great-grandfather, she scrawled at the lower left, “Sincerely, Beatrice.” When I study this picture, I react in many ways. I think about the trouble that my great-grandmother went to in order to impress the young man who was to be my great-grandfather. I laugh when I look at the ring, which was probably worn to make him jealous. I smile at the serious, form...

Ansel Adams life and two analysis of his photographs

Ansel Adams was a man who loved photography. He showed this love through countless studies he did with photography. No one could print his negatives the same way he could. Ansel was the best black and white photographer of his time. The ranges of black and white he could print were outstanding. I thought the film that we watched was very dry and dull but the photographs that Ansel Adams took were ...

Module 11 text questions-Creative photography

9. What do you think is the biggest challenge for professional photographers? - Probably finding a good job in photography. There are not many, and I wouldn’t want to just work as an assistant. 10. How do the careers of freelance and salaried photographers differ? Which one do you think you’d prefer? Why? - Being a freelance photographer has more freedom involved and you don’t have a boss, u...

Cindy Sherman's Photograph

By titling each of the photographs "Untitled," as well as numbering them, Sherman depersonalizes the images. Sherman's creativity and power as a photographer is on full display with Untitled Film Still # 48. She put in putting so much heart into the photo that the viewer cannot help but react. For the viewer in me, the most memorable feature is the dominance of darkness combined with notable lack ...

Page-by-Page Analasis of John Marsden's "A Prayer for the 21st Century"

This simple yet honest poem of hope and fear effectively reached out to, and appealed to me, the target audience and a child of the 21st Century. It was deep and complex in some places, yet simple enough to be understood by the intended reader. It is a thought stimulating read to be understood more and more with wisdom and experience. Now it is just a question, first posed in the photograph of the...

Critical Analysis of the Photographic Work of Annie Leibovitz

com/news/coverstory/1000thphotographers/11/john_lennon_and_yoko_ono>. New York Magazine. “Photography,” New York Magazine, 19 Sep 1983, pp. 88-89. The New York Times. “Women,” In Leibovitz and Sontag’s Women, 1999. Retrieved from The New York Times. 27 Apr 2009. <http://www. nytimes. com/library/photos/leibovitz/brennan. html>. Somerstein, Rachel. “Annie Leibovitz: Life Throug...

Fashion photography

https://fstoppers.com/documentary/take-my-picture-how-fashion-photography-has-changed-3631 http://www.quora.com/How-has-fashion-photography-changed-over-the-years http://www.1883magazine.com/art-features/art-features/art-feature-new-fashion-photography https://urbantimes.co/2012/08/timeless-beauty-100-years-of-fashion-photography/ https://www.notjustalabel.com/editorial/blumenfeld-studio-changing-...

Henry Peach Robinson

<http://holla. co. kr/gallery_board/? p=view&tb=photo&keyword=&page=1&keyfield=&id=187/> “Henry peach robinson. ” Invaluable. 4 May 2009. <http://www. invaluable. com/artist/robinson-henry-peach-84wvj6zey4/> "Henry peach robinson. " Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2009. 4 May 2009. <http://encarta. msn. com/encyclopedia_761579417/Robinson_Henry_Peac...

Imogen Cunningham - Photographer

The 1940s saw Imogen turn to documentary road shooting as a part-time project as she sustained herself with studio and commercial photography. Ansel Adams invited Cunningham in 1945 to a faculty position at the pioneer Fine Art shooting department of California School of Fine Arts (CSFA) an offer which she accepted.  Imogen’s florals, portraits and nudes gained her a lot of fame. She did photog...

"War Photograph" and "War Photographer"

In conclusion, War Photograph, to me, gives the best detail, and has more overall impact in comparison to War Photographer due to the use of language and structure, how it seems more dramatic, especially when Kate Daniels compares, subtly, the Americans to gods in the quote, “and she is also running from the gods.” Also how she compares the war happening as not only in another country, but in...

Migrant Mother

Migrant Mother was one of those photos which needed no caption to see what was going on. It was one of those things in which you could just simply take a look at and can read every emotion present and or visible. When looking at this photo you will notice the creases on the mother's face thast shows despair and longing an dhow her desperate eyes had a slight glimmer of hope. You can tell that he...

Development of Nude Photography

Bibliography Hirsch, Robert, “Seizing the Light: A History of Photography. ” NY: McGraw-Hill, 2000 “Nude Photography. ” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nude_photography “Pictorialism. ” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Pictorialism van Schendel, William. “A Politics of Nudity: Photography of the ‘Naked Mru’ of Bangl...

“The Mirror with a Memory” by James West Davidson

Riis highlights the needs for stable, wholesome families. The picture of page 191 is an example of a non-wholesome family. The home is supposed to be a resting place but factory work made its way into the home, making the entire family work. Photos like these were examples of Riis’s motives behind his photos. The photo on page 193 called “Room in a tenement flat” showed a family portrait. Th...

The Summary of the Myth of Photographic Truth

Some suggest that this photograph has a connotation of segregation in American going through change. Sturken and Cartwright believes “the faces of the passengers each look outward with different expressions, responding in different ways to their lives, their journey” (Sturken and Cartwright 19). In conclusion, Sturken and Cartwright state that Roland Barthes believes a photograph has both deno...

Kevin Carter

Others were killed while working or committed suicides, due to stress and depression. The world should have a bit more respect for photojournalists who have been showing us the most important events in the 20th century. Not longer then a week ago the ‘Chicago Sun-Times’ fired all its staff photographers and decided to give reporters some Iphone training... It wasn’t the most shocking scene i...

This Is a Photograph of Me by Margaret Atwood Poem Review

The speaker is referring to her being beneath the surface, which in this case is under the water. As time goes on the speaker reveals that she has drowned and this is significant because the speaker has felt like she is not noticed throughout the poem. By giving the details of the photograph it makes the reader think that the photograph is old, same as how she feels like she is fading, even though...

Philippe Halsman

(T-L Books, 1977) The master of surrealism, Salvador Dali had shared an intimate chemistry with Philippe Halsman. Dali habitually visualised the problems of creating and presenting the depth and intricacies of surrealist art and Halsman almost always managed to resolve these problems for him. ‘Voluptas Mors’ and ‘Dali Atomicus’ are only two examples of their collaborative endeavour that pr...

Pin Hole Camera

These characteristics could be used for creative purposes. Once considered as an obsolete technique from the early days of photography, pinhole photography is from time to time a trend in artistic photography. Related cameras, image forming devices, or developments from it include Franke's wide field pinhole camera, the pin speck camera, and the pinhead mirror. NASA (via the NASA Institute for Adv...

Photo Manipulation and Our Society

Since we all have easy access to photo manipulating software we get to enjoy it by transforming pictures into colorful stories then it turns into a work of art. However, there are times that you get deceived by what you see and you wouldn’t know if what you’re seeing is real or not. This is sometimes the case with some photos being published in the news and advertisements. They do a great job ...

The Family Photograph Album

There is now a ‘building block’ and opportunity to create our own identities and memories through this cultural condition. However it is still a reoccurring debate whether or not we lose our sense of identity through manipulating and editing the photos we chose to show to the world via the internet or within the family photo album. Nevertheless this tradition exists to this very day and has be...


In high fashion photo shoots stylish black and white photos are becoming more and more popular; the sleek lines of postive and negative space are the dynamic in the photo, as well as black and white outfits that allow for a slimmer and more direct silhouette. There is a definite nostalgia that is coming forward in recent photography, as Silberman emphasises, “I'd already noticed that vintage pho...

Describe the Picture

The hazy smoke is also in an almost translucent white. Black and white is dramatically contrasted in the tents also found below. Based on the shadows that are cast as captured in the picture, one can say that the picture was taken when the sun is high on the horizon. This can be assumed because of the tall shadows cast by the trees and other forms set on the landscape below. The sun’s rays are a...

Public Art

A good example is like the move that photographers like Marcus have taken by coming up with photographs that document the history and development of say a certain state and put it in his work of art, this is so essential because most people generally hate the aspect of learning but since this will present itself as having fun and studying some work of art, more people will be attracted to the same...

Photographers during the Harlem Renaissance

He wrote his first novel in 1922, and published the highly controversial novel, “Nigger Heaven” in 1926. 8 Unlike VanDerZee who photographs celebrities and common people of both genders, Van Vechten’s photographs involve mostly women. He seem to be passionately interested in female portraits for even as a youth in Iowa, he took photographs of his paternal grandmother and later on of two litt...

Textual analysis of Glamour Girls

One example of a convention used in many documentaries which is seen in Glamour Girls is voyeurism. This is used because the audience are made to look in on something which they wouldn't usually do such as the models being filmed while on their photo shoots. This leads to another example used in Glamour Girls being the location. There are shots of the locations used in the documentary because it s...

War Photographer and Stealingby Carol Anne Duffy

I can't decide if I like these poems or not I don't really feel anything for the characters Carol Anne Duffy hasn't made them likeable by not describing them and showing the bad traits of their personality which makes the poems seem gritty. There is many hidden messages which seem obvious but effective but the fact that I had to read them both five times before they made sense put me off right awa...

The Camera Never Lies

After analysing these five different images, I have learnt due to editing and selection photos can misrepresent the truth. The Media producers are constantly competiting with each other to make money. New and exciting ways of representing information/pictures can have impact and ensure success. A good photograph of something can help audiences make sense of a complicated issue. The media uses phot...

Hunger Crisis in Sudan Photography

This photo can be viewed from several perspectives. Of course, the photographer could help the girl, could take her to the camp, but did not do it. But the real problem has much more serious reasons. This is a social and even a philosophical photograph, it shows a transitional moment between life and death, and the chances are not equal here. Moreover, this is the approaching death of a child, and...

Steps Helping to Write the Visual Analysis Essay

In the first paragraph of your visual analysis, you may describe the rhetorical situation. Try to analyze the audience. Make sure you have discovered the aim the meaning the artists were trying to convey. Describe the reaction the picture caused in your soul. Mention what the central idea behind the creation was. Analyze the main points covered. You have to understand that the reader and the artis...

Ethical Problems in Mass Media

The utilitarian would argue that publishing such photographs would not help the families or people suffering from personal tragedy but cause them more harm in broadcasting to the world of their loss and causing more suffering on them that has now been published for the world to see. Although both arguments are valid, the virtue theory is one that most photographers would follow because it is not t...

Criminalistics Week 11 Ind Homework

The portrait mode selects lower f-stops to decrease the depth of field and make the subject stand out clearly against a blurred background. 6. What should medium-range photographs taken at the crime scene show? What should appear in every medium-range photographs and why? Medium-range photographs should show the layout of smaller significant areas of the crime scene. The items that should appear i...

Creative Photography

What are some of the ways that we use music? How do you use music in your own life? Music can help influence the mood or feeling in a place by the way in which it is played. What is a specific example of this that you have experienced? Discuss the experience (what was the song? how was it played? how did the mood/feeling change? ). For example, you might discuss an experience at a concert, religio...

A Spatial Median Filter for Noise Removal in Digital Images

A ? lter mask is placed over a point in the signal. For each component of each point under the mask, a single median component is determined. These components are then combined to form a new point, which is then used to represent the point in the signal studied. When working with color images, however, this ? lter regularly outperforms the Simple Median Filter. When noise affects a point in a gray...

A Discussion of Tim Walker's Work

After looking at Lily On The Hook and Eglingham Stream in comparison to each other, many similarities are because of Walkers ‘style’ that are consistent throughout. Even though both are editorials, contently, technically and visually, there is a big difference between them. Creatively, they are alike. These are just two out of hundreds of Tim Walkers photographs, but as like all of his images,...

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