Philosophy in Literature and Film Assignment

Pick one of the below questions and answer it. Unlike the previous assignment, where the aim was to defend a view through an argumentative essay, here your aim is to give a clear exposition of the philosophical view in question, and analyze one or more scenes/themes of the movie or short story in detail, using the philosophical view. Remember, depth is more important than breadth. What I want you to show is how a given movie/short story can be viewed through a given philosophical framework.

Your thesis should look something like this: In this essay I will consider (X)’s (theory Y). I will explain the theory, then show it can be applied to (Character Z)’s situation in (movie M).” Artworks : You have two options. You can either use a new artwork (suggested in the question), or you can use any of the artworks from class for any question. Please stick to only one artwork per paper unless your paper’s thesis requires a comparison of artworks.

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If you cover a new artwork, I’ll go a little easier grading you.

But make sure not to write on the artwork if you don’t really see the philosophical view in it, the paper’s analysis of the artwork still has to make sense. From class, you can use any of: Game: Wreden – The Stanley Parable Short Stories: Tiptree – And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill’s Side; Twain – Letters from the Earth Movies: Herzog – Encounters at the End of the World; Godard – Vivre Sa Vie; Ray – Jalsaghar (The Music Room); Baki – The Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow Questions : 1 In class we saw that there are different positions we can hold on free will.

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Explain either the hard determinist or soft determinist view, making the case for it, and showing how it can be applied to your chosen artwork. (Additional artwork you can use: Minority Report, the short story: , or movie: ). 2 In class we discussed the existentialist view of human nature.

Focusing primarily on Sartre, explain how existentialists think we should view human nature, and how acknowledging this affects how we live. Make sure to use supporting quotes from Sartre’s text. Apply this analysis to a scene(s) in your chosen artwork (Additional artwork you can use: Taste of Cherry: ). 3 In class we discussed De Beauvoir’s view of women’s condition, and how women should understand themselves from an existential point of view. Present De Beauvoir’s claims about women’s condition, and how she thinks women can overcome this condition with existentialism. Back up your discussion with relevant quotes from the text. Finally, apply this analysis to a scene or more in an artwork. (Additional artworks you can use: The Virgin Suicides: ) 4 In class we discussed Sartre’s concept of bad faith. Explain what bad faith is, its different forms, and why we appeal to it. Make sure you quote at least some parts of Sartre’s text. Finally, apply your discussion to your chosen artwork (Additional artworks you can use: The Act of Killing: ) Good Luck!

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