Personal development planning

Egos Company is a medium size company located in an industrial area in Britain. This company has been faced with various problems on its employees concerning meeting target performance for the company. It employs five hundred employees together with staff. It offers specialized services to its customers on computer engineering. The staff has of late recognized the problem of meeting demands. Many of them cannot meet their expectations to the company. They are not attending to meetings as scheduled.

The board of directors has presented this as a major problem facing the company and has requested an immediate response for an action to be taken to enable the company achieve its set goals which are not being met as of now.

Employees as well as staff are found not having advanced skills that can be used in the case of a change or during difficult situations. Some of the employees are still attending classes and need a measure that can be taken to meet their class work dead lines.

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This is the main problem that has led to the research paper on personal development planning.

Thesis statement Personal development planning is viewed in various perspectives to describe diverse ways of succeeding in a person’s life. Aim of the research The main aim of this research is to establish the importance of undertaking personal development planning in various areas of ones life. Specific objectives of the research To establish the benefit of personal development planning on personal life To evaluate the benefit of personal development planning in academics To describe the need for a personal development planning in a professional life Introduction

Personal development planning is a broad topic that can be described in various perspectives.

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It means the creation of opportunities which a person can think through in a structured way. In personal development planning one takes the opportunity to evaluate oneself in various dimensions (Neenam et al, 2001). These dimensions may involve what one may wish to achieve in life, the things that a person want to be in future, personal goals and ambitions, the right decisions that need to be made by a person in order to achieve ones objective and areas of improvement in skills.

In personal development planning a person is required to take enough time to plan for the things that are expected to be in the future. Hence personal development planning has to take a personal process of development before it is accomplished. Preliminary literature review Personal development planning is a method that helps in recording achievements, identifying strengths and areas you need to improve, reflecting on progress and setting clear goals and action plans for the future.

This topic is relevant to many areas like academic, professionalism, personal life and the enhancement of study skills. Personal development planning topic covered in this research will be beneficial in the above stated areas. It will help gain a better understanding of how a student should learn by improving the study skills. One will be able to use this research to gain ideas of how personal development planning benefits by developing a clear idea of ones strengths and areas for development.

Summary of the literature review Personal development planning as a process of personal development Development planning should always be taken as a personal process with which a personal uses to achieve targeted goals. It can be used by a student to evaluate the performance in the university; it can be used by a tutor to evaluate his achievements in teaching and the completion of a syllabus. An employer may use personal development planning to evaluate the performance of the company and employees overtime.

The things that need to be considered here mostly include thinking deeply in a structured way of the life and ambitions that are expected to be achieved. This helps one to understand what kind of success is to be achieved. One should acquire the right information for the purpose of making the best choices. One should have people with which one can trust as well as opportunities to experiment and do a self test in the new areas for better understanding ones abilities and limits.

Developing ones knowledge and skills is also necessary for achieving ambitions (Taylor et al, 2001). The need for personal records in development planning In personal development planning one is required to have personal records especially when in need of a jobs. This will help one in further qualification and training. Personal records should be kept from an early time to enable convenience when in need. Fennel (2006) argued that good personal records help one remember the details of what one has done in the past.

There is no wastage of time looking for necessary information in the time of looking for a job which may lead to loosing valuable job opportunities. Details for personal goals, plans, reviews and achievements should be contained in a personal record. Diaries, letters, photographs and pictures may form part of the personal record. Benefits of personal development planning Personal development can help people achieve success in various fields as stated earlier. These fields include; academic performance, professional life, personal life,

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