Tourism Planning and Development Paper Essay

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Tourism Planning and Development Paper

The Philippine Marine Corps named Boracay de Cavite as Marine Barracks Gregorio Lim. Ternateños (local people) refer to it simply as “Marine Base”. Most people call it Boracay de Cavite, a small cove located inside Gregorio Lim Marine Base in Calumpang Ternate, Cavite. It is officially named Katungkulan Beach Resort, which means “duty” in English. This beach has gray-ish sand the sea water is not blue, but it is clean. One of the most remarkable features of Katungkulan Beach Resort is the towering stone wall on one side of the cove that is perfect for taking pictures. Corregidor Island and the Mariveles mountain range in Bataan are also visible from the cove. This place is being managed by the Philippine Marines. The place also serves as their training area.

Security is the top priority in the area and is managed and protected by the Philippine Marine. Officers require curriculum vitae for background check and an approval from their headquarters in The Fort, Taguig City before making any further business and interview in the place such as research, film shooting and etc. In order to go there by commuting – From Southwest Integrated Provincial Terminal, take a bus going to Ternate, Cavite. An estimate of 2 to 2 1/2 hours of traveling time before you reach Ternate bus terminal. From the bus terminal, you need to hire a Cavite. A 22 seater jeepney can be hired for PhP 2,000 Php – Php 3,000. For those who will be travelling in private vehicle – take the Coastal Road and go straight to Cavitex. From Noveleta Exit, drive all the way going to Ternate. Before reaching Ternate, it will be passing by the towns of Tanza and Naic. The landmarks are the jump off point of Mt Pico de Loro, Puerto Azul and Caylabne Bay Resort. Just drive until approaching the Main Gate of the Marine Base. Tourist Map of the Place

Refer to blueprint

The Entrance Fees are as follows:
Php 100.00
Day Swim
Php 200.00
Overnight Stay
Php 700.00
Room Rent
Php 450.00
Cottage Rent

Parking Fees:
Php 10.00 (day)
Php 20.00 (night)
Motorcycle Park
Php 50.00 (day)
Php 100.00 (night)
Car Park

Operating Hours:
The beach is open to public with facilities like rooms, picnic huts, tables, showers and parking any time 24/7 but the gate of Marine Barracks Gregorio Lim is only open from 5AM to 10PM, daily.

Economic Environment Background

The place is being managed by the Philippine Marine Officers and the training camp of Philippine Marine.

Attraction in the Area:

The beach features grayish sand and clean sea water. Beachgoers can do some activities here such as beach volleyball. I

Infrastructure and Visitor Services

The cottages – these are made of bamboo and not well – maintained cottages. There are 20 available cottages in the resort.

The not well – maintained grilling station

The only store in the area that sells overly-priced goods, they sell chips, toiletries, soft drinks, souvenir key chain, and accepts cooking service, also from 5AM to 10PM. Marketing
The most used marketing tool for promoting the place is publicity (internet, online blogs, etc.). Before posting photos and reviews, bloggers must first seek for approval from the officers.

Tourism Management and Organization
Due to its confidentiality, the Philippine Marine Officers did not give any information about the organizational structure of the destination for security purposes.

In terms of price level, Kalumpang beach resort doesn’t have any competitors yet but in terms of beach resorts offering the following are it’s nearest competitors in cavite:

•Caylabne Bay Resort – is a panorama of pristine beaches and virgin forests. Caylabne Bay Resort is one of the Philippines’ most promising resort-hotel. This is a Spanish Mediterranean-themed resort situated in a sheltered cove along the rugged coast of Ternate, Cavite.

•Puerto Azul Beach Club – It was once dubbed as “Asia’s Paradise Resort” and the “World’s Golfing Capital”. Puerto Azul, a 3,300-hectare resort complex in Ternate, Cavite, which was developed by the Ternate Development Corp. and designed by Sea Pines Associates back in 1980, was that rare natural gem that offers both mountain and beach attractions. The Puerto Azul Beach Club boasts of a large clubhouse with a gigantic swimming pool, while sprawled along Caysubic Beach were cottages, reserved exclusively for the use of its members.

SWOT Analysis

Location – The resort is only 2 hours away from Manila
Safety – The place is managed by the Philippine Marine Officers The beach is calm, in contrast with the busy and congested city of Metro Manila

High Startup Costs – The very high cost of opening the resort may require both investments and loans Accessibility – There are no public transportation available going to the resort Poor Marketing – It is difficult to promote the place for its confidentiality Overly-Priced Goods

Tourist Population – Possibility of increase in number of tourists when developed Tourism – Be the most visited resort in Southern Tagalog
Overcrowding – May disturb the Marine Trainees
Development – May cause destruction to natural resources

Priority Markets

Filipinos and foreigners are welcome to become a beachgoer in Boracay de Cavite. Most of the beachgoers are in groups such as family, friends etc.

Constraints to Development
•No access of public transportation
•Not well maintained facilities
•Does not have a website
•No signal along the road
•No signage and lighting along the road


To be the resort destination of choice by creating delightful tourist experiences.

Our mission is to provide an excellent hospitality experience. It is our duty (Katungkulan) to consistently bring memorable vacation experiences, enjoyable recreation, and a safe environment. The company shall adhere to the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

a. Short-Term Goals
To put lightings and signage along the road
To create website and official Social Networking Sites Account (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

b. Medium-Term Goals
To renovate tourism facilities such as cottages, grilling station, comfort rooms and accommodations To have a shuttle service
To build a receiving office
To build stores such as souvenir shops and convenience store To implement waste management and engine/pump/motor room
c. Long-Term Goals
To include the resort in travel agency advertisement
To have a more environment friendly accommodations in the resort To have a lot of interesting tourist activities such as banana boat riding, zip line, etc.


Since the resort has no official logo, the researchers would like to create a logo of the resort that will serve as a destination brand. The researchers would like to propose “Beauty in the Beach” as its slogan.

The Logo
The researchers come up with the logo “Boracay de Cavite” because Katungkulan Beach Resort is quite similar to the white sand of the typical boracay, it also has a fine-texture sand and it’s water is as clear as the blue water in boracay. The sun and ocean beside the name represents that it is a “beach” or a “resort”, while the airplaine near the two represents that the researchers would like to promote “Boracay de Cavite” not only here in the Philippines but also outside the country. The researchers come up with the tagline “Beauty in the Beach” because Katungkulan Beach is really a stunning and breath taking beach that you can go to.

Organization and Management
The researchers would like to propose to the management to make partnerships with the developed resorts in order to provide training for them in handling visitors to the place.

Product Development per Category
Manpower must come from the locals for them to earn extra income because of tourism development Tourist Activities and Tourism Facilities
Create a fund-raising campaign and ask for sponsorships in order to have an investment for the tourist activities and the tourism facilities Infrastructures Government fund and foreign sponsorships

Social media advertisement partnership with the travel agencies will create an awareness and familiarization with the destination

– Sponsorships both local and foreign
– Solicitation
– Fund raising campaign
– Social media advertisement

The researchers’ estimate is between 30 – 50 million Pesos as the initial investment for the development. Profits will be used for the other aspects of development SHORT-TERM GOALS
Estimated Cost
Lightning and Signage’s
P hp. 100,000.00
Website and Social Networking Sites

Renovation of tourist facilities
P hp. 1,000,000.00
Shuttle Service of the resort
Provided by the Travel Agency (to be negotiated/to have a bidding) Construction of the Receiving Office
P hp. 1,000,000.00
Construction of stores, souvenir shops, and the like
P hp. 5,000,000.00
Pump motor room
P hp. 5,000,000.00

Payment for Travel Agency Advertisement
Construction of Accommodations
P hp. 100,000.00
P hp. 15,000,000.00
Construction of Zip line, Banana boat ride, and the like
P hp. 15,000,000.00
P hp. 42,200,000.00


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