Personal Development Plan – Setting Your Vision (Milestone One)

In the last 2 weeks of taking this class I have discovered a lot about myself, or at least thought a little more about who I am as an individual and how I manage different scenarios. I have actually withstood many things in the last 2 years that I'm sure many individuals go through, but should never ever need to. I have fallen to my lowest, and brought myself back up to my greatest. This varies anywhere from being homeless and oversleeping my truck and having no one around to assist me out, to getting my own apartment, going to school again, and getting the best task I have actually ever had that actually foots the bill.

With the self-assessments we have actually taken in the last two weeks I have come to understand I am apparently dangerously close to stressing out due to being overly stressed. With whatever going on in my life I do not feel like I am close to stress out.

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I feel like I could handle a lot more and still be okay mentally and physically. The tension scale that I submitted showed I had a "High or really high danger of disease." This is probably of the most precise test out of the five tests I took. Between working complete time, part time school, costs and supporting my live-in sweetheart who is presently jobless my tension level is through the roofing. This offers me a much deeper regard for families with only one earnings who live by doing this continuously, much more so when children are included.

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By drawing up my advancement strategy I intend to get an even much better understanding of myself. How I now handle various scenarios, and getting feedback and ideas on better ways. I also hope to find out more about profession choices and methods to manage the stresses of work and the numerous thought procedures of management thinking. I don't wish to remain in the position I currently hold forever and would absolutely like to go up in the company that I now work for. There are numerous opportunities for advancement at United Health care, but I understand that to truly be successful and flourish I would need to make a couple of self-adjustments and some self-growth prior to I might really grow and prosper.

This is why this development plan is so important to me. By writing out my goals and watching myself grow as a person, intellectually and emotionally I can really gather my thoughts and get them organized and really get my goals situated. This organization would help greatly with my motivation. As we read about motivation theories in chapter two, I agree that in on theory there are basic needs that need to be met in order to keep motivated. I also agreed with another theory that sometimes more than one of those could be wanted at any given time [1]. By doing this plan, I hope to be able to find out what my immediate needs are, or the most important that I feel, and be able to keep those needs satisfied in order to stay motivated to advance in my career as well as schooling.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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