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Paleolithic vs Neolithic CC

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (755 words)
Categories: History, Lifestyle
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Human existence has lasted over several million years and in that time there has been countless advances in the way we live. Human history has had many diverse periods of time, one being the Stone Age. During the Stone Age there were two major subdivisions, the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. The Paleolithic, which lasted until about 10,000 years ago, had a significant separating factor from the Neolithic, ending in 2000 B. C. E. This factor was the way in which the people in these periods acquired food.

The Paleolithic people hunted and gathered their food while the Neolithic people produced their own food by agriculture.

These two different styles of obtaining food greatly affected the lifestyles of each period’s people. The political, economical, and social lives of the two periods differed from each other. From a political view both periods did not have a very advanced political system, only organized by small to groups involving kinship.

The Neolithic age had a more advanced economical system including trade and agriculture along with specialized farming tools. On the other hand the Paleolithic people hunted and gathered their food with simple stone tools with no trade.

The foragers had more of a social life being gathers and hunters, allowing time for art and toolmaking. The Neolithic farmers had less social time than the foragers, spending it making tools, building structures and creating containers for the harvest. They both had individualized jobs for the males and females of the communities. In both the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, there were not complex systems of politics. The Paleolithic people lived in small roaming groups that followed the migration of animals. They had small communities that never settled down and probably had chieftains for each group.

Neolithic farmers had a slightly more advanced system. They settled down in small villages that grew as the population increased. The discovery that both periods buried their certain adults with various objects of possible importance to that person during their life implies that they may have been leaders. During the Neolithic period economics seemed to have played a bigger role than in the Paleolithic age. This was mostly because of the agricultural advancement which had a significant function in their economic system. They ad surpluses of food which allowed them to trade and sell. Also having something to barter with enabled them to buy better tools and equipment for farming. This was not so with the Paleolithic people since they hunted and gathered their food. Since they relied on themselves they had no reason to trade or sell. They only depended on their handmade stone and bone tools. The only similarity between these two periods was that their lives revolved around their need for food. The social lives of the Paleolithic foragers greatly differ from that of the Neolithic farmers.

This is mostly because of their way of acquiring food. The foragers had plenty of time after they hunted and gathered there food because that was all they had to do while the farmers constantly had to maintain their fields. The foragers spent their free time making art such as cave painting and constructing tools. With what little time the farmers had they used it to build structures, tools and containers for the next harvest. One thing they both had in common was the specific jobs that they assigned to men and women based on each gender’s abilities.

In the Paleolithic time the men were the hunters, since they were more muscular, and the women took on the role of gathers. This was similar to the Neolithic period with the men taking on the physical task of farming while the women were in charge of house chores. In conclusion, the Paleolithic and Neolithic time periods had differences but also similarities in their political, economical and social lifestyles. The Paleolithic foragers as well as the Neolithic farmers did not have much of a political system.

The farmers had only a slightly more complex system due mostly to the settlement of their communities and time period. The farmers had a noticeably larger economy having to due with their ability to trade and sell their products. This was in contrast to the foragers who were isolated and self-sufficient. The social lives of the hunter and gatherers were more developed due to free time after foraging. The farmers had little social time due to their intensive labor. As the Paleolithic era passed and the Neolithic period came about we can see the how the Agricultural Revolution made this transformation possible.

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