Compare and Contrast Neolithic and Paleolithic Era

The Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era can be compared and contrasted in various ways, but the Paleolithic Era paved the way for the Neolithic Era.

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Among the various ways both Neolithic Era and Paleolithic Era are alike and different, one had hunter-gathers societies (Paleolithic Era) and settled societies (Neolithic Era).

Differences Between the Neolithic and Paleolithic Era

In the Paleolithic Era humans lived in a nomadic lifestyle with a few people living in a cave. They relied on hunting, fishing, and gathering wild fruits.

During the Neolithic Era humans discovered agriculture which gave them the opportunity to settle in one specific area. The humans had it lucky because they were able to settle in fertile areas which were good for growing various amounts of crops like rice.

In the Paleolithic Era, nobody had control over their property. In that era, anybody could just take your belongings such as land or tools. In the Neolithic Era, they had developed control and ownership of their property such as livestock and land.

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Similarities Between Neolithic and Paleolithic Eras

One similarity between the Neolithic and Paleolithic eras was the clothing humans wore. The clothing they wore was animal skins.

The tools in both Eras used were similar, but different at the same time. During both Neolithic Era and Paleolithic Era humans used stone. In the Neolithic era tools were better because a lot more tools were invented.

Humans in the Neolithic Era had a shorter life expectancy than humans in the Paleolithic Era. During the Paleolithic Era, humans were much taller than humans in the Neolithic Era.


Despite the similarities and differences between Paleolithic Era and Neolithic Era they both eventually led to our everyday life because if it was not for the Old Stone Age there would not have had a New Stone Age.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023
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