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Our National Hero Essay Examples

Essay on Our National Hero

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Leadership of Our National Hero Rizal

Honestly, I am not really interested about this article. There are so many questions in my mind says, “it happened, he’s our national hero, what are these articles complaining or explaining” “why do we need to study about this?” But it’s required to us to read this article and make a reaction paper to this, and then I realized that it is important to us (Filipino) to understand our his...

Jose Rizal’s Retraction Controversy

I stated earlier that he has some requests to his family for his burial that there should be a cross over his grave, with this, he died as a Catholic and his family, on the 11th day after his death, was informed that early of the next day, a mass was to be celebrated for the eternal rest of his soul. Adding to this, he experienced hardships in writing his third novel entitled “Makamisa” becaus...

Review on Film About National Hero

Despite the fact that Theodora wasn’t a legal child, she is still one of the people that have a right to it. The mansion is full of Filipino history and to be destroyed just for a foreign coffee shop? That’s not right. At the end of the documentary, the most important thing I’ve learned is everyone can be a hero. You don’t need to have a good family background; you just need to prove yours...

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Jose Rizal

In the end, there is no doubt that Rizal is the first to envision himself and his country as a nation of Filipinos and to uphold its liberty from the occupiers. Rizal's self-sacrifice has been modeled him to be a hero of the Philippines. He will remain as the heart of the Philippine revolution and the Philippine national hero and remain at the heart of every Filipino people as the best national he...

Biography of Jose Rizal Our National Hero

That came from the Bible. Jesus said that to Mary Magdalene, when she tried to touch Him when He rised from the dead. Jose Rizal used that phrase as a title because first, he read the bible himself. Second is he used it as a figure of speech. The title simply meant, "If you touch me, I will fight back". Our teacher in Philippine literature said in our class once that he compared the Philippines at...

Jose Rizal, our national hero

Furthermore, it was like telling me that together with my fellow youths, I am responsible for preserving the Philippines as a nation not for the foreigners but for me and the rest of the Filipinos. Finally yet most importantly, as to the sincerity of the poem, I can really consider "To the Filipino Youth" as indeed a work from the heart-no pretense, no plasticity and no sort of hidden motives. I c...

Jose Rizal Personality and His Retraction

I myself would want to believe that Rizal had not retracted. Since it is still a boiling issue for over far too many years now, this just exemplifies the ambiguity of the information accumulated regarding this issue. If Rizal did retract, his pedestal as this country’s national hero can stumble and Filipinos can lose touch with the roots of their blood, with the thinking that our hero in actuali...

Tour in Historical Place Fort Santiago

Threats of invasion by Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese pirates prompted the construction of defenses consisting of high stones walls, bulwarks and moats. It was built in 1663 but now houses the Intramuros Visitor Center providing information for visitors and historical video of Intramuros and exhibit chambers. Most of the archaeological materials recovered were intact and fragmented cerami...

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