Oration piece – Life and works of Rizal Essay

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Oration piece – Life and works of Rizal

When I was young and innocent, I used to dream of great and wonderful things for the Philippines. I dreamed to see the Philippine flag raised in each and every household, and at the same time singing our national anthem in a blaring voice and a smile on their faces. When I’m old enough to see the real state of our country, these dreams were shattered. I don’t see flags in people’s households but I see households broken. I don’t hear songs but I hear gunshots, cries and remorse. I don’t see smiles but marks of poverty. This was not the Philippines I was dreaming of. This is not what our national hero wished and died for. We need someone who can bring the change in our country.

As Filipinos we need not a leader with wealthy family, or rooms of medals and diplomas. Rizal didn’t show off his achievements because people already know him as someone great. He doesn’t need to play a movie of all His works or achievement because his works spoke for themselves. I do say that we must win our freedom by deserving it, by improving the mind and enhancing the dignity of the individual. Loving what is just, what is good, what is great, even to the point of dying for it. Just like Rizal.

Rizal is generous in all his endeavors in various fields science, mathematics, literature and the arts, giving it his all, therefore always emerging in excellence. The very person who should lead our country must be someone who has a heart for excellence. Rizal has great dreams for the Filipinos, and he never, not even once underestimated them. With unwavering trust and conviction, Rizal believes in the abilities of the Filipino people and banks on them for the progress of the Philippines. My fellow young men and women, if we want to establish a better Philippines, we need a real president who embodies the characteristics of Dr. Jose Rizal. Let us always remember that authority without love and sacrifice is definitely self serving .

Rizal studied in different schools, some of these are Ateneo Municipal de Manila where he was declared one of the sobresaliente or outstanding, University of Santo Tomas where he switched from law to medicine.

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