Works and Life of Rizal Essay

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Works and Life of Rizal

In Gay Paris (1885-1886)
Past: Rizal completed his ophthalmology in Central University of Madrid at the age of 24. Rizal stopped at Barcelona to visit his friend Maximo Viola. He also befriended Señor Eusebio Corominas, editor of the newspaper La Publicidad, made a crayon sketch of the owner of La Publicidad, Don Miguel Morayta. November 1885, Rizal lives in Paris within 4 months. He worked as an assistant to Dr. Louis de Weekert (1852-1906), leading ophthalmologist from Nov 1885 to Feb 1886. January 1, 1886 – Rizal wrote a letter to his parents in Calamba. Rizal is visiting his friends outside his working hours at Dr. Weekert’s clinic Family of the Pardo de Taveras’ (Trinidad, Felix, Paz)

Juan Luna
Felix Ressurection Hidalgo.
Paz Pardo de Tavera – pretty girl, engaged to Juan Luna.
Rizal as MODEL
‘The Death of Cleopatra’, posed as an Egyptian priest.
‘The Blood Compact’, posed as Sikatuna
Rizal as Musician
Rizal don’t have a natural talent on music. He wrote a letter to Enrique Lete, that he learned the solfego, piano and voice culture in 1 month and a half. By sheer determination Rizal came to play the flute fairly well. Rizal composed song ‘Alin Mang Lahi’ (Any Race) and sad danza La Deportacion (Deportation) in Dapitan during his exile. In Historic Heidelberg

February 1, 1886 – left gay Paris for Germany. He visited Strasbourg, capital of Alsace Lorraine. February 3, 1886 – Rizal arrived in Heidelberg.
Rizal became a member of the Chess Player’s Club along with German law students. Rizal transferred to a boarding house near University of Heidelberg and worked at the University of Eye Hospital under the direction of Dr. Otto Becker. Rizal also attended lectures of Dr. Becker and Prof. Wilhelm Kuenhe at the University. During week-ends Rizal visited Heidelberg Castle, Neckar River, the theater, and the old Churches Eizal noticed that German Catholocs and Protestants practice ecumenism, where each used half of the church. “To the Flowers of Heidelberg”

Spring 1886, Rizal was fascinated by the flowers along the Neckar River (favorite blue flower: forget-me-not). It reminds him of the blooming flowers in their garden in Calamba. April 22, 1886 – wrote a poem “To the Flowers of Heidelberg” With Pastor Ullmer at Wilhelmsfeld

Rizal stayed on a mountainous village near Heidelberg, Wilhemlsfeld for 3 month summer. Dr. Karl Ullmer – a good friend of Rizal. June 25, 1886 – Rizal left Wilhemlsfeld and the day after June 26, 1886, Rizal wrote a letter to Dr. Ullmer expressing his great gratitude. May 29, 1886 – from Munich (Muchen), Rizal wrote a letter to Friedrich (Fritz) son of Pastor Ullmer. First letter to Blumentritt

Prof Ferdinand Blumentritt – Rizal’s best friend, Director of Ateneo of Leitmeritz, Austria. Rizal wrote a letter to Blumentritt together with a book entitled Aritmetica (Arithmetic), Blumentritt in return send books to Rizal. Fifth Centenary of Heidelberg University

August 6, 1886 – the 5th centenary celebration of Heidelberg University and Rizal wrote in his diary the whereabouts of the celebration. In Leipzig and Dresden
Aug 9, 1886 – 3 days after Heifelberg celebration, Rizal left, boarded s train and visited various cities of Germany. Aug 14, 1886 – arrived in Leipzig. Attended lectures at the University of Leipzig on history and psychology. Rizal befriended:

Prof. Friedrich Ratzel – famous German historian
Dr. Hans Meyer – German anthropologist
Rizal translated: (into tagalog)
Schiller’s William Tell – about Swiss independence
Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales
Living in Leipzig is the cheapest for Rizal so he stayed for 2 months and a half. Oct 29, 1886 – left Leipzig for Dresden. Met Dr. Adolph B. Meyer, Director of the Anthropological and Ethnological Museum. Nov 1, 1886 – Rizal left Dresden by train and reaching Berlin in the evening. Rizal Welcomed in Berlin’s Scientific Circles

Met Dr. Feodor Jagor – German scientist-traveler and author of Travels in the Philippines (1859 – 1860). Dr. Jagor introduced Rizal to Dr. Rudolf Virchow – famous German anthropologist and his son Dr. Hans Virchow, professor of Descriptive Anatomy. Rizal also met Dr. W. Joest, noted German photographer.

Rizal worked in the clinic of Dr. Karl Ernest Schweigger (1830-1905), famous German ophthalmologist. Rizal was the first Asian honored and recognized by Europe’s scientist. Rizal became a member of:

Anthropological Society
Ethnological Society
Geographical Society
In Berlin upon recommendation of Dr. Jagor and Dr. Meyer
Dr. Virchow – recognized Rizal’s genius, invited to give a lecture before the Ethnological Society of Berlin. Tagalische Verkunst (Tagalog Metrical Art) – red Rizal before the Ethnological Society in April 1887 published by the society in tha same year.

Rizal’s Life in Berlin
Rizal not just a student or a curious tourist but
1. To gain further knowledge of ophthalmology
2. to further studies of sciences and languages
3. To observe the economic had political conditions of the German nations
4. To associate with German scientist and scholars and
5. To publish his novel Noli Me Tangere
Rizal worked as an assistant in the clinic of Dr. Schweigger and attended lectures at night in the University of Berlin. Prof. Madame Lucie Cerdole – private professor of French. To master the idiomatic intricacies of French language. Unter den Linden – most popular boulevard of Berlin.

Rizal on German Women
March 11,1886 – Rizal wrote a letter to his sister, Trinidad, sending his high regard and admiration of German women. German women is: (Rizal)
Frivolous and
Quarrelsome like the Spanish women.
Not particular about beautiful dresses and expensive jewelries German Customs
Rizal’s Darkest Winter
The winter of 1886 in Berlin was Rizal’s darkest winter. Rizal began to get sick. No money arrived from Calamba.

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