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A Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
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Benefits Currently, all states have implemented a PDMP for health care prescribers and pharmacists to review a patient's control substance prescription history to help detect aberrant opioid use (Blum et al., 2016; Finley et al., 2017). The main advantages of the PDMP includes the ability to alert health care prescribers of controlled drugs currently being issued by other prescribers and to promote appropriate prescribing practices by providing the patient's opioid medication history, which is accessible to the prescribers and pharmacist…...
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What Are Opioids?
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The abuse and addiction of prescription drugs, such as opioids, have reached epidemic proportion and rapidly evolved as a public health crisis, resulting in misuse, overdose, and death (Ayres & Jalal, 2018). The inappropriate use of opioids both legally and illegally have drastically affected the health and well-being of many Americans of all social and economic levels. Dealing with the opioid addiction and misuse is seen as one of the most significant issues faced by the U.S. health care system.…...
Factors Influencing Child Development
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Undoubtedly, there are many contributing personal factors that influence the development of children and young people. A child’s development ultimately starts from conception as the sperm and egg have a nucleus that containing genetic components that begin to make a baby. This unique genetic formula influences a child’s personal development greatly as it can determine if a child’s gender, eye colour and even hair colour. The health and personal characteristics of a child can be influenced by their mother for…...
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Over the last few years the number of opioids being prescribed has
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Over the last few years, the number of opioids being prescribed has increased drastically, which has contributed to the misuse and dependence of opioids, heroin, and other synthetic opioids among individuals leading to the current opioid epidemic (Schuckit, 2016). The literature on the opioid crisis is extensive, affecting a variety of populations and demographics (Schuckit, 2016). The data regarding the opioid epidemic has been conducted through several meta- analysis studies, systematic reviews, literature reviews, and some experimental studies. This literature…...
On Thursday April 5th 2018 the Surgeon General of the United States
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On Thursday, April 5th, 2018, the Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Jerome Adams, made a national advisory to the public: For patients currently taking high doses of opioids as prescribed for pain, individuals misusing prescription opioidsknowing how to use naloxone and keeping it within reach can save a life (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 2018). It was with this announcement that the drastic degree to which the opioid epidemic in the United States became alive in…...
Many people do not know the alternatives of opioids and how they
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Many people do not know the alternatives of opioids and how they are higher quality than opioids. Barry Meier and Abby Goodnough stated that Douglas Scott, a property manager in Jacksonville, Fla., was taking was taking large doses of narcotic drugs, or opioids, to deal with the pain of back and spine injuries... The pills ease his pain, but they also caused him to withdraw from his wife, his two children and social life. Techniques to relieve pain without opioids…...
Speech on Prescription Drug Abuse
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Have you ever taken a prescription drug other than prescribed, or that wasn’t yours? Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in the U. S. right now. PDA is the intentional use of a medication without a prescription, or in a way other than prescribed, or for feelings it causes. My name is Brenda and today I will talk about the most common drugs that cause addiction, their effects on health and lifestyle, and some common treatments. I have…...
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Drug Addiction – Essay
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Drug addiction is a pathological or abnormal condition which arises due to frequent drug use. The disorder of addiction involves the progression of acute drug use to the development of drug-seeking behavior, the vulnerability to relapse, and the decreased, slowed ability to respond to naturally rewarding stimuli. Causes Drugs known to cause addiction include illegal drugs as well as prescription or over-the-counter drugs, according to the definition of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. • Stimulants: o Amphetamine and methamphetamine…...
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Substance Abuse Clinical Assessment & Treatment Plan
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Name of Client: David J General Information: 18yo male, currently seeking therapy at a community mental health center following a traumatic accident that ended any possibility for a football career Medical / Physical Health Status: family Dr. stated David possibly has depression as a result of the accident; still recovering from injury Employment/Work History and Financial problems and Support Status: HS drop out; parent’s divorces, lives with mother, received support from siblings up to 2 months after accident Drug/Alcohol Use…...
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What Are Opioids?
...According to Bao et al. (2016), more than ten million Americans reported using opioids non-medically in 2014 that was obtained through multiple prescriptions from many prescribers, a behavior known as doctor shopping. Both prescription and non-prescr...
Many people do not know the alternatives of opioids and how they
...Many people do not know the alternatives of opioids and how they are higher quality than opioids. Barry Meier and Abby Goodnough stated that Douglas Scott, a property manager in Jacksonville, Fla., was taking was taking large doses of narcotic drugs,...
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