One Wish

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In a little town called “one wish”. It is a town that everyone will be grant one desire from the angel which might be anything. One man dreams’ I want to be a billionaire’ one females dreams ‘I want I would be healthy and never get ill up until the rest of my life’ and numerous more desires from every villager. Then all of the dreams will be granted and will work for the rest of their lives so I’m really lucky to born in this village and today is my turn to make a dream.

So I want that ‘I might be the cleverest individual in the world”.

When the angel hears me she asks me once again that ‘Are you sure with your choice? ‘obviously, everyone in my school desire to be the cleverest person in the world’ I respond to so the angel grant my life long wish. And the first day in school, the dream came to life! I become the cleverest student in my room and get the highest rating in every term.

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I am extremely pleased and satisfied with this wish because I get a scholarship to America. I remain in the very best university on the planet, I win the top place of every competitors, I get initially class honors (with golden medal) from the university, I operate at NASA, I am popular, I have a lot of cash and I can purchase anything that I want but why deeply within me still feels so lonesome and unfortunate?

Days gone by, on and on I don’t feel excited that I am clever or famous anymore.

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I just want somebody to take care of me when I get old, to hold each other until we fell asleep but no men like a woman who is smarter, stronger and more successful than him. Now I fully understand the loneliness that I feel deeply inside, The happiness I receive is just short term happiness. It’s not the warmth from being loved by someone.

So I decide to go back to ‘one wish’ village again, kneel down and beg the angel that ‘please, I don’t want to be the cleverest person in the world anymore. I want to be an ordinary person that have warm family’. The angel replies to me ‘No, because you have already used you wish, you can’t turn back time or make another wish because you have decided you own path’ then the angel vanished. I come back home with disappointment and sorrow then I hear my cellphone ring. I rush to answer the phone and all I can hear is “congratulations on your promotion”.

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One Wish

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