Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin - One Of The Developing Projects in Pakistan

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Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin Overview

The real estate sector of Pakistan is trying to provide a luxurious lifestyle and to set high standards of living in all the small and large cities of Pakistan. Many housing projects of international standards and of remarkable features are developed or developing all over Pakistan.

Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin is one of the developing projects which offer a quality and remarkable lifestyle to the people of this city. It is offering such striking features and amenities which assures the comfortable and prosperous existence.

The location is very ideal of the society like other features. The project assures the protected community along with many other essential aspects of this society. There are 5, 10 Marla and 1, 2 Kanal residential plots equipped with all the basic facilities and features in affordable payment plans. The project will be unique and outstanding if it fulfills all the proposals it makes.

Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin Location

The Location matters a lot of any residential place and it influences the decision of buyers while deciding on the place to live.

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The location of Eiffel Town is truly ideal and attractive as it is situated on the main spot surrounded by very facilitated and commercial places. It is spotted on Phalia Road near Sargodha University, Bahauddin campus. The place is in close proximity to many important places, schools, hospitals, food points, and developing housing schemes. Important roads like Kachairi Road. Mandi Bahauddin Marala Road and Kharian Sargodha road are a few minutes away from this prime society.

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Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin Recent Update

The project is under development and construction work is going on successfully and rapidly. Recently roads construction has completed to an extent and just some minor work of roads is remaining. According to the new update of this project, the work is expected to complete in 1-year duration.

Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin Features:

  1. Fundamental Facilities
  2. The society is equipped with all basic services such as water, gas, electricity and modern sewerage system. This project ensures the constant supply of these facilities in the more advanced way. Subversive supply of electricity with backup, proper supply of Sui gas and filtered water are very essential features of this scheme.

  3. Protected Community
  4. This project makes sure the security and safety of residents of Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin. It is a fully gated community with boundary walls all around the city. It assures the peaceful and protected environment through very high alert and trained security staff, CCTV and other smart cameras safekeeping system.

  5. Business Opportunities
  6. Eiffel Town, Bahauddin offers a very striking platform for the people who want to set up a new and successful business in this ideal located venture. There are many different size commercial plots available equipped with basic facilities and in a reasonable price.

  7. Infrastructure
  8. The infrastructure of this society is very beautiful and amazing. Roads are wide, almost 30 ft. broad and neat. Different plants and flowers are planted on both sides of the roads which makes the society’s view beautiful and peaceful.

Parks, Mosques and Commercial Centers

The area is surrounded by commercial centers outside and within the society. There are shopping malls of high standards. Much area is devoted to parks, playgrounds, and greenery to give an aesthetic touch to society. The society has its own luxurious mosque, with beautiful interior and exterior and has air-conditioned halls. The mosque is beautifully designed and constructed by skillful architectures and engineers.

Other Prime Facilities

There are international level schools, hospitals, banks, grocery stores, and food points within the society. This project has its own luxurious cinema and dancing fountain of its own kind. These features make this an ideal place for living. Eiffel Town, Mandi Bahauddin Developers: This project is developed by Eiffel Town Private Limited company. Eiffel Town Private Limited aspires to be Pakistan’s greatest builder of all times, with projects offered to an eclectic mix of segments, at choice FAQs with world-class amenities, while ensuring the highest international standards, timely delivery, and lifelong customer satisfaction.

Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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