What Dreams May Come Analysis?

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What Dreams May Come is a movie about life, loss, death, afterlife and rebirth. The film explores the emotions evoked by a variety of characters when they are faced with coping with tragedy and death. It also delves into the manifestations of heaven and the variety of forms heaven takes in the minds of different people. The main character, Dr. Christian Nielsen, and his wife Annie Collins are forced to cope with the tragic deaths of their two children Marie and Ian.

The children’s deaths almost rip apart their marriage. Though they were able to pull through and remain together and repair a torn relationship.

In a tragic turn of events, Christian is also killed in an auto accident while trying to help a motorist. It is that incident that brings Christian to the most beautiful creation he has ever seen; a world in which colors are vivid, loved ones are reunited, and futures look bright. Though, once again, Christian has to cope with loss.

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This time it is the loss of his wife. Christian is separated from his wife Annie and has to find a way to deal with this time apart. Though, he was able to find solace in his heaven. Christian came to the realization that heaven was a manifestation of Annie’s beautiful paintings.

This reassures him that Annie too will join him in heaven when it is her time. Christian is reunited with his children that have passed as well as other key figures in his life hat have crossed to the other side, including his beloved dog.

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Through this Christian is able to cope and await Annie’s arrival. Christian has created his own heaven; it is what is fulfilling, pleasing, and soothing to him. Tragedy once again strikes Christian. Annie is unable to deal with the losses of her children and her husband and she commits suicide. Christian is elated that he will be able to spend eternity with his soul mate.

His elation quickly turns to anger when he sees that Annie is damned to hell since she had committed suicide. Christian cannot live without his wife. He cannot go on in paradise knowing that his wife is suffering a lifetime of agony. Christian decides to travel to hell to try to bring his wife back to paradise. Once he finds his wife, Christian makes the decision that since it is virtually impossible to bring a person from one realm into another, that he will stay with his wife. He would rather live eternity in hell than in heaven without his true love. He is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to stay with his wife.

He makes one last attempt to lure Annie from the depths by telling her the same thing that he told her when she was suffering from depression after the deaths of her children. This was actually able to rouse Annie and through the power of love, Christian was able to rescue Annie and bring her to paradise. Since Christian had actually created his own heaven, it would not have been complete without his wife. He in actuality was able to create his own reality. Upon everyone’s reunification in heaven they realize that the one thing that paradise is missing is life.

They decide that they need to be reborn in order to experience the beauty that is living. Through all of their struggles, they have experienced a myriad of emotions. They have hated life, and yearned for death. Now they look forward towards life with a changed and renewed outlook. This film explores the cyclical nature of life and death and how people really can create their own realities. It explores how ones cope with tragedy, death and even life. What Dreams May Come shows how the love of life, love, family and living trumps all else.

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