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Night in a Spooky Forest

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A shiver enveloped my body as my mind was flashing memories of the worst experience of my life. The night that taught and made me realize what actual fear is and remembering that period of my life is not less than a nightmare. Going back to that day, it was black Friday and the day itself didn’t start well for me. I was staying at my great grandfather’s house and helping my aunt to sell vegetables in koro market.

I stepped out of door that morning ready to go out and saw dark maroon shade of red dancing jelly blood stain on the doorway of the injured dog from the neighborhood like a bad omen. It was a bright sunny day I was walking down the dusty road to the market to help my aunt selling vegetables and the sun was glaring down at me sending hot rays that burnt my skin. I could see the small brown bure structures where people sell their produce.

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Evening forest

It was five in the afternoon when I was heading back home the road was quiet and I could see four boys standing and smoking like goons I tried to ignore them and walk faster but two of the boys with grumpy features as irritating as a dork faced muppet blocked my way and was eying my up and down with lustful eyes. I backed away almost tripping over and run as fast as I could towards the giant forest I saw them following me trying to catch me.

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I kept on running and realized I was not being followed anymore I gasped for air. All I could see was green brown fallen leaves and pine trees everywhere.

My heart was slamming against my ribs I gulped for more air and tried to slow my breathing enough to hear the buzzing sound of insects. My whole body felt numb and my feet were bruised I sat down under a tree. The leaves under the tree were moist and the smell of rotting leaves and soil met my nostrils. A sudden movement behind the undergrowth trees caught my attention there was a sudden dryness in my throat and sweat on my lips which tasted like salty.

Night journey

The curtain of night fell upon the forest the moon was smiling at the stars in the sky. It was getting cold so I managed to find two stones and some dry leaves to light the fire. The forest at night was getting spooky and there was no signal in the phone I was wondering what my family must be going through when I am nowhere to be found. The forest became darker so I decided to get some sleep near the fire and find the way back in the morning.

I woke up hearing the birds chirping and sun rays on my face I saw the surrounding it looked beautiful I could see the crick few steps ahead I washed my face and drank water. I took out my small square cute pink handkerchief with my name embroidered on it and tied it on the tree branch to mark the place and headed in opposite direction. After walking for almost two hours I started to panic it seemed like I was never going to find my way back home. In an distant a heard a faint voice I went in that direction I heard a human voice calling out my name I hurriedly shouted help and the policeman dressed like a good Samaritan with few other constables with dogs came and rescued me.

I learnt two things from my stressful experience which is not to panic in such bad situations and always be positive and never give up. I was brought back to reality when I heard a loud bang on my bathroom door.

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