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Rehabilitation of Arroceros Forest Park

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1486 words)
Categories: Forest, Park
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Arroceros Forest Park is the last lung of Manila, it is an urban park that houses at least 60 indigenous tree varieties, 8,000 plants, and 10 bird species. A few years back, Former Mayor Lito Atienza sought to put up new buildings for the city school division and a teacher’s dormitory, which he did, despite the fact that the National Museum uncovered Chinese relics in the construction site of the forest park. He is said to have allegedly cut off the park’s water supply, remove parts of the fence, and chopped down at least 3,000 trees for the construction of the school building.

After three terms, Mayor Lim went back to Manila City Hall in 2007 and immediately reopened the Arroceros Forest Park on the first day he returned as a mayor. No buildings were built during his time as he has said, but this win was halted when Joseph Estrada took over as the mayor of Manila in 2013. Last year, Mayor Erap Estrada sent a memo, the contents of it said that he wants to vacate the lot for the construction of a gymnasium for the University of Manila, but the issue caught the attention of the media and through signed petitions and rally of concerned citizens of Manila, the plan was to hold off until further notice.

I seek your help in maintaining the existence and rehabilitating of the Arroceros Forest Park. If a civic organization, Winner Foundation, was no match for the city hall, then maybe the united voices of the city’s, country’s taxpayers and other NGOs concerned in saving and protecting our environment can knock some sense into our lawmakers. There is, after all, a law that mandates the preservation of tree parks, watersheds and permanent forests that make up at least 2% of their size.

It is proposed in this letter to rehabilitate the Arroceros Forest Park and be opened to the general public, with additional innovations to make it appealing and boost the eco-tourism in Manila. This project involves the renovation of the Teachers Building as a Seedling Bank and Research Facility, the addition of a “bambridge”, insect farm and the park’s very own plant-stop. The proposed rehabilitation will be conducted under the close supervision of architects, researchers and professionals, with requested funds for the rehabilitation, totaling 94, 914, 997 php. Future maintenance of the project will be possible through appropriations from the Haribon Foundation, volunteer fund-raising efforts carried out by the different NGOs and the concerned citizens of Manila.

Backround Of The Problem

For those of us who live in the Metro Manila, breathing in fresh air, walking under the shade of a canopy of trees, and just letting the afternoon pass away in a beautiful park is but a dream. It’s even worse in Manila, the world’s most densely populated city, where pocket gardens and green spaces are paved to make way for commercial buildings and new infrastructure. Manila used to have all these gardens, parks and public spaces, but they are now fast disappearing with the current urban development plan, entirely focused on building as many tall concrete towers as possible. Any remaining green area is seen by avid property developers and local government as a potential building and consequent return-on-investment. It seems that the city has been blinded by the construction fever. In the current urban plan, no green area has been included, on the contrary even the remaining parks are being destroyed. Such is the case with the Arroceros Forest Park in Ermita, Manila, my favorite park in the city. Arroceros Forest park used to be a popular hang-out place for cancer and terminally ill patients due to its fresh air, calming atmosphere and relaxing ambiance, joggers, students and even park enthusiasts. It is a little green oasis, with its century-old trees in a growing in an urban area, with its small perfect size and layout to provide controlled temperature and reduce the urban heat and pollution in the polluted streets of Manila. However, the local government, in the current plan they proposed, a gymnasium will cross the park right in the middle, thus, ruining the park forever.


During the first six months, emphasis will be placed on setting up the project, evaluating the plans and proposal and filing petitions to declare the Arroceros Forest Park an Eco- Park that will permanently protected and maintained by the city. There is, after all, a law that mandates the preservation of permanent forests, tree parks, and watersheds that make up at least 2% of their size.

To assess the extent to which the proposed project remedies the problems noted above, it will be necessary to quantify the results to measure the project’s effectiveness. The following are the project objectives:

  • To rehabilitate the forest park and be opened to the general public.
  • To minimize heat and pollution in the metro.
  • To have a public space that can boost the Eco-Tourism in the Metro.



A bambridge is a bridge made entirely of bamboo. It serves as an elevated walkway located above the existing pathways. Its purpose is to promote close interaction between the park visitors and the trees, and it assists the trees to provide shade for the pathways.

This is the first phase of rehabilitation. The Existing paved paths in the forest park are already deteriorating due to the roots of the trees and constant flooding. With this bridge, the trees will be able to finally breathe, the people can still visit and tour the park even if it’s flooding and the visitors can become closer to the nature.

Sky Deck

A Sky deck is an elevated open area located above the picnic grounds. It can carry a number of people and it is connected to the bambridge. Its purpose is to let the people rest while strolling the bambridge and see the park from a different perspective.

Another phase of this project is the sky deck that can be added anytime in the bambridge once it is erected. The space for this construction is the existing paved picnic grounds that people use as a parking lot of motorcycles.


A portalet or a mobile toilet is a cubicle with a water closet that can be easily moved from one place to another. It is commonly used in outdoor areas such as parks to provide visitors sanitary satisfaction.

Plant Stop

A plant-stop is a waiting area designated for visitors that enters and exits the park. It is a space where there are displayed seeds and succulents that are free for the visitors to take home and plant in their gardens.

This project will be located outside the forest park near the guardhouse, it doubles as a jeepney stop and also as an art installation.


I am writing to inquire if the Haribon Foundation would consider my proposal requesting a project grant of 30,000,000 php per year for three years, to support our rehabilitation project entitled “The Rehabilitation of Arroceros Forest Park.” The ultimate purpose of this project is to save the lust lung of Manila by rehabilitation; this parallels the mission of Haribon Foundation of preserving life.


Meeting these objectives stated aforementioned, will require an open line of communication with current and NGOs that supports the forest park. A letter of introduction from you will be helpful in gaining their cooperation. The success of this project will be further enhanced if we could identify a liaison within your organization to provide us with the direction and answer the questions as needed and we will give you updates about the progress of the rehabilitation every two weeks.


Despite the fact that most of the costs involve one-time purchases and construction, it will be necessary to plan for future funding of certain aspects of the project. These costs include maintenance of the forest park. It is indicated that if the project is funded, it will have an appropriate maintenance.


Haribon Foundation advocates biodiversity conservation through building constituencies, empowering communities and applying multi-disciplinary approaches, with your help and other NGOs contribution, we can preserve the last lung of Manila, Arroceros Forest Park. Not only we can save century-old trees and different bird species, we can also reduce the urban heat, provide a green public space for the citizens and boost the eco-tourism of Manila.

This project is our collaborative effort between NGOs and the concerned people of Metro Manila. This collaboration gives us the ability to save the last lung of Manila from its initial gymnasium plan by the local government. Any help from your organization is deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your kind consideration of my proposal. I will be contacting you within the next three weeks for any feedback you may have. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you desire additional information or if you have any questions. I look forward to talking with you soon.

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