The Treasure in the Forest Essay

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The Treasure in the Forest

I remember when I was a kid my friends and I quite often went to the forest. There was fresh air, we could hear songs of the birds or the rush of water. There we had a clear space among the trees where we fried potatoes and sausages. It was the end of august. It was exactly the fish season. My best friend and I went to our favorite place which was near the road. There were private houses across the road. It was a wonderful day and the sun was near the zenith. The idea came to our mind to take a walk there as usual.

This place was not far away from our houses. We thought that there was nothing to worry about and nothing could happen to us. We went down to the river from the hill. There was sweet water which flowed from the mountains. To cross that river we had to climb and crawl on the big tree. This tree was some kind of a bridge which joined one side of the land with the other side. If somebody looked at the water he could fall down. There was a very strong watercourse (поток воды). There was a frothy breakwater on the side of the stream. It was an adventure for us.

As soon as we crossed the river we walked along it to the hill. Great plants grew among the roots of the big trees and spread rosettes of green fans. When the wind blew the leaves were singing on the trees. The blotched fungi and moss extended through the roots of the trees. The fungi were different sizes and color. The moss was so soft, that if you lie on it you would feel a soft pillow under you. The honeysuckle was ripe on the bushes. Then I saw some man who was gathering something, perhaps some mushrooms. I told my friend about it.

But in some seconds I couldn’t see him. I was worried. Then we saw some metallic tubes which later became a bridge for us. There were some dead fishes. Some people caught them and took the caviar for personal needs and then throw it into the river. While we were crossing the river my friend turned and saw behind me that man. She did not show that she was scared and suggested playing catch-up (поиграем в догонялки). When we were quite far away from that place my friend told me why she had suggested me playing that game. After that situation we never came to that place again.

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