Five On a Treasure Island: Plot and Analysis Of The Story

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'Five on a Treasure Island' is a story written by the English writer Enid Blyton. Five on a Treasure Island is the first book published on September 11, 1942 from Enid's collection or series of 'The Famous Five' books. In Enid's story, she uses words that are bittersweet and affecting, words that we can relate to in our daily life. She uses expository writing and mystery forms of writing; the style she used is informal mostly and has only a bit of formal.

The author of the story is the narrator of the story.

Basically, the story talks about three siblings ( Jillian 'the oldest', Dick, and Anne 'the youngest') that go to spend their summer vacation in Kirrin Cottage , their uncle's house, which is in the Kirrin bay near the Kirrin Island as well as the wrecked ship. The story takes place during their school's holiday. Their uncle Quentin was a bad-tempered man. Although he was a scientist, it wasn't fun to be around him.

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His wife, Aunt Fanny, was a marvelous, astonishing, and extraordinary woman. She loved the children and took good care of them as if they were her kids. And finally, the protagonist is Georgina- their uncle's daughter. She wouldn't have been the protagonist without the help of her cousins. Georgina hates being a girl, and so she shall only answer to 'George' when being called. She was greedy and egotistical, because she was an only child and did not learn to share her belongings with other people. But, since her cousins had come over she changed a lot.

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She introduced them to her dog Timothy, which was her only friend and a secret because her parents wouldn't allow her to keep it. In the story, the famous five interact with Timothy as if it were a human. They also talk to it and it understands them as if it has the feelings and emotions of a human being. George also took them to her very own and personal island, which was her treasure.

Therefore, the climax rose when George's old wreck which was in the bottom of the sea got carried on top of the sharp rocks in her island as the result of the storm and the splashing waves. This wreck was George's great-great-great grandfather's ship, as George mentioned in the story. Later on in the story, the famous five find the treasure box which belonged to her great-great-great grandfather in the cupboard of the wreck's wall. In the box was the map to the treasure. Meanwhile, they go on in a treasure hunt to find the 'ingots' which meant gold in olden times. But, apparently Uncle Quentin had sold the box of the map to some journalists! Later on, the famous five were in trouble when the journalists found out about the gold. What actually happened was that these men planned to buy the island to build a hotel and they tricked poor Uncle Quentin. He did not know that they wanted to buy the island just to find the gold.

Meanwhile, George, Timothy, and Jillian found the ingots in the dungeons of the castle, while the others were cluelessly going about life in the bright sun above the dungeons of the castle. Later on, the newspaper men found the ingots and George, Timothy, and Jillian got trapped in the dungeons by the order of the newspaper men. But, the famous five were brave and elegant. They protected the land and saved it from those greedy people. With the help of Dick and Anne, the others got rescued and saved from the dungeons. They also managed to trap the newspaper men in the island and destroyed their motor-boat. They then told of what occurred to them to their Uncle and their Aunt. At last, they managed to defend the island from evil and rescue it. At the end of the story, Uncle Quentin's personality changed because he became rich and had the ability to give his family what they wanted. George signed a treaty that allows the others to share the island with her, since they helped her in saving it. And her parents allowed her to keep her secret dog Timothy.

Some historical content within the story includes the parents allowing the children to stay on the island for days without worrying about them. These days, parents are taking more care of their children because the outside world is not safe anymore; so this shows that it was in the past. The themes used in this story are courage, power, discovery, greed, love, friendship, fear, freedom and good versus evil. These are all portrayed in the actions of the characters. In the beginning of the story George was selfish and greedy, but in the end of the story she changes to an honest, friendly person. This means that George is a well-rounded and dynamic character, and for this reason she is my favorite character since she’s very realistic and it shows what it’s like when you are surrounded by people that you love, or whether you were alone, that’s when your personality changes. People and experiences shape us into a better person. The author attracts the reader to continue reading by using exclamation marks and questions, so that the reader imagines what might happen later on in the story, and feels the curiosity to know more about it. This book also reminds me of The Hobbit, Narnia and Harry Potter, because they all fit in the mystery and adventure fiction genre. Quote from the book: 'We mustn’t give up hope' (page 104). This is my favorite quote because it motivated me to reach out for my goals in life, and I think that everyone should do the same.

I would highly recommend this book because it taught me that whenever everything is going wrong, I shall not lose hope. It also taught me that in a journey it does not matter where the place is if we are enjoying it. This story is not only for people that are in my age, as anyone can read this book and benefit hugely. And, this is one of the reasons I loved it.


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