Network Essay Topics

Communication Cost

In some cases, the commercial cost of data transmission may be more important the time cost. Commercial organisations often prefer to transmit data over low capacity lines which they own as opposed to using public, high capacity lines that have usage charges. The routing algorithms do not have to use just one metric to determine… View Article

IDS compares

These techniques usually base their performance on two detection paradigms as the main attacks in spite of whether they are network or hot based architecture. Some of these models are the misuse detection models and anomaly detection models. The misuse detection model, the IDS compares the new sequences of the parameters in the input. The… View Article

Encryption and network security

Honeynets: Observing Hackers’ Tools, Tactics and Motives in a Controlled Environment Solutions to hacker attacks are usually fixes that are developed when damage has been done. Honeynets were solely developed to catch and monitor threats (i. e. a probe, scan or attack). They are designed to gather extensive data about the threats. These data are… View Article

Topic Local Area Network LAN

Introduction “Local Area Network, LAN, is a data communications network connecting terminals, computers, and printers within a building or other geographically limited areas” (Haugdahl, 1999, p. 76). These devices may be connected through wired cables or wireless links. LAN is usually owned by an individual or a single entity such as an organization, and the… View Article

Legal uses of peer-to-peer network

A peer-to-peer network is a decentralized computer network that relies mostly on the resources of equal peers instead of a few powerful servers. Such networks can be used for many things, for example sharing files, real-time data and telephony traffic. Peer-to-peer network there are no dedicated clients or servers, but instead all the peers can… View Article

Platform-Mediated Networks

Platform-mediated  networks  include  users, whose  interactions  are  related  to  the  network  effects, including  intermediaries  who  make  available  a  platform  that  aids  users’  interactions. Such  networks  involve  a  large  and  growing  share  of  the global  economy  which  are as  different  as  video  games, postal  delivery, credit  cards, fuel  cell-powered  cars, instant  messaging, web  search, real  estate… View Article

Network Protocols and Applications

Introduction Information technology is a tool that enables information transfer between premises in a network. The benefits of such technology are unquestionably important as it helps a company to manage their resources efficiently and lessen the decision making process. Furthermore, information technology (IT), a network design plays important role in determining a success of transmitting… View Article

P2P File Sharing Issues

Ardenghi, Jorge and Javier Echaiz. “Peer-to-peer systems: the present and the future. ” Journal of Computer Science & Technology 198 (2007). This article is a broad discussion of peer-to- peer systems, which include topics on structures, characteristics, protocols, challenges, drawbacks and the future of the technology. It traces back the beginnings of P2P file sharing,… View Article

P2P File Sharing And Its Influence

With the advancement of technology we have moved into the digital word, into the days when property transactions are physically tangible. Now property more specifically intellectual property sharing ha s become common and is done easily over the internet using. P2P file sharing software easily available over the internet. In corporate network where this is… View Article

Acme Manufacturing Wan Design

Acme Manufacturing is a growing company that is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently the company has acquired a manufacturing plant in China and multiple offices in the United States. Acme is now in need of a WAN solution to connect their many offices. All new equipment will be used to build the LANs at the… View Article

Router and Switch Configuration

When installing, setting, and configuring a switch it is important to know what kind of switch is needed and installed in the network. For this purpose I have chosen the Cisco switches main line, which is the Catalyst Switches, which is one of the popular series and models. They include fixed-configuration desktop models, configurable plug-and-play… View Article

Electrical Systems

The purpose of this laboratory test was to make comparisons between theoretical and practical results and to develop a greater understanding of factors affecting the operation of complex AC networks. The results from the Series Parallel RC network have minimal errors, however the small differences are mainly due to slight machine and human error. The… View Article

Network Protocols

For this question I would have to go with the WLAN Star topology, the main reason for using the WLAN is for your wireless users to be able to connect to the network via an access point. Other reasons for using a WLAN, you would be able to have the ability to have the pc’s… View Article

Networking Fundamentals

1. Unit 1 review questions: a. The functions provided by a network are usually referred to as Network Services. b. A(n) Client Server may also be known as simply an access server. c. True or False: A client/server network is the simplest network model. d. True or False: A common way to share resources on… View Article

Web or Mobile System

As a network engineer it is very important to keep the network available for users at all times. “A highly available network means that the network and the applications that are used on it are both operational and accessible at all times” (CiscoPress 2008 p. 124). Working as a network engineer I am always on… View Article

Network Security Analysis

This article is concerned about network security. It mentions about the present situation of network security and an analysis of the reason that lead to unsafe network environment. Then the article introduces two frequently used protocols in network security: HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer), then compare them… View Article

Network Design Plan Review of Related Study

The literature review is about the study of the network design of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, wherein there are different networks or technologies to be used and the security purposes of the office. This review also includes the possible devices to be used, according to our client it is convenient of… View Article

Managing Networks

Produce a report that justifies the need for network managers to undertake routine performance management activities. Please ensure that your justification for these activities relates to reasons of efficiency and how they affect the quality of the service provided. Activities could include (but are not restricted to) 1. Scheduled backup of data The reason why… View Article

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) Security

IPv4 is an end-to-end network model that supports the multicast operation. Multicast operations or communications involve information transfer from one node in as single transmission to multiple receivers within the network. Moreover, it facilitates the broadcasting of multimedia information like videos and audio teleconferences. IPv4 utilizes MAC addresses and IP addresses to send data packets… View Article

Incident Response

Any network can be subjected to security compromise. There is no amount of coding or access control that can ultimately prevent an attack to a network. However, there is a need for any organization to ensure that their networks are safe and their incidence responses are effective. There are many tactics and tools that are… View Article

How Interconnected Networks Work

The concept of interconnecting networks entails ensuring that the set network structures enables communication and flow of information based on the way in which the network structure is organized. The working of interconnected networks involves integration of diverse network protocols and procedures (Battista, Patrignani, and Pizzonia 2003). Working of Interconnected Networks Domain name services, internet… View Article

Network Design

You are the network manager of a company that has grown from 10 employees to 100 employees in 12 months. Year 2 projected growth is estimated to be 100 additional employees located at a remote location. The aggressive growth has brought about some unique challenges and opportunities. The company has one remote warehouse and no… View Article

Supply Chain and Distribution Network

This paper describes a framework for designing the distribution network in a supply chain. Various factors influencing the choice of distribution network are described. We then discuss different choices of distribution networks and their relative strengths and weaknesses. The paper concludes by identifying distribution networks that are best suited for a variety of customer and… View Article

Ping Sweeps and Port Scans

Recently, it was brought to my attention that there are concerns about some activities on the network that can be considered less than trustworthy. Specifically, the concerns are regarding network traffic called ping sweeps and port scans. I’m putting together this paper to explain how ping sweeps and port scans impact our network traffic. First… View Article

Network Measures

The average degree is a measure of how many edges are in a set. In network measure, it helps in the average degree of all nodes given that it shows how many adjacent nodes the network has in average. It is calculated only when the network has not less than one edge connecting the nodes…. View Article

Network Infrastructure

A computer network refers to the infrastructure that allows two or more computers, often called hosts, to communicate with each other and share information as well as other resources. This is usually achieved by defining a set of rules known as protocols which must be observed by all the participating hosts. A computer network is… View Article

Network Design for the 2012 London Olympics

This report is a step by step analysis of the requirements planning and implementation of a network based on the infrastructure of an office environment. Throughout this report, the reader will see how the requirements planning is broken down into detailed sections to illustrate how each requirement has been identified for the stages of planning… View Article

Hardware vs Software Routing

A router can be defined as a device that connects two or more than two computer networks and selectively exchanges packets of data among them. Every packet data encompasses address information that a router can use to find out whether the destination and source are on the same network, or if the packet data must… View Article

Network Hardware

Choice of good network hardware will depend on a number of factors. First it has to be planned properly to allow growth without adversely affecting future business. The design of the network should ensure sufficient performance, availability and security. All this aims at providing enough information and processing of transactions for all its users. A… View Article