The Pitfalls of Solely Relying on Online Marketing

There are some companies who are investing all of their marketing dollars in online marketing thinking that the online world is the only area that matters. This simply is not accurate. There are many methods that worktogether to create a strong marketing plan. When it comes to auto repair shop advertising, direct mail is a great complement to your online efforts.

QR codes

One way that an auto repair marketing flyer can enhance your business, both online and in person, is by utilizing QR codes.

QR stands for “quick response”. These codes are small, printed insignias that can be read by a phone equipped with a camera to scan it and the app to interpret it. They are basically a 2-dimensional bar code.

QR codes can contain a lot of information encoded in a small space. When scanned, these codes typically point the users’ browser to more details. This can be a link to a mobile website, a video or an app.

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QR codes are usually squares made up of black granules on a white background. (The more “grain” a QR code has, the more information it contains.) They are designed for high-speed decoding.

The automotive industry

Interestingly enough, QR codes first developed for the automotive industry. They were originally developed to track parts during manufacturing. The uses for QR codes have broadened and multiplied along with the popularity of smart phones.

Almost any smart phone on the market has a QR Code reader and these codes can be incorporated onto your auto repair shop direct mail.

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You can tell a customer a lot on a flyer or a postcard, especially if it is a well-designed and professional printed piece. However, with a QR code, you can give your customer so much more.

“Virtual world” technology

Paper products like most direct mail are physical items that can be kept, reread, stuck on the bulletin board or fridge. They have a lot of benefits as a “real world” item. If you combine this with a “virtual world” technology like QR codes, your customer can use your auto repair direct mail to access far more information than what will fit on a postcard.

The QR codes you include on your direct mail flyers can also be customized for later analysis. Your business can track how many hits a particular piece gets by tracking the QR code scans. You can customize the code by neighborhood delivery route, by date of delivery, by promotional offer or many other criteria. That way, you will know what is really working to bring customers to your shop. The information you gather will help you fine-tune future campaigns for an even more effective product.

Using a professional direct mail company to create, produce and send your auto repair direct mailing is important. Quality makes all the difference in a direct mail card or letter. Amateurish or sloppy mailers reflect poorly on the quality of the business while a sharp, slick flyer never fails to impress.Mudlick Mail understands both the auto repair and the direct mail industries and can help you use direct mail to bring more customers to your shop.

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The Pitfalls of Solely Relying on Online Marketing
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