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Natural Disaster Essay Examples

Essay on Natural Disaster

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Sociology and Disaster Management

The study relied on the in-depth interview with individuals who owned, managed, or resided on or adjacent to the property that contained the oil. From the ten participants interviewed, five were male, and the other five were female. Four of those interviewed owned and resided on the land where a good facility was damaged. One of the respondents was an owner of agricultural properties in the zone o...

Flood hazards: impacts and responses for the built environment

Tools available for use by emergency managers during the recovery process includes weather sensor and satellite, fibre optics, phones video, medical equipment. The lessons learnt from this disaster response are very helpful in dealing with future occurrences. The response when dealing with flood can be used when dealing with other types of floods. Some of the possible threats tha...

Hurricane Katrina

Once it is known that a major disaster is about to take place local medical centers can not be relied on being that there is a great chance they can be destroyed or without any power as seen during hurricane Katrina. Centers need to be set up away from the danger area and transportation of these civilians need to be prepared in advance. Small issues that can lead into big problems such as the Gove...

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* The shaking starts from the focus and spreads out. You can get an idea of how this happens by throwing a pebble into a pond. See the ripples that move out in circles? The vibrations from the focus are something like that. * The vibrations are more properly called seismic waves. As seismic waves travel through the body of the Earth, they behave in different ways, depending on what they encounter ...

Media - ‘When the Levees Broke’

Politics played a large role in terms of the slow, emergency response to the tragedy. Many politicians were interviewed and mostly claimed they were unaware of what had happened in New Orleans. What was even more shocking, was how long it took president Bush to become conscious of the issue. This happened on the fifth day after the hurricane. People were starving, searching for shelter and trying ...

Florida Sinkholes

Bush’s body was never recovered from the hole. His funeral was held at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. Death is not the only danger sinkholes have. Danger doesn’t only happen when the sinkhole occurs, but also after it’s covered. There are ways to avoid the danger if you have a Florida sinkhole. “The walls of a sink hole are "funnel-like" and often have a slick surface from...

California Drought in 2014

The drought of this country and the regions that are suffering with it, has no good cause for everyone and the environment. The ongoing California drought provides a unsavory view of future water shortages and its impact on agricultural production and food safety. Preventing a drought is something that everyone in the world cannot avoid, if it is going to strike then it's going to strike, there is...

The Effects of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Through twitter the public fulfilled its public relations activities and surprising millions on how influential social media is on public relations. Organizations were able to set up charities online and through telecommunications, the public responded quickly by donating money, food, clothes and other basic necessities. As the world becomes more technologically advanced the easier it becomes to c...

The Effects of Physical Factors on the Storm Hydrograph

Land use also influences and changes the response of the hydrograph to rainfall. Land with a lot of vegetation, help to prevent flooding by intercepting rainfall, this is the temporary storage of moisture on the leaves of vegetation before it evaporates back into the atmosphere. Also plant roots especially those of trees reduce through flow by taking up water from the soil. Therefore there is less...

Hazards in Dhaka City

The frequency of devastating nor?westers usually reaches the maximum in April, while a few occur in May, and the minimum in March. Nor?westers and tornadoes are more frequent in the afternoon. Table 3 shows some of the devastating nor?westers and tornadoes that hit Bangladesh. Nor?westers may occur in late February due to early withdrawal of winter from Bangladesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, and a...

Raising a genderless baby: The Case of Storm Stocker

In this way Storm and their contemporaries will show us how the binary concepts of man/women have been one of the most pervasive forces locking us within a certain realm of action and understanding dictated strictly by the reproductive organs we were born with. Who we love, how we love are all subject to change as "Our identities are a fluid assemblage of the meanings and behaviors that we constru...

Role of students in disaster management

All communities should have some type of disaster plan in place. The police, fire, and first aid departments all have special communication devices, such as pagers, radios and cell phones. Disaster planning relies on volunteers who are willing to take responsibility even when there is no available outside help. The first step is locating survivors, next is calling for help, then locating resources...

Bouyanr Foundation Against Natural Disaster

Yun nga. Yung steel frame, xa yung nagsusuport o naghohold sa buoyancy blocks. Yung buoyancy blocks naman, xa yung nagpapalutang sa bahay kapag may baha. Guidance poles, nakaattached xa sa steel frame at nagsisilbing pang-angat ng bahay kapag may baha. Yung water-borne debris barriers, ang function nya lang ay pangharang sa mga basura. At yung masonry piers, yung yung pinakabase ng bahay o xa yung...

Communication Facilities for Disaster Management

DCWDS Digital Cyclone Warning Dissemination System set at Delhi and other coast area. It is for the pre disaster information. The WLL – VSAT system is in terms of handsets which can be easily taken inside of the affected areas and sends information by direct audio communication. The MSS Type C reporting terminal developed for the sending short messages directly through satellite in remote area. ...

Christchurch Earthquake

http://www.ipenz.org.nz/IPENZ/forms/pdfs/ChChFactSheets-Answers-critical-questions-buildings.pdf http://keithwoodford.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/understanding-the-christchurch-earthquake-building-damage/ http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2013/05/10/where-does-an-earthquakes-energy-come-from/ www.scoop.co.nz/stories/SC1103/S00054/the-canterbury-earthquakes-scientific-answers.htm http://www.mona...

Natural Disaster and the Decisions That Follow

American Airlines has 80,000 employees, 4 of whommake decisions to cancel flights. One of them is Danny Burgin. When weather systems approach, Burgin needs toconsider a host of factors in deciding which flights to cancel and how to reroute affected passengers. He arguesthat of two major weather factors, winter snowstorms andsummer thunderstorms, snowstorms are easier to handle because they are mor...

Comparison of Hurricane and Tornado Natural Disasters

They each have heavy rain, they also have thunder and lighting. People are most likely alerted when a hurricane or tornado watch is coming. Everyone under a tornado or hurricane watch is protected and far away from the area. How these two are different are that hurricanes form over tropical oceans and tornadoes form over land. Hurricanes take several days and tornadoes take up only to 15-30 minute...

Preparation for Disaster

A nurse will assess, plan and treat a patient based on previous evidence based practice and then continually evaluate her results making a complete circle. This is similarly done in emergency preparedness. Through planning, prevention, treatment, recovery and evaluation one can save lives and reduce the effects financially and emotionally on the victims. It’s a similar circle because our plan is...

Kashmir facing a natural disaster

In nature's biggest fury in six decades in the valley, more than 170 people have already lost their lives in the recent flood that struck the indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Witnessing human terror since ages, the valley is under the threat of floods due to a week long incessant rain which is affecting the rescue operations as well. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Sunday declared t...

Case for critical thinking: A flood of decisions


Cause and Effect Essay: Causes of Flood

The third cause of flood is tsunamis. According to the Forces of Nature website, one cause of tsunamis are high winds. High winds create waves that would hit beaches and shores. According to PAGASA, another cause of tsunamis are seismic activities. Examples are underwater volcanoes and earthquakes. When underwater volcanoes erupt or when earthquakes occur, they form tsunamis. Tsunamis are dangerou...

Sharing Responsibility – Role of local and state bodies: Disaster Management

· make the state DMAP an effective response mechanism as well as a policy and planning tool. The state DMAP addresses the state's response to demands from the district administration and in extraordinary emergency situations at multi-district levels. It is associated with disasters like road accidents, major fires, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, epidemics and off-site industrial accidents. The pr...

Natural Hazards and Disasters

Risk and vulnerability can sometimes be reduced if there is an adequate means of predicting a hazardous event.  Volcanic eruptions are usually preceded by a sudden increase in the number of earthquakes immediately below the volcano and changes in the chemical composition of the gases emitted from a volcanic vent. If these are closely monitored, volcanic eruptions can be often be predicted with re...

Earthquake in Japan

The tsunami waves overtopped seawalls and destroyed diesel backup power systems, leading to severe problems such as large explosions and radioactive leakage. It has been almost a year since the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami destroyed coastal communities in northern Japan killing more than 15,000 people. What struck me the most about this tragedy is the reaction of the Japanese community a...

Causes and Effects of Earthquakes

Earthquakes can mainly have two dreadful effects. First, one direct effect of earthquakes is ground shaking and landslides. The earthquake’s waves make the ground move, shaking buildings and causing weaker structures to collapse. The damage of properties can lead to secondary effects such as fire, which is produced because of the rupture of natural gas mains and water lines. Second, other post-e...

Phuket tourism

Washington. Do Something.org, n.d, 11 Facts About the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, available: http://www.dosomething.org/tipsandtools/11-facts-about-2004-indian-ocean-tsunami# Dev, S., 2011, ‘I Do’ on Distant Shores, Express Hospitality, February 2011, Available: http://hospitality.financialexpress.com/20110215/management02.shtml eTravel Business News, 2012, TCEB Joins Pact with Phuket and TAT i...

Fixing California Drought

Although it has been found that humans had very little to do with the start of the drought, California citizens can affect the duration of it. Ultimately, the only thing that will truly end the drought is drastically increased rainfall. One foot of rainfall would be needed a month to put an end to the effects of the drought. However, there are ways presently available that can help conserve water....

The effect of earthquake

Apart from psychological disorders, damaging to buildings can certainly result from the earthquakes. Non-durable buildings may be destroyed because of concussion of the earthquake. Thus, most of the people can lose their own homeland when they are facing the earthquake. As it is very clear seen, damaging to buildings is directly proportional with earthquakes. At last, it is an obviou...

"The storm" kate chopin

The message of the story is not that adultery is only okay if it is necessary it is rather that marriage is between two people. To have a good, healthy relationship each person should be fulfilling of each other’s wants and needs. Through her use of symbolism, point of view, and setting, Chopin gives her readers the understanding of what marriage was like and how a woman could express her womanl...

The tourism impact of volcanic eruption

Mt. Ontake, Nagano, Japan ,Nagano Pretecture official Tourism guide, viewed 21/10/2014 http://www.go-nagano.net/blog_p/?p=1053Santana, G.(2001). Global safety and national security. In S. Wahab, & C.Coop (Eds.), Tourism in the age of globalization (pp.213-241). London: Routledge. Sankei News, 2014, 御嶽山に一番乗りしたが…。空腹と重責、寒さ…。「読者にありのまま...

Is Walmart good for America?

The first supply truck to arrive at the Superdome after the hurricane came from Walmart, not from FEMA. The administrative particulars of Walmart’s response to the hurricane, detailed in a study by Steven Horwitz, are both fascinating and inspiring. Walmart’s existing distribution chain was – and is – able to deliver needed goods faster and more efficiently than a government agency, which ...

“Saplings In the Storm” by Mary Pipher

Mary Pipher addresses the dramatic changes handled by adolescent girls. With tone, Pipher clearly relates how she feels about her topic. Words like “dramatic,” “chaos,” and “shattered” show the writer’s mood as serious, sad, and slightly dark. She uses heavy descriptions when describing how the girls feel and change. Her tone depicts the readiness of what the young girls deal with, a...

The Impact of Earthquake Hazards

It is difficult to argue convincingly that the impact of human hazards depends primarily on human factors as in every case there are always numerous factors that contribute to the extent of the earthquake. The easy route would be to argue that less developed countries are impacted more seriously by earthquakes due to human factors such as poorly built infrastructure and high population densities h...

"The Storm" by Kate Chopin

In conclusion, Chopin's portrayal of the storm's setting reinforces the plot's main thematic elements through descriptive imagery that coincides with the characters emotions throughout the story. Chopin's use of descriptive imagery in "The Storm" draws the reader into the setting and provides essential elements for plot development. Chopin utilizes the stormy setting to portray the characters part...

Ode to the west wind - questions and answers

I agree with him about accomplishing things without violence, but I am not so sure about the way he describes or wants to achieve it. The final effect of the poem is ambivalent, a mixture of depression and hope. I notice a certain degree of uncertainty in him. He characterizes the wind and the clouds as being violent, spreading terror, and dangerous, while I think that is a very preposterous opini...

Kate Chopin's Story Of An Hour And The Storm

Chopin expressed love as a way of freedom and oppression in her short stories. She described Calixta's adultery a passion while Louis's marriage an oppression. Either way, it lead to some sort of resolution into freedom. The discovery of passion in "The Storm" was so great that Alcee himself did not want to commit to his wife. In "Story of an Hour" Louise Mallard considered her marriage and love u...

Sinclair Ross' "The Painted Door"

Throughout the story she admits to herself of her feelings of loneliness and how she longs for companionship, and admits to being bored with the life she is living, but not with John himself. Steven comes, and just before he goes off to do the evening chores for her she realizes how different he is from John, and that he "rouse[s] from latency and long disuse all the instincts and resources of her...

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