Fiji Is an Independent State in Oceania

FIJI Water is committed to corporate social responsibility and making a difference. They work closely with many environmental organizations to make a positive change to oceans, rainforests, and communities around the world, and more specifically the Fijian Islands. FIJI Water has a close relationship with Conservation International, one of the leading environmental organizations in the world, to help preserve the biological wealth and diversity of the Fijian Islands. The Sovi Basin is the biggest rainforest in Fiji, and this partnership has allowed over 40,000 acres of rainforest land to be preserved through a long-term land lease.

This prevents further degradation and deforestation of the forest and also produces a positive impact on the surrounding communities. FIJI Water launched their non-profit charitable organization, the FIJI Water Foundation, in 2007, which works to improve the lives of the local communities on the Fijian Islands. This organization focuses on providing clean water to communities who may not have access to it otherwise. It also concentrates on setting up and building the educational infrastructure on the islands, especially in rural areas.

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The foundation also helps in disaster relief efforts during floods and storms that happen on the islands frequently.

Out of all of our primary competitors in the bottled water category, Aquafina has done the most public relations work. They have been making efforts to reduce the amount of waste produced from each water bottle. They have reduced the amount of plastic used in their bottles by 40% since 2007. Also, they use 15% less packaging in their 24 packs, saving tons of plastic each year.

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They also have a history of helping with natural disaster relief efforts by providing the affected communities with clean water since 2005, such as Hurricane Katrina, the 2007 California wildfires, the 2008 Midwestern floods, and the Elk River chemical leak in 2014.

Coca-Cola Company, the parent company to Glaceau Smart Water, launched a PR campaign to help in the fight against obesity, urging people to step away from the sugary drinks and to drink more water. They have also started providing smaller portions and minimizing the amount of sugar in all of their beverages.

Propel Water kicked off a PR campaign in 2017 that encouraged people to live healthier lives and to be more fit. They host “fitness festivals” in many major cities, including NYC and Chicago, that give attendees a one of a kind fitness experience.

Aqua Carpatica has focused many of its PR efforts to change the legislative framework regarding the allowable amount of nitrates in bottled water. Because of these efforts, many countries now require bottled water companies to include nitrate contents on all their labels.

Icelandic Glacial aided in the Haiti earthquake relief efforts by providing water to the communities affected by the disaster. They also work with the CarbonNeutral Organization to reduce the amount of carbon emissions they create from their bottling facilities.

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) launched a PR campaign to promote bottled water and to set straight the misinformation regarding the environmental setbacks they are believed to cause. They are focused on the environment and improving water quality globally. IBWA also work to keep bottled water companies responsible in the way they manage their materials.

Target Audience

The main target audience for the bottled water industry are people who are more health-conscious and turn to zero-calorie beverage options. It is a healthier alternative to sugary drinks like soda and juice. Over the last decade, the number of adults who classify as heavy bottled water drinkers has increased by more than 20% and the number of heavy soda drinkers has dropped more than 10%. Also, people who are on the go a lot tend to drink more bottled water, because it is easy, convenient, and resealable.

FIJI Water attracts a more elite community. The cost of their water tends to be more expensive than competitors like Aquafina and Dasani, and the bottle gives off a very luxurious feel. Many celebrities have personally endorsed FIJI Water giving young people who admire these celebrities even more reason to drink it.

Because of their initiative to use less plastic in their bottles and packaging, Aquafina attracts environmentally conscious consumers. These types of people also tend to be young and active. Aquafina relies heavily on their PR efforts and brand-loyal customers considering they don’t have many attributes that stand out over their competitors.

Propel targets routine exercisers and people who are very active. They tend to skew to an older generation, 35 and older, since it is a healthier and less sugary option than Gatorade, who is their parent company.

Glaceau SmartWater targets a younger generation who is more active. Like FIJI Water, it is more expensive than many of its competitors and has a very elegant bottle design, attracting a more elite audience. People who buy SmartWater tend to want something that is cleaner and more purified than plain water.

Icelandic Glacial and Aqua Carpatica are both high quality mineral waters that are targeted to a more elite class of consumers. These people have a lot of disposable income and care very much about the mineral content of their water. They want something more than just “plain water.” Both brands are more expensive than their “plain water” competitors and have very intricate bottle designs, giving it a luxurious feel to it. Over the past few years, mineral water has become a symbol of high class.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022
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