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Nationalism Essay Examples

Essay on Nationalism

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Decolonization and Revolution

Those who create ripples of change in their societies all have varying methods and roles. Some strive for revolution, others independance or policy reboots. It is important to keep in mind that each situation creates unique circumstances; some changes require new methods. To further understand which methods are suitable for particular situations, letters from different leaders who have created cha...

Afrikaner Nationalism

The application of segregation will furthermore lead to the creation of separate healthy cities for the non-whites where they will be in a position to develop along their own lines, establish their own institutions and later on govern themselves under the guardianship of the whites. Domination in South Africa was the purpose of the Afrikaner Nationalists to secure the safety of the white man. The ...

The Holodomor: An Attack on Ukrainian Nationalism

Through targeting Ukrainian intellectuals simultaneous to the famine, we see direct proof of Stalin’s intentions to crush the national backbone of Ukrainian society. Collectivization of agriculture and the resulting famine proved to be unproductive in terms of grain output, supporting the claim that Stalin’s general plan was not to maximize economic output, but rather, to destroy all Ukrainian...

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Indian Nationalism

As strong as feelings of nationalism were and as brave as leaders like Gandhi were they couldn’t have driven the British out by making India ungovernable because the British knew they couldn’t be driven out by force or otherwise. It is clear that they left of their own accord due to financial political reasons or otherwise. Although it is also worth mentioning that Nationalism did play a huge ...

Filipino Nationalism

A nationalist education would also emphasize a critical study of the Philippine economy so that as a people we will learn to be wary of economic programs proposed by foreign governments and institutions. Moreover, we should know how the world capitalist system operates so we will understand in what way economic development will affect our people. In history as in economics, we must use only one ya...

Lack of Nationalism and Patriotism of the Filipino Youth Today

In this case, parents and teachers or authorities must not tolerate those actions. They should be the first to encourage youth about nationalism and patriotism. The nation built by today's youth will be the nation they pass along to their own children. If young people today wish their children to have an America of freedom, the young people of today must protect and defend that freedom by supporti...

Training And Development with NSTP

This potentially synergistic relationship between education and defense needs to be understood better, in view of the systematic link between national development and national security, a vital point relevant to enhanced national service training for the Filipino youth. Now that it is barely seven years of NSTP implementation and abolishing it in view of its perceived irrelevancy and mediocrity is...

Does Nationalism Inevitably Breed Rivalry and Conflict?

Liberal Nationalists would not predict conflict, yet alone it being considered ‘inevitable’, as they support peace and international cooperation between nations. However, Conservative and Expansionist Nationalists would argue otherwise. They enjoy conflict and basking in their previous military successes. They support order amongst society and see inequality between nations as normal, therefor...

Imperialism and Nationalism During the Progressive Era

Finally, Wilson believed that Americans should spread the beliefs of human rights, democracy, and word peace. This idea was called the "Humanity" diplomacy. Another important factor was the Panama Canal. This canal was a very key factor in both trade, and military strategy. For many years, travelers looked for an easier way to trade from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and this was it. One of the wea...

Nationalism in Italy during the 1900's

Even though this was wonderful for Italy to be united as a whole, they were inexperienced with government and were still very much divided by traditions and independence. The Mafia and heavy taxes caused a lot of tension on the country. Although, these were not the results of an earlier disunity, because before uniting, they could have easily had internal conflicts, but when united as a country, i...

Nationalism in World War 1

The Balkan League was probably the largest and most powerful nationalist alliance of its time. There greed through nationalism caused them to nearly drive turkey right out of Europe and to gain a considerable amount of Turkish states causing a great upset between the two groups. Later on this strong alliance came to a halt when the second Balkan war began when Bulgaria started quarreling with Gree...

Nationalism DBQ

Nationalism's influence on the development of the great European powers will not soon be forgotten. Under the watchful eye of great leaders such as Cavour, Garibaldi, von Bismark, and Mazzini, Nationalism tore apart great empires, united nation- states that had previously suffered from long standing conflict, and fueled many progressive wars. Allegiance and zeal for ones nation is what sparks nati...

Nationalism And Sectionalism

The North prospered from the creation of the tariff as it helped develop the manufacturing economy. The West, on the other hand, benefitted from the creation of road and canal system, a plan supported by John C. Calhoun, in order to prevent disunion within the rapidly growing country, (Document 2). These developments in transportation allowed for easier distribution of goods, thus benefitting them...

Imagined Communities – A Critique

In concluding, I would like to posit that imagined communities, sovereignty and boundaries are not all that make up a state, neither are they, save for boundaries, innate qualities in a nation. Instead, a nation is defined by a people in an organized bureaucracy and defined authority, whether or not such bureaucracy and authority sustains itself through the spirit of the shared ideals of the peopl...

Paddy Ashdown

I think that it is interesting that if we want to speak to someone about the defense of our country we need to speak to the Minister of Health, Minister of Agriculture etc... A point Paddy Ashdown brought up that I thought was important was how we are intimediately locked together. If there is a Swine Flu in Mexico then its a problem for Aberdeen the next. This is sort of like a domino affect that...

A Condensed Version of Renato Constantino's Works on Nationalism

Eventually everyone will be aware of Juan dela Cruz than Uncle Sam especially that Uncle Sam is crestfallen at this time with all the upheavals he is now facing I will not be surprised that his all knowing smile will turn into a nasty grin. For my fellow Filipinos, we will stand with pride that we can now identify ourselves as Filipinos and no longer Filipinos with US as our neocolonizer but Filip...

Invisible Empire

During the mob violence not a policeman was in sight (Lewis 147). Years later, testimony before the U. S. Congress revealed that local Klan leaders received a promise from the Birmingham police that their mob would be given ample time to freely attack the passengers before the police would intervene (Lewis 147). The Klan had once again infiltrated the state governmental system gaining them freedom...

Jose Rizal and his Nationalism

Rizal in all effort tried to convince the Spanish government that there was an urgent need for reforms in the society in the government, and in the Catholic church of the Philippines. And that violence is not the preferred solution and it should come about peacefully and sensibly and that one great solution is education. He tried to show that there was no rebellion or revolution in the Philippines...

Cathleen Ni Houlihan: Irish Nationalism

Thus, through the shared hopes and losses the Irish heroes becomes a united force instead of a conglomerate of separate regions. Through the play Cathleen Ni Houlihan, Yeats supports and encourages Irish nationalism. He hopes that the Irish people will be able to sacrifice their petty concerns in order to help Ireland prosper thus unifying Ireland. Ultimately, attaining materialistic desires is in...

Nationalism Webquest

11. What phrase did Otto Von Bismarck use to describe the method by which a unified German state would occur? Bismarck used Realpolitik, ruthless politics that puts the goals of the state ahead of any other concern basically ends justify the means politics. 12. The _______________________ _________________ ___ ___________, which attempted to unify Germany through ______________________ ________, h...

Black Nationalism and Black Community

Also, Arthur Schomburg is also a famous writer who encouraged blacks to write and express their life through their lenses. He made it his mission to become aware of Afro and Afro “ Latin Americans history and their accomplishments. Arthur Schomburg's created an institution that supported black literacy and education with the help of the cofounder John Edward Bruce. He lived a life of expressing ...

Nationalism: Revolutions of 1848 and Italian Unification- Unification

Zollverein, German customs union in 1734, is the biggest source of tension between Prussia and Austria. oKleindeutsch Plan is a plan of a unified Germany without Austria was seen as the most practicable means of unification among various German states. oOtto von Bismarck led the drive for a Prussian-based Hohenzollern Germany and gained favor with the king by the “Gap Theory” oPrussia’s vict...

The Indolence of the Filipino by José Rizal

Rizal’s essay is really excellent in describing the situation in the Philippines and is really enlightening. I hope that a lot more people would read this essay because of the issues and realizations that we can get from it. Though I believe that the present Philippines is far from what Rizal saw as indolent back in those days. Today, many Filipinos are more motivated by their will towards the a...

Nation and Nationalism

The second one is the tradition of Mandalay, small festivals are being held township to township in circular across the whole town. The very first festival starts in October and then place to place till the end of January. The Amazing fact is only at those festivals people sell many variety of traditional foods. Zat Pwe (Myanmar opera or ballet) is usually played at the festivals the whole night. ...

Easter 1916 William Butler Yeats

In summary, Yeats reservation of the nationalist movements that culminate to the Easter Rising rose from his sentiments that they were mired in politics and did not focus enough on social change and did not address the apathy, the "ignorant good-will" and the conformity that prevailed in Irish society. However, he also commends the Easter Rising as decisive albeit unsuccessful action to gain indep...

African Resistance to Colonization

Nonetheless African resistance not be said to be fruitless effort but a partly won battle which at an enormous degree of experience. The resistance gave birth to nationalism, in fact by 1935 when the Italian conquered Ethiopia under the rule of Benito Mussolini, Africans were united on the need to wrestle back Ethiopia from the Italian by mean means of radical nationalist movement in Africa. Other...

Spanish Nationalism

From the majority point of view, in social, territorial and electoral terms,] the identification with Spain, its symbols and institutions has become more characteristic of constitutional patriotism or civic nationalism. which seeks to respect the different visions of Spain fits in a pluralistic framework,inclusive and non-exclusive, concepts in which often coincide the majority political parties (...

The Rise Of Nationalism In Nigeria

[1]   If this seems like an easy transition from colony to independent state, it was. Arnold (2001) notes that independence movements in Western Africa were fairly violence free. He tells a great story of a Nigerian independence leader who said that they should have erected a monument to the mosquito, Malaria and other problems with life in the equatorial tropics that did more to sour the Britis...

Sports and Nationalism

The fans were wearing everything from t-shirts and jackets to hats and scarfs (Fieldwork Note: 25/04/14: 12). The crowds were majority male, but there were a fair amount of women scattered throughout. It did appear that any woman that was there was with her significant other, family, or a large group of other women. Families were seated with at least three, sometimes even five children. There was ...

A Poem Flag written by John Agard

He also includes feelings like cynicism; he mocks the way people will allow a symbol of nationalism such as a flag have such power over them and inspire whole countries to go to war. He’s contempt by criticising the way people ignore their sense of right and wrong for the demands of patriotism. The poet also warns us about letting ourselves be manipulated by empty symbols. The tone of the poem c...

Democracy in India and Pakistan

Democracy in South Asia Is constantly under pressure and because of these loopholes created by self-centered governments, extremist groups are cultivating there heinous idea quite easily.Thus, within a reasonable time-frame, surely among the standard of the Narendra Modi-drove government, the prospect is of continued pressures and strains in Pakistan-India relations which will eventually lead to d...

John Lennon and Nationalism

It's clear that Lennon had a different view on what the world should look like. He didn't believe in separation, he didn't believe in differences, he believed in everything that promoted peace and harmony all around the world. With his song Imagine he wanted to transmit a message to everyone that the world would be better off if countries and people would unite and share the world instead of havin...

German nationalism

These men fought in the nationalist volunteer brigade, under a flag of red, black and yellow (which in the future would become the colours of the German national flag). Although they posed no threat to the authorities at the time, they nevertheless demonstrated a desire for, a unified military, or at least for all those who were Germans to fight in unison against a common enemy: a concept that Ger...

German nationalism change between 1815 and 1919

However the conclusion must be that almost by nature 'modern nationalism' is subject to change, and so the same rules applied to German nationalism. It adapted with the fast changing times, gradually and naturally increasing in influence at certain key points during the period. For example, the peaks German nationalism reached during the times when German security was threatened by the French exem...

Nationalism is an infantile disease. It has the measles of mankind

10 Political thinkers portray nationalism as a modern phenomenon born out of industrialisation and the creation of democracy and freedom (of speech).11 Nationalism appears like an "illegal immigrant" or a "disease" in liberal-democratic traditions and policies. Liberal-democrats find themselves supporting some nationalisms and opposing others. 12Nationalism causes a number of "infections" in Briti...

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