Breaking Stereotypes: Pursuing Dreams Beyond Traditional Gender Roles

If students want to continue their education and enter the desired college, they should go through the admission process. It includes exams and delivering common application essays. This essay type gives students the chance to show their personal traits, attitudes, interests, and individuality. Your essay is meant to impress the admissions committee. You should prove that you are the best candidate to study in their college. This is a positive advertisement about those sides of student’s life that can’t be deduced from their official documents and study ratings.

Typically, students can opt from several prompts which are provided by the college. These prompts revolve around students’ experiences, beliefs, habits and dreams and not academic achievements or grades.

To write a college essay that stands out, you should concentrate on prominent events in your life that influence your personality, something connected with challenging situations or personal achievements. You can write how you managed to overcome your fears and learn new experience.

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You can describe the most important people in your life and how they encourage your personal growth. Having read hundreds of college essays, your essay should be personal, original and creative to grab the attention of the members of the board. Your essay has to be delivered in the form of a story – this should be a real-life situation or event with a considerable impact on your personality. Choose the subject which is meaningful and interesting to you. Here is a sample of a common application essay that can be used to create your own unique story.

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“As long as I can remember, I have always heard that a girl should be an obedient wife, a patient mother and a perfect cook. All my girlfriends from high school like to repeat that it’s a demanding and complicate job to be a housewife. The same goes with my mother.

“Rachel, one day you will grow up, meet a proper man and your destiny is to become his wife. You will live in a beautiful house with two adorable children and your only worries will be what to prepare for dinner.”

My mother was raised in a very conservative atmosphere of a wealthy family where the man works and woman cleans and cooks. My grandmother taught her how to be a housewife, elegant and charming whose main aim was to please her husband and raise children. Despite being a polite girl and nodding to my mother’s thoughts, inside I was crying from weakness – these ideas were opposite to those I wanted to build my life on.

I was sixteen years old when my friend Monika popped into my house one Saturday evening to have a nice chit chat between two best friends about boys, dresses and holidays. And she told one thing with which I can’t agree till now.
“Every girl should be prepared to dedicate her life to her husband and his success, so I am already learning how to make pancakes and roast beef.” Well, to say that I was irritated is to say nothing – I have already heard a million variants of this idea from my own relatives. Every family dinner this topic was brought up with my grandfather or father. I was confused and disappointed.

“Do you really believe that family life is the most important thing in woman’s life? What about women who want to have a proper career and try to achieve their goals and dreams,” I asked my friend.

“What for?” she replied. “It’s generally considered that men are better at doing business than women plus they should provide for his family by earning enough money. They are supposed to be the head of the family while wives have to make their home comfortable for living.”

At that moment I remembered my grandfather and his attitude towards women and their work. He was of an authoritative type always telling my grandmother and then his daughter how to live and what to want. He was descended from a poor family of Irish immigrants whose main goal in life was to earn money, get respect of the community and have food on their tables every day. He worked tirelessly day and night to become a decent citizen. He managed to fulfill his dreams but not without me grandmother’s help who sacrificed her dreams to be able to support him all the time.

I love my grandparents very much, I do. But their way of looking at thing is completely different from mine. When I first told them that I want to become a surgeon to help people they didn’t take my words seriously. After laughing for some time, my grandfather replied, “Rachel, sweetheart, that’s a wonderful idea but don’t you want to have a lovely marriage? That should be enough for a young girl. You will have of whom to take care; you will have a couple of lively kids who will be your delight. Why do you want to spend so much time in this profession if you come back sooner or later to give birth?”

I knew that their intentions are well-meaning and they worry about me – they just showed their love in such a way. But I also knew I wasn’t able to forget about my hopes and dreams and live up to their expectations. I told them I was going to university to obtain a university degree and continue my higher education. They weren’t pleased but supported. I am very grateful to them as if my grandfather was against this idea, I would never be able to save people’s lives. They were from an older generation who managed to survive very complicated periods in the history of our country. Their values were formed in the past when the world was different and women job was treated not so much with respect as it is now.

So I decided to live my life and forget about artificial limitations created by society – these are the remnants of the past which should vanish soon. Women are ready to show their talent, determination, and skills alongside with men. We are not afraid of obstacles on our way and if I fail that will be not because I am a woman but because I didn’t work hard enough.

So I want to give my friend Monika an answer that can be given to all of those who thinks women should be limited in their personal growth: “Maybe in the past women didn’t have chances to study, develop and create but the current situation is completely different. Gender is not an excuse and doesn’t define our lives. We have all possibilities to conduct our lives as we want, it is our choice and responsibility so why not to try?”

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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