My Personal Experience in Business

I’m so glad to write this formal statement about my application for business enterprise. Here am discussing that it means, how it’s applied to our daily activities, and what makes up a successful business. Firstly, what do we mean by Business? Business is defined as activities either by organization or personal entity engaged in commercial, industry, or professional activities which are done to earn a living. It can also be termed as the combined efforts of individuals or group of people to produce and sell goods and services for profits making.

Business is well operated all over the world among young ones and old ones. Everybody is always welcome to the world of business to make and earn profit for survival and meeting basic needs of life such as shelter, food, and clothing. Business in different aspects some coming up with a business plan while the other start up a business without a plan. We have businesses in large scale and small scale depending on the initial plan.

Business as a way of earning a living which makes everyone eager in learning to earn a living. Shopping, transacting among each other, buying and selling, advertising and marketing goods and services are all forms of business activities that makes one earn a living. I’ve been engaged in the world of business since I was young because my family runs their business successfully to take care of all the needs and to earn a living. Due to this, I have the basic knowledge of how businesses work, and how they grow and expand to a large size compared to the starting point.

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Having concluded to study business enterprise in a reputable institution to aid my little knowledge about business knowing fully well that business makes life interesting and worth living.

The technology of nowadays as also improve the ways of how we operate all businesses, making things easier and faster for people. With the modern improvement in business strategies, it makes me have more interest in developing my skills, gaining valuable experiences and hoping in running a successful business of mine one day. Daily activities seeing, hearing, reading, experiences about businesses has allowed me to see how much I not only enjoy business but determined to further my education in the business filed. I took few courses about business when I was in high school which makes me felt that business ethics is a very important knowledge to acquire and which is fully known to be the fundamental parts for all kinds of business’s reputation and expansion operating smoothly without any corruption found.

As a dedicated individual with a positive mind, goal-oriented, humble, confident, collaborative, lots of ambition and desire for business, all these traits will surely make me the best candidate for a business career. Businesses today require not just setting a plan but also about the investment and proper management of people, assets, live time opportunity, and risk to make the business expand and develop.

I see myself contributing to the development of good business practices in years to come where I will be leading a great business organization effectively. Considering both points, allowed me to decide to extend my knowledge in-depth and take this program in your reputable institution. Participating in this program will allow me to develop and learn new skills which will have a positive impact on my chosen career in Business Enterprise. From the first paragraph, are listed and explained the facts that motivated and inspired me in having a great determination, ambition, and huge interest to study Business Enterprises. I could remember while in high school, I took the business courses more important than other courses just because I found myself in love with everything that has to do with business. I do go extra miles for my assignments, classwork, group projects, individual projects and also I love debating much about business matters with the great hope of having a better business idea and knowledge in course of the debates.

I came across a wonderful businessman who owns three big restaurants, each restaurant has over 15 workers working daily to earn their living. I was opportune to spend some time with him in his office. He shared his business storylines to encourage and motivate me to have a business of my own. He encountered obstacles regardless the market competitions, he said he close done his first three small restaurants because the pressure coming from the competitors is very high which makes him run the restaurant in loss and later ran into huge debt which he never believes it will happen. So he later decided and encourage himself not to pull out from his business idea and vision. He stood up again to hit the market in a different dimension to win the market pressure and competitors. Has determined, he entered the market with a big difference and due to the exposure to technology he was able to hit and shake the market till he has his stand till today. After the discussion, I was highly filled with a motivated spirit inside of me which makes me promised the man that I will also own a business of mine one day and I’ll be determined to hit the market and my competitors.

Furthermore, I’m into a business of my own which I hope will enlarge and develop to a higher height of my dream. Currently, am into selling beauty products online which I found interesting and fun which serves as an experience in the business field. In this, I challenged myself and developed a great understanding of several business skills that’s important and will enhance my admission into your reputable institution and for employment purpose in the nearest future. My dedication to the business world is more than what words of mouth can express.

I am confident that I’ve got the potential to achieve the upper grade that will greatly help me to pursue my career plans in Business Enterprise. I’m also determined to develop my knowledge in business as this area of work, in particular, is of interest to me. I strongly believe that I‘ll be a very successful individual, therefore a place at university will allow me to achieve my aims and goals in pursuit of my career.

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