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My Job at Ethical Leaf Tobacco

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Essay, Pages 9 (2121 words)



Essay, Pages 9 (2121 words)


The Bindura University of Science Education Purchasing and Supply department was able to introduce a period of industrial attachment in its learning curriculum. This move requires students to undergo a work related learning program for a period of not less than eight months into the third year of their degree program. During this period, each student is expected to apply the theoretical knowledge gained over the first two years of college learning into practical aspects of the chosen industry.

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Chapter 1, explains the company background which includes its foundation history, its vision, mission statement, its core values, organizational structure, products and services offered. Followed by Chapter 2, which then explains the organizational operations, industry it is found, market served and also its sources of competition. Chapter 3, goes on to explains the duties performed by the writer in the department he was attached. Chapter 4, give details about recommendations both to the organization and the university. Lastly chapter 5, is more based on the conclusion of the report.


Before I officially bestow the chain of honor, it is enlightening that I give my appreciation and thanks to the Almighty God for his never ending love, fortification, wisdom and guidance during my work- related learning period.

To the CEO Mr. David Machingaidze the person behind the vision of a group company where Ethical Leaf Tobacco is found, my supervisor Mr. Noah Machingaidze the purchasing officer, Mr. Mangwiro purchasing manager, Mr. Gwatidzo purchasing assistant, I am wholly grateful for their support and mentorship and all the organizational staff for their steadfast and professional support, guidance, motivation and inspiration that I gained for the whole period of my attachment.

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It has being the greatest opportunity to study under their organization, and for committing their resources, time towards the accomplishment of my work related learning and also their acceptance of me to be part of their team. This allowed me to gain and be equipped with the necessary work experience like management skills, conflict management, negotiation skills that is knowing when to negotiate and when to walk away from a negotiation and as well as make the necessary relationships for my future business endeavors therefore I look forward to exploiting all I have learnt as much as possible.

More so, special thanks goes to Bindura University of Science Education for instituting a work related program of this nature and specifically the Purchasing and Supply departmental staff that is Dr Mushanyuri, Mr Gondo, Dr Chari, Mr Bindu for all the knowledge they have imparted on me.

Lastly I am grateful to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Magwagwa, my brothers Kudzai and Takudzwa, my aunts, my grandmother, my friends and my classmates for their untiring support, for without them I would not have reached this level in my learning expedition.


The report has been written in partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Purchasing and supply management under Bindura University of Science Education. As part of my work related learning that is 3rd year at Ethical Leaf Tobacco which commenced from the 15th of May 2019 being assigned to work under the Purchasing department. This report therefore gives an overview of how the organisational operations and involvement with me in the relevance aspect to my programme.


Ethical Leaf Tobacco (ELT) is the brainchild of two social entrepreneurs David and Thomas Machingaidze being established in 2016 as an indigenous wholly owned Zimbabwean company. The co-founders were inspired by the need to take a lead in the economic empowerment of small holder farmers through conducting tobacco business in an ethical and sustainable manner. The company runs a tobacco out-grower scheme as the core business, whereby the company funds tobacco farmers with inputs such as chemicals, fertilizer and agronomic support so as to produce quality tobacco, which ELT then buy through the off-taker and earn a commission income from gross sales of the green tobacco. These operations are mainly conducted at the Tobacco Sales Floor (TSF) where the contract sales is undertaken, having Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) as the regulator in the industry. The project is mainly funded by the off-taker, Premium Leaf Zimbabwe (PLZ), an international company who bought what was formerly Tribac. Evidently ELT has managed to set the pace as the industry beacon of ethical conduct, service excellence and technological innovation in the whole of tobacco industry and on the same token, able to lead amongst its rival competitors.


Mission Statement

  • We are passionate about creating a winning, best in class, tobacco business.
  • Vision
  • To be Africa’s Tobacco Giant.
  • Core Values the 6 E’s


We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. We are people of integrity who are responsible for our environment and the well-being of the communities we serve. We strive to consistently improve the impact we make on the planet.


Our business priorities are designed to enable the Company to win in the market place, focus on the long-term sustainability of our business and continue to delivering growth and shareholder value. We put our hearts into all we do. We are the best in the business. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and exceed expectations.


We think about our work. We create wealth and raise standards of performance. We execute with passion and relentless vigor. We work with our customers and partners to grow together and seek to win with integrity and fairness.


We build true human connections and break down barriers, because we believe great moments of shared experiences are the best in life. People are at the heart of our company. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress.


We communicate effectively and every team member is committed and understands their role.


We passionately embrace the national vision of rural and employee empowerment.


This is the hierarchical structure through which various departments of an organization are linked and relate to each other.

The student spent much time working with the purchasing officer and also was fortunate to be assigned in different departments like finance department and growers accounts.


The company offers products such as inputs mainly to their contracted tobacco farmers in a way to help them improve the overall yield and significant earnings for their own development. A table below shows inputs which the company offer to their farmers.



  1. 1Tobacco blend
  2. Bulk blend
  3. Ammonium nitrate
  4. Compound L
  5. Shasha t
  6. Compound D 1. Used as starters and health growth of the green leaf.
  7. For maintaining the quality of the leaf.


  1. Decanol
  2. imidachloprid
  3. Lamda
  4. Bullet
  5. Tide
  6. Ecotopp 3.


1.Acquamol paper

T2 Twine

Hessian 4.

These products are being distributed every year to farmers by ELT since it had discovered a way to curb the myriad challenges being found in Africa and specifically in Zimbabwe, which thereby tend to limit farmers potential to grow and produce many hectares with good quality.


The organization has a department which comprises of field officers, agronomist and regional manager and grower’s representative which are there to assist different farmers on how to grow quality tobacco from the early stage of the leaf, assist in curing pests and disease that muchly affect the leaf and also assist in marketing the final product at the sales floor.


ELT believes giving back to the communities is always good for different societies and good for the business as well. The biggest contribution made to the social and economic wellbeing of communities is through the core business that is jobs being created which therefore curb poverty and hunger in families. Moreover, the organization up to date has been able to supported even sectors include education and sports.


The organization was able to venture in the educational sector such as school of Agriculture that is BlackFordby College when it made a contribution of trophies awarding the best students of the year, and this has been evidenced as a way of appreciating and motivating students who are still in the colleges that there efforts and hard workings are being recognized even by large organizations.


The organization made donations of soccer kits such as match and training balls, socks, jersey, training cones to local football clubs, national ball games and also, it hosted a soccer match whereby it invited rural and urban high school football teams to play a match and award whichever team wins with different prizes.



This chapter gives a full scope of ELT’s operations and areas looked into are as follows, main markets, competition, stakeholders served, operating environment, nature of the industry by the firm and how the writer .

Nature of industry

The organisation is in the tobacco industry whereby it is involved in the running of a tobacco out-grower scheme as the core business. The company holds a stronger position in the tobacco industry since it started to operate in Zimbabwe. It strives to become the Africa’s tobacco giant by giving its farmers and customers the best service excellence and technological innovation in the tobacco business.

Market Served

ELT, serve the interests of disadvantaged and marginalized farming communities and provide a ready market for their tobacco farming produce and this is done by giving farming inputs such fertilizers, agro chemicals, tobacco wrapping paper, twine, hessian and this scheme allows any farmer to benefit much.

Competition and position in the market

The organisation holds a strong position in the market since it started operating and this has been evidenced by a higher percentage of 28 amongst its rivals as shown on the pie chart below.

Figure 3; shows market share of indigenous contracting company

The above pie chart shows different market share of indigenous contracting companies and ELT claimed a 28% share making it the best in the market. Moreover, small tobacco contracting companies have been venturing into the market, fueling stiff competition and as a result customers are now confused on which company to contract to and thereby company’s sales diminishes.

Stakeholders Served

These are different group of people or organisation who have interests in the operations of ELT and they include shareholders, employees, suppliers, trade unions and the government.

  • Shareholders – these are the owners of the business who makes final decision and who risk their own money investing whilst expect a return on their investment. ELT is wholly owned by David Machingaidze also being the CEO of the company.
  • Employees – these are group of people who runs the organisation daily and they are responsible in the supporting of the vision implemented by the owner and these include operations manager, finance manager, purchasing manager and general manager
  • Customers – these are people allowing ELT to continue its operations that is small scale farmers and commercial farmers as well.
  • Suppliers – these are various organizations who provide the organization with different goods and services such as fertilizers, agro chemicals, office stationary, motor bike spare parts and these organizations are Quaratech Investments, who provide us with motor bike stationary, Snabest supplies printed purchase order books and other suppliers lilke Rank Zimbabwe, laptop direct
  • Unions – these are organizations that represent all employees in different sectors whenever they face any situation that is they safeguard jobs and allow workers salary and wages to be raised, in Zimbabwe workers are represented by Zimbabwe congress of trade unions (ZCTU).
  • The Government- the government always intervene to ensure they is equitability of resources being allocated in all sectors of the economy, it has also the responsibility to collects Taxes and ELT has always comply with government rules and regulations as to help the growth of the economy.


ELT always pride in making good relations with its business partners and this has kept its operations flowing day by day and the key suppliers for the contract scheme include

  • Propack- This is our major supplier of wrapping paper called Aquamol paper which is used to wrap to tobacco leaf when transported for sale.
  • Agricura – This organization is the main supplier of agro chemicals and they always give the organization a room to negotiate for a fair price
  • Halsteds express – is the supplier of electrical and plumbing equipment
  • Beanspit – also supplier of printed purchase orders books and other stationary as well.
  • James North- is the main supplier of safety clothing to the organization.
  • Laptop Direct – being the supplier of all computer accessories and the printers and the organizations always make prompt payment when there is a purchase.
  • Vandrift Security- this supplier specializes in the provision of security services to the organization and they are the best in the country.

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