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My Future Education in Rutgers

How I believe a Rutgers education will help to achieve my personal enrichment or career goals.

Being born and raised in Sri Lanka, I grew up wanting to become a computer scientist. I had my computer when I was 7 years old. Me and my dad assembling parts from other computers and made our one. It was an amazing experience. At that moment I learned that anything could make a possibility of a solution. Which is why computer science is a fascinating field.

Studying computer science is not so much a challenge as it is fun. The more problems to solve the more excitement and thrill. It has always enriched my social skills mainly a positive attitude and mostly the way of thinking alternate ways to solve the problem. I aimed at getting into one of the best universities, which I did. In my previous undergrad school, the University of Westminster ranked among the top hundred in the UK, where I just finished the first year with a cutting-edge project a security system based on the user’s mobile phone location to control doors and other utility services.

Although without me knowingly realizing, my thoughts about higher education evolved and matured when I came to the USA.

I visited the States in 2018, at the age of 19 packed with excitement, passion for computer programming. It was a beautiful fall semester a lot of places we visited. I was amazed and felt jealous about the freedom that middle and high schoolers have. I used to wear a uniform and bulk shoes for school.

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I found that the atmosphere is very warm calm and friendly, at the same time it centered all over education. Like my first visit, I wanted to visit New York. As a tech guy, I went to electronic stores as much as I could. Mainly stores Apple, Tesla car dealership, etc. I was happy to learn about tesla when I went to the dealership. The cool features of how they make the chassis and how technology involved with safety likewise it was a thrill ride. It influenced me even more to do computer science. I am certain that doing an undergraduate degree from a school here, majoring in Computer Science would further reach my goals and better prepare for the field I love to work. Rutgers University is one of the schools recommended it highly, for its overall learning-oriented environment.

I believe that Rutgers will provide me the best head start for me to reach my career goals and enrich myself with values and winning confidence. Rutgers’ spacious, visually appealing campus, with active, energetic students and clubs doing cutting edge research motivating everyone including myself. The competition among students I always felt that it could be the best way to achieve goals. Rutgers is a diverse campus that gives me the perfect opportunity to see new talents and compete with the best brains and hence help bring out the very best in me.

Having passion and being a soccer player for my school I have learned that without sports and extra curricula no education is complete. So, at Rutgers, I plan to join the soccer men’s team and fulfill my sports career. I also plan to join Rutgers Philharmonia to tune my instrumental skills in music arts. To enhance my social and leadership skills I intend to join the Rutgers Entrepreneurial Society as well. Being a mathematically inclined student, I fond of being on the math club and Computer science club to satisfy my hunger for problem-solving, and to exchange knowledge with one another.

Rutgers, due to its great students diversity, strong alumni network, and lecturers provides the perfect opportunity for me to connect and to experience the knowledge and environment with talented people in the world, and for a shy person as myself, getting to know them, would help me become more confident and improve my communication skills. I know that the exposure, experience, and education I will receive at Rutgers will be exciting and fun-fulfilled, and it can make the character that I want to become. I look forward to being part and experience these moments constantly buzzing community at Rutgers.

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