My Definition of Education: Future and Opportunities

When people hear the word education, they think about boring classrooms and teachers that repeat themselves. However, you don’t have to sit in a boring classroom and listen to the repetitive teachers to have an education or to be educated on something. Education Education is a personal thing. It can mean different things to different people. For example, Mike Rowe the host for the show Dirty Jobs viewed education as a waste of money and believed people would go into debt over furthering their education when people don’t have to further their education after high school to get a good job.

Mike Rowe stated that “instead we’re telling everybody you know just you got to get that sheepskin, you got to get the college BA; otherwise you’re not going to be happy, you’re not going to have an opportunity.” Aside from this,, I find education is important because it gives you opportunities to become more knowledgeable about things, and it helps you through your future.

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Education is an important role in your future and gives you opportunities. I believe that education is a way to gain many opportunities to become financially stable and to find or have a great paying job, your education will always be with you and never goes away.

One argument is that you don’t have to do what others expect you to do; you do what makes you happy. This means that you don’t have to go to college just because your parents and family expect you too.

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Olivia Castellano for example, she wanted to be an educated woman which was the opposite of what her parents and others expected of her. Everyone around her expected her to stay home and pop out babies and clean the house. However, she saw more in her future and furthered her education and became more than just a stay at home baby factory. Olivia stated in the reading that “I was put on this earth to make books, not babies”(Castellano 18). Meaning that she would rather have an education and write books than having and making babies. So, this quote from Olivia Castellano connects to my definition of education by saying that education helps you later, which in her case it did because she became an English professor at a college and went above and beyond what everyone expected her to do.

A second argument is that you shouldn’t waste your money just to have an education and that it is possible to find a good paying job without a college degree. This means that you shouldn’t have to pay or go into debt just to further your education. It should either be free or much cheaper for people to further their educations after high school because most jobs require people to have an associates degree to be eligable for the job. But there are many jobs out there that don’t require you to have a degree it is just a “blue collar” job that no one wants. Yet it still pays well it just might not be the job you would’ve dreamed about. However, most parents want their kids to go to college and not have to work for a pipeline company,on an oil rig/fields, ect. and although they might be dangerous or dirty; they are the high paying jobs that don’t require a college degree. Mike Rowe for example, says that “the willingness to learn a useful skill and the willingness to work your ass off combined, we think that is something that ought to be affirmativily rewarded”(Rowe 7:41-7:50). Meaning that everyone who chooses not to go to college and work the “dirty jobs” should be rewarded just like the ones going to college and working their asses off, just as much as any college student.

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