My Enthusiasm For Studying Law

Law acts like a binding light that maintains the basic core of civilisation. This concept has been carried on since the beginning of society through the holy scriptures of the Torah, Bible and the Quran. Law being a fundamental backbone of today’s society demonstrates the importance’s it has in the world. Laws intend to make life a considerably better place for everyone, no matter what race; religion or ethnicity. Laws combine and resolve diminutive problems to large scale political and economic problems through long- stood precedent, adapted and changed throughout society.

I believe that in life you should always strive to aim high, working hard. Consequently, studying one of the key pillars of society appeals to me greatly. My enthusiasm for law started in the middle of high school I much more interest in the actual subject itself and since then I have always wanted to have a career in law as a barrister.

I am currently studying law, history and theology at Xaverian College thus allowing to significantly improve my analytic skill, and evaluate sources thoroughly and precisely, combined with arguing both sides of the argument to a great extent.

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The concept of deciding which Historian holds the most impactful, true argument is a vital skill. Many of these skills are transferable to law and many other aspects of life. I understand that in LLB Law I will be learning the basic principles of English and European Law along with a clear understanding of the clear legal principles.

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Cases like Steven Lawrence; black boy murdered with a racist stereotypical response by police that he was involved on a race attack this later established The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE). These are the type of cases which gave the forethought of going in to law. Outside of college I enjoy speaking to people on debateable points weather it be on law on something with no apparent answer. I was lucky enough go to London for the Debate Mate final, in which we had to compete with teams from all around the country. We had reached this stage by winning the Cup League, out of the whole Northern Region of the Britain. This meant we will not only be representing the school, but we will be representing the Northern Region of Britain. We came in the top 5% of the UK in this competition. Many debateable point of law and politics came up like Brexit and its effectiveness for the UK. Furthermore, I have also obtained an Entry level certificate in Business and Enterprise in which we had to do a presentation on a business regarding Manchester United Football Club on 5 external judges and other groups from across Manchester.

I was lucky enough to be able to complete work experience at Simple Insurance Solutions a Soliciting frim in Manchester. During the process I gained a much wider insight into a field of Law. My large focus was paperwork, but I was able with the solicitor talk to clients and see struggles they were facing. The firm specialised in property law with a great depth of cases. It helped me to understand a small fraction “Law”.Helping people is a virtue which has been imbedded in me by my parents and I every religious text ever written. In college I’m a part of Student ambassador were as students we help lower sixth during induction and give clear advantage of being in college to both students and parents. These kinds of activities help me to improve my communication skills and become more confident as a person which Is a vital part of being a barrister. I have further worked with the Human Relief Foundation to help poor orphans try to have a better life and obtain some sort of education.

In the future I would like to go into the field of Law. This is because I like to help others. I am a very confident speaker and I have a good insight into what law has to offer and what it entails. I have a good sense of judgement, and the whole concept of law means to fairly analyse situations and provide justice.

Updated: Feb 24, 2024
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