Reason for Studying: Master of Human Resource Management

Please describe your specific area of academic interest, and explain what motivated you to choose this area.

I am particularly interested in studying Master of Human Resource Management, and there are so many reasons why I would want to study the subject, especially with the current malaise in the corporate Nigerian environment. Some of the top reasons are; firstly, the increasing importance for me to stand out and offer competitive advantage while being germane in my work place. Secondly, high employee turnover, dissatisfaction and strive which is largely driven by the recruitment process.

Thirdly, the application of the retirement and retrenchment solution model available, which sometimes galvanizes into temporary shutdown of business and business complex leading to loss of person-hours and profit. The aforementioned reasons validates human resources management, and its important role in finding a lasting solution to work place crisis because the principal players in any organization are her workforce.

Describe how your past education, professional and other experiences have prepared you to be successful in this graduate program.

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I am a graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State Nigeria, where I studied Economics. Studying economics helped shaped my intellect and modeled me into the analytical thinker that I am today. I owe this skill set to the passionate lecturers who brought life to the various courses ranging from macroeconomics to microeconomics, econometrics, industrial Economics as so on.

My career started with Ecobank Nigeria in 2008, as a relationship manager. I was later promoted and given a new role as the Retail product and Alternate Channels Manager in 2010, after increasing my portfolio by 150%.

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My responsibilities were designing specialized products to meet the needs of specific demography, drawing-up product paper, seeking Central Bank’s approval as well as the bank Executive’s approval and working closely with other strategic business units (SBUs) to ensure successful launch and product portfolio profitability.

However, In 2012 my career took a new turn as I was nominated the Human Resources Business Partner for a novel scheme called Direct Sales Agents(DSA). Feets-On the Street as they were fondly called, were expected to aggressively sell the bank’s financial inclusion products to the unbanked and under-banked Nigerians. A need to grow the retail customer base by 300% in a space of 3 years resulted in this initiative. My new role, afforded me the platform to be directly involved in the recruitment process, termination process, salaries, benefit computation and training. It was a huge task, as I had to align the strategic business unit’s objective with the overall bank’s objective.

Currently, I am the business development and strategy head for a startup textile and fashion designing school in Nigeria. The school affords unemployed youths, undergraduates and youth corps members with a flair for skill acquisition the opportunity to learn in a semi- academic atmosphere. My duties entails but not limited to recruiting of both faculty members and students. I took up this role because it was in line with my short-term career goal. The role proffers the advantage and experience needed, as I am involved more at the decision level. I work with other team members to ensure employee contract are reviewed and up-to-date in line with industry standard. My team and I resolve conflicts between staff and employer, reward, celebrate deserving staff quarterly, and ensure we conduct training for staff at a need basis.

My experiences and degree in Economics has provided me with a strong foundation as well as fortified me with good communication skills, good work ethics and quality assurance management. My work placements in Nigeria has also reinforced my interest in this area as I have seen firsthand, how crucial and in demand a highly trained and professional Human Resource Specialist is for the sustenance of the Nigerian workforce.

Describe what you hope to achieve in this graduate program.

All Levene graduate programs focus on developing critical reflection, strategic thinking, personal connection and consideration for the global community. Also, The Levene Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program is poised to enable it’s students become leaders and positive forces in their various organizations by building upon their human resource work experience with fundamental courses in training and development, labour relations, employee selection, organizational behavior, health and safety, and compensation.

Therefore, as a smart, hardworking, analytical and ambitious woman on a mission to succeed, I plan on focusing and investing myself in learning and making the most out of the strategically planned courses such as Compensation, Human Behavior in Organizations, Research Methods in Management, Strategic Human Resource Management and more.

Co-op program option will enable me get a firsthand experience and a platform to apply principles learned in class within a working environment.

My main purpose for studying outside Nigeria and opting for a more advanced country is to expose myself to a more robust curriculum and research facilities as well as seasoned lecturers who will impact their wealth of knowledge and experience and guide me through the course of the program.

My number one mission is to become the best there is and I believe that if properly utilized, this opportunity to study at an internationally acclaimed and reputable institution will fortify me and set me up for tremendous success as a qualified, professional and highly sort-after Human Resource Manager in Nigeria.

Describe why this particular graduate program at University of Regina may help you fulfill your long term aspirations/objectives.[image: Required]

I have decided to take up the master’s program in Human Resource Management in University of Regina because I strongly believe that the knowledge garnered in the Kenneth Leven graduate school of business, will help me achieve my long- term career goal of becoming a solution to Human resource challenges faced by organizations in Nigeria. Furthermore, the experience I will acquire through co-op program will help me become a professional with the requisite skill set to advice and reposition various organizations towards attaining set vision for their work force while fulfilling organizational success.

Furthermore, an average Human Resource (HR) Manager in Lagos, Nigeria, earns an average salary of $31,635 per year which is higher than my current salary of $18,579.12. I strongly believe that a Masters degree from a very reputable and internationally recognized institution will not only serve as a pedestal for corporate success, it will also fulfill my dreams of launching my career as a Human Resource Specialist in top Nigerian companies such as Total Nigeria Plc, Chevron Nigeria Limited and other equally reputable organisations with highly competitive salary structures.

Finally,when I return to Nigeria, I intend applying the knowledge and experience acquired during my temporary stay in Canada to improve the Human Resource practices already employed in Nigeria. Secondly, I will to introduce many developmental changes to how the workforce of an organization should be managed. In addition, if given the opportunity, I will harness the vast resources available in the areas of Human Resource Management and put them in to good and sustainable use in my home country.

Canada is dear to my heart as it fuels my desire for art, travel, culture and natural wonders. Studying in Canada, will give me the chance to interact with people from divers cultural group, race and countries, which in turn offers the much needed global exposure. This exposure is imperative for holistic development for an individual.

The academic and professional experience that will be gained from this journey will forever change the course of my life.

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