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Services and Special Forces Culture

When one thinks of the term “Rite of Passage” it’s generally thought of as old world traditions involving some sort of circumcision or test of strength, to become a man. Upon researching the topic several articles and journals covering these types of rituals was found. After further research I found that not only is the military considered its own culture but within the military are other cultures. Special Operations or Special Forces culture is the elite group among the military…...

Success is Mindset

A mindset is the view a person adopts. Whether their abilities and characteristics can change, the growth mindset, or whether they are set in stone, the fixed mindset. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, analyzes the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset “care so much about how smart they will appear that they often reject learning opportunities” (Dweck 2) instead of wanting to achieve their full potential. Other people, the ones with…...

Kaizen Mindset in Business Management

Like much of Asia, Vietnam has spent the greater part of the last century trying to rebuild and grow after winning independence from France and then reuniting after the Cold War split. While the economic recession impacted much of the world, Asia has shown much more resilience when it comes to recovering from the downturn. Now, Vietnam is trying to capitalize on the resurging economy to become an economic and social pillar in the region. However, resources in the country…...

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Growth Mindset

Asking Effective Questions Problem Solving Approach in mathematics classroom because it engages student in inquiry, prompting them to build on and improve their current knowledge as they “construct” explanations and help them solve tasks at hand. In a “Constructivist classroom” students are seen as the ones who are actively creating their own knowledge”. This is done through questioning to h I need respect, motivation, encouragement, determination, to have confidence in your students. 8 Tips for Effective Questioning 1. Anticipate Student…...

Social Judgement Theory

Social judgment theory holds that when a message is heard the receiver of the message instantly forms an opinion on the matter. The private then classified the viewpoint into one of three divisions understood as mindset zones. From this point on, every new message about the exact same subject is compared with ones present viewpoint on the topic. Social judgment theory was presented by psychologist Muzafer Sherif (Griffin, 2006, p. 207). As a part of his theory, Sherif, has 3…...

The Anti-Content Mindset

There have been many debates on the issue of the American public education system. Bill Quirk, in his article entitled The Anti-Content Mindset: The Root Cause of the “Math Wars” in 2005 stresses that the strength of any society always depends on the quality of the “shared tradition of knowledge” that is passed on from one generation to another (Quirk 2005). According to him, “American schools need to teach children the core content associated with the foundational knowledge domains of…...

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Keeping a positive attitude, having perseverance and staying motivated while attending school is paramount to achieving educational success. However, what if I told you there is an idea more powerful than any of these notions, one that is a game changer, both academically and in life, AND that we are in complete control of it. This idea is how we perceive our brains and whether our intelligence is something that is fixed or something that can grow and change. “In…...

Philosophical mindset

Philosophical mindset is the tendency to look at the clearer and broader side of events rather than the events itself. One importance of developing a philosophical mindset is on how we view life in order to be successful. Our philosophical mindset is essential because it is the foundation of our principles that will govern our outlook in life. We act, think, and make decisions based from them. As we undergo different series of events in our life, we need to…...

Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset

Growth mindset and fixed mindset are two mindset's we can have. Growth mindset is an idea that intelligence can be changed through effort and learning. While a fixed mindset is that your abilities and intelligence are set from birth and should come naturally. Stereotype threat is a fear or doing that oneself will be viewed negatively confirming the negative stereotype than they would otherwise causing them to under perform. I will discuss growth mindset, fixed mindset and stereotype threat and…...

Mindset and Mental Transformation of Images

The experiment tries to show that individuals can not only produce images but also mentally transform them. They present the topics with 2 3D line-drawing of random block shapes. The subjects are asked to decide if the 2 images are the exact same object by pressing 2 different secrets on the keyboard. In many cases the two images are the same item with one rotated by some degree. In other cases the two images are mirror images that are comparable…...

Skills and Mindsets

Improving skillset allows individuals to become more valuable to society and also make life to be less difficult. In my case, I want to learn the skills which are applicable when solving problems in society and also skills that will help me in growing my professional career. To gain the applicable skills which are necessary for improving the lifestyle of individuals and also promoting personal and professional development, I need to use the right methods of learning. One of the…...

The consumerist mindset in the 1900s

The consumerist mindset in the 1900s led to the exploitation and manipulation of hundreds of people. The Nike brand in the 1900s was a trend for many young Americans, and they used this advantage for power. Mackelmore emphasizes this point and aims to show what these companies truly are. In "Wing$," this child undergoes an inner transformation from a manipulated kid with a pair of Nikes to an adult who realized that the shoes would not make him what he…...

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