Exceeding Expectations and Success

People often point out that exceeding expectations and achieving success are easily accomplished with the right mindset and attitude. However, it is quite obvious that most people are underachievers whatever their tasks maybe. The most probable reason for this is that although people often refer to a right mindset and correct attitude, people barely realize what such terms mean. Hence, it is of importance to certainly understand what characteristics are needed in order to exceed expectations and attain success.

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For one, in order to achieve those mentioned, it is important that concerns regarding relationships are not always taken into account.

To expound, some individuals may develop unfounded and invalid fears of losing bonds and becoming alienated from others if success is to be gained. Of course, more time and focus might be allocated for tasks than usual, but it does not mean that quality time with peers will be diminished as well. Another as aspect of having the right outlook is how a person considers opportunities.

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Of course, grabbing an opportunity when it arrives is the best course of action, but the action taken must still be within ethical bounds. By opting to treat opportunity as such, a person may become rid of unwarranted fears of the burdens associated with becoming successful. Considering that the right mindset and correct attitude is mainly in the form of setting aside fears of no basis and realizing that opportunity should always be taken, as an intern at ADV Advertising, I will definitely keep such concepts in mind so as to exceed expectations and attain success.

Personally though, an important aspect of attaining success, aside from those concerned with mindset and attitude, is that a person acknowledges the rewards of success. In my case, having a successful stay as an intern at ADV Advertising will definitely have a positive impact upon my career afterwards. Hence, from now on, I shall always act and accomplish tasks with exceeding expectations and attaining success as top priorities.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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