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Skills and Mindsets

Categories: MentorshipMindset

Improving skillset allows individuals to become more valuable to society and also make life to be less difficult. In my case, I want to learn the skills which are applicable when solving problems in society and also skills that will help me in growing my professional career. To gain the applicable skills which are necessary for improving the lifestyle of individuals and also promoting personal and professional development, I need to use the right methods of learning. One of the best ways that I will use to expand my skillset is working on my communication (Karbelkar & Hart, 2018).

For one to thrive in life, he or she needs to have proper communication skills (Javidan, Bullough & Dibble, 2016). Apart from improving personal and interpersonal relations and also fostering positive workplace relationships, communication skills can be used in other areas of life. With proper communication skills, I will be able to get opportunities that I will use to improve my life and my career, for instance, with efficient communication I will be able to get employment opportunities to build my professional career and scholarships opportunities to further my studies.

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Another method which can I will use to improve my skillset is setting goals and objectives (Degeratu et al., 2011). Setting the goals and objectives will allow me to stay on track with the targets that I have set for my skillset development setting measurable and achievable goals for my personal and professional development (De Mauro, Greco, Grimaldi & Nobili, 2016). I will also develop a personal relationship with a mentor in my professional field to help me understand the different ways which I can grow my career.

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To improve my skillset, I will further my education. I will undertake educational courses which are related to my career field. Graduate and professional courses are taught by individuals who have experience in the career field; through the information, I will get from such courses, I will be able to develop my career. I will also attend different seminars and training sessions that are organised by the company that I work for and those that are organised by different professional bodies (De Mauro, Greco, Grimaldi & Ritala, 2018). The companies usually seek the services of experts in different areas to help them organise and train employees in the field-specific skill sets. Enrolling in such programs will allow me to gain the knowledge that I will use to improve my professional growth. Interacting with the experts in the career field that I work in will also help me understand different things about growing in my profession and how I will achieve personal growth.

Joining a professional group and being actively involved in the running of the group’s affairs will allow me to acquire skills which will allow me to grow professionally and personally (Radovilsky, Hegde, Acharya & Uma, 2018). Being in a group will also allow me to converse and interact with colleagues in the sector that I am working. Interacting with such individuals will allow me to understand the different skills that I need to develop so that I can grow professionally and personally. Through these interactions, I will also be able to develop other soft skills such as communication skills which will allow me to grow my personality (Pria, 2018). I will also need to review the requirements which are needed in my career, and this is necessary as I will be able to focus on the skills and improve them.


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