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Midterm Reflection

Paper type: Reflection
Pages: 2 (422 words)
Categories: Linguistics, Writing
Downloads: 38
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Over this semester, I have been learning about more writing techniques to use for essays. I am trying to get all the skills I can to prepare me for other prompts from now until college. I have learned a fair amount of new things that can help to make my writing better. Now I look to apply these methods to what is given to me and I hope to succeed in my written works.

How has your writing improved this semester? Our first legitimate essay in English was about Homer’s The Odyssey. To accomplish this, I had to go through many classes of learning how to perfect this essay.

We learned how to use the right vocabulary in the right places, and how to apply transitions. We learned how to insert quotes properly and include page numbers afterward. Such as this quote from my paper on The Odyssey: “‘Give me another, thank you kindly.

Tell me how are you called? ’… ‘Cyclops you ask my honorable name? Remember the gift you promised me, and I shall tell you. My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy’” (page 656). Have you accomplished your writing goals this semester? Yes I think I have. Also read luma reflection paper

My goals were to improve on my transitions and to think of topics for paragraphs quicker. I have done that. I worked on brainstorming for a topic faster, and then transitioned from those to the next paragraph, like this one, “In order to accomplish a feat as large as that, you must have, shall we say, “guts. ” And Odysseus certainly has plenty of that. Along with cleverness and courage, Odysseus possesses Devotion is the characteristic that comes up the most in the story, and is essentially the reason Odysseus went through all the obstacles to get home. What tools have helped you accomplish your goals? I used my previously written pieces to help with writing my Odyssey prompt. I used skills learned from class, and ones from past experiences. I used examples of epic poems, and I used quotes from the Odyssey itself, and a movie based on it. I think I have improved in my writing from when I walked into English class at the beginning of the year. I now know new strategies to use when completing a prompt. I have tried to utilize what I have learned so I can create better pieces of writing. And I know that I can only improve even more from this point on.

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