Michigan Health Care in Michigan Initiative

The topic that I chose for this paper is a section of  initiative and is labeled as the Tobacco Section program. This program strives to put an emphasis on the hazards of personal and secondhand tobacco use, as well as the importance of the aspect of public health and tobacco use relations. They are dedicated to changing the way people view tobacco and plan to educate the future youth on the detrimental effects it could have on themselves, others, and the environment.

By raising awareness, promoting smoke-free areas, and providing help to those who want to quit, this program could help change the perception of tobacco in the years to come.

According to the MDHHS website, there are statistics proving that tobacco use kills more people in our home state than AIDS, drugs, alcohol, car accidents, suicides, and murders combined. Smoking is also something that is easily and entirely preventable, but can be very hard to quit for most people. After all, it is an addiction.

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The Tobacco Section has their own mission, vision, and plan set in place in order to accomplish what they are set out to do. Their mission is to help eliminate the profit-oriented consumption of tobacco products, educate and protect the younger generation on the risks associated with all tobacco products, allow equal access to those who seek help and want to quit, and put an end to tobacco related health issues such as COPD and lung disease.

Their vision entails a future overall healthier state of Michigan rid from tobacco products and the effects that follow them.

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Their plan as a public health program is to cover the five goals they have set for their personal Strategic Plan. One of the goals the MDHHS Tobacco Section is to plan to work to identify and eliminate the health risks associated with smoking/tobacco consumption. In order to accomplish this, researchers will have to dive deep and really uncover all of the hidden dangers that tobacco products anatomically can have on one’s body and work to bring awareness to those dangers. The Section is also working to direct the youth away from tobacco and its dangers, provide proper treatments to those in needing to quit the habit, and placing more control in the foundation and fundraising efforts towards the control of the tobacco industry.

The Section also plans to eliminate secondhand smoke exposure by enforcing more smoke-free areas and worksites. They put an emphasis on Michigan’s Smoke-Free Air law passed in 2009 prohibiting smoking in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. This law also helped other businesses such as housing/landlords to switch to more smoke-free rules, and now Michigan is the leading state nationwide to have the most adopted no smoking policies in public housing commissions. This program seems to stay confident to someday also have public beaches and parks to be smoke-free areas for citizens to enjoy. The MDHHS Tobacco Section has a large amount of separate sources where people can access contact information, tips, testimonies, and any other information pertaining to tobacco use and the program.

It is interesting to know that our campus here at Ferris State University has not opted in to provide a smoke free campus to its students, visitors, and faculty (American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation, 2019). I do notice emails and events from time to time promoting the option, but we are all left to wonder if (hopefully when) it will happen in the future. The MDHHS Tobacco Section program is passionate about promoting the public and personal health related issues that tobacco consumption can have. In the future, they hope that with their missions, goals, and plans of action will help create a healthier state of Michigan for everyone living or visiting here.

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