E-Governance Initiative and the Concept of ‘Digital Bangladesh’: A Critical Analysis

Broad-level digitization helps Bangladesh to become a middle-income country. Otherwise possible. However, the government needs to define its vision for proper management, Formulate mission and goals and strategies and prepare necessary action plans Financial and human resources so that plans can be implemented. It is expected to be by 2021 Bangladesh has a nationwide ICT network that works to ensure high speed. The flow of information between decision-centers that is transmitted from the instruction.

Electronically to the activity centers to perform the intended actions.

The goal is to accelerate Monitor performance, execute at a national decision-making process, and decisions Government operatives at all levels from the National Parliament. To ministries, administrative offices at districts, sub-districts, and schools at the village level; this is true that available resources for e-Governance in Bangladesh are inadequate. The low fixed telephone density is one of the major barriers to digital communications (which paves the way to Internet communication). However, the rapid growth of the mobile telephonic network presumably overcomes this barrier.

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For establishing e-Governance in Bangladesh, ICT infrastructure can be built step by step even at the village level, if we have a Road Map or master plan for e-Governance using our limited resources. The decentralization of a distributed database is one of the essential features of e-Governance. A decentralized or localized database ensures autonomy as well as reduces traffic loads in network communication. Keeping this in mind, we need to design e-Governance for Bangladesh.

The challenges and complexities of a country gradually increased in the new millennium for globalization i.

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e. increased competition. Reforms and restructuring in the government is becoming evident for cutting cost, increasing efficiency, transparency and accountability, managing process, building strategic connections and empowering citizen and private sector. The philosophy of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ consists of ensuring democracy, and rights, transparency, accountability, fairness and ensuring the delivery of government services to each department through the use of state-of-the-art technology to improve the daily life of the general public.

Government “Digital Bangladesh” encompasses all categories of people and does not discriminate on the basis of technology. Therefore, the government has emphasized the four elements of ‘Digital Bangladesh Vision’ namely human resource development, human resources, social services, and the use of information technology in business. In the MDGs, most of the countries adopting e-Governance to serve the citizen best like customer relationship management in business. Bangladesh has potentially stepped into building information society and going for introducing e-Governance which offers an opportunity for governments to get closer to the citizen and to build a partnership with diverse communities of interest, practice, expertise, conviction, and inter-dependence. Despite all of the confusion and frustration associated with ICT initiatives in Bangladesh, e-Governance is not a history here, now it is a fact in the lives of its citizens through the progress is slow and there is little confusion about the means to achieve this.

However, there is no doubt about the goal of attaining e-Governance in the mind of the mass people. In order to facilitate the growth of the ICT sector, and, hence, the socioeconomic development of Bangladesh; a coordinated effort by political leaders, bureaucrats, and private entrepreneurs is critical. It is the expectation of the mass people that the government will take all possible steps to create a SMART (simple, measurable, accountable, responsive, and transparent) ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and establish a knowledge-based society within 50 years of the country’s independence in 2021.

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E-Governance Initiative and the Concept of ‘Digital Bangladesh’: A Critical Analysis

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