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1. Understand the different views on the nature of mental well-being and Mental health and the factors that may influence both across lifespan:

It is a well known fact, that everyone is one of kind unique if you like. There for there will be always different views on this as well as other matters. ( diet, fitness ect) while ” this and that ” is working for some, it may not work for the other. However there is a basic so called skeleton form which we can build up what is the best for the individual.

Mental well-being can be very unstable thing and it can be tipped either way at any time by trauma or excitement.

Influencing factors: – childhood
– own believes
– education
– lifestyle
– status of body and mind
– reasons for mental well-being/ or illness
( stress, death of loved one ect)
– other known/ unknown influencing factors

1.1 Evaluate two different views on the nature of mental well-being and mental health

As already stated every individual is unique and we cannot assume of otherwise.

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There for every individual. However there is a basic skeletons from which we can build on ( assessment, diagnosis and therapy)

If we would go to total basics then we would find two directions from which to start.

Positive- People in that state of mind having ” can do attitude”, find easy problem s solving, their physical health is usually very good or healing of injury or other goes much faster then at negative thinking individual.

– In case of diagnosis and care positive verbalisation helps to encourage a positive process and to keep on track in order to get well

HOWEVER: every individual is unique and there for the carer/ doctor or other must must always let client find best path which is best for the client.

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( his own way at his own time)

Negative- individual sees all as ” all hope lost/ no other way” , due lack of hope  and motivation lets thing spin out of hand to make things worse. Problem to acknowledge a problem or willingness to accept helping hand is a big issue. ( various reasons like shameless, loss of hope,other).

– with the negative mental state you may find that physical signs are at present ( lack of sleep, aggression, nervosas, other)

Mental health – linked to medical model which focuses on treating illnesses establishing diagnosis and treatment as well as prevention, providing medical and other support ( various groups sessions ect)

mental well-being- take holistic view of the individual experience. eg. How clients friends and family react to him and his illness, providing moral and social support.

– Also nutrition and area client lives plays great role
– various activities with the friends and family
– Rather than providing medical treatment it is more about helping getting better and supported or not sick at all

1.2 explain range of factors which may influence mental well-being and mental health across the life span including ( 3 factors):

– individuals past history- childhood and teenage hood are the vital parts of our lifes. They makes us who we are, makes our believes or other. ( hobbies, mind set, likes not likes other) whether we like it or not nearly whole life we will compare new outcomes or solving new problems base on our past.

– biological factors- heath problems run in family at the present or in past. ( usually heritage illness)
– male or female
– brain or other injury not related to family ( accident or other)
– poor nutrition or drug abuse
– intake of toxins in body

Social factors- family ground indiv. grown up
– various social believes ( religion or other)
– group of people who socialise with, how they observe you
(example heath or drug oriented groups)
– state or community you life in and how they accept you

psychological factors- already ongoing psych. Illness
– stress or shock
– loss of loved one
– lack of self esteem

1.3 Explain how following types of risk factors and protective factors influence level of resilience in individuals and groups in relation to mental health and well being:

In quantum physics as well as in various ancient civilisation there was/ is believe that all is corrected including people. It my my believe, that it is really so. We all creating each other reality as well as improving/ destroying one to another ( helping or acting badly in order to make a harm)

Small thing, action or word can have huge positive or negative impact on us.

There for it is important to identify that it is mostly actions of other which may resolve in to improving/ sustaining our mental health or the opposite( too much letting down may resolve in not trusting people or lack of self-esteem)

– Risk factors including inequalities, poor quality social relationships:

constant discrimination, putting down, rejection or not acceptance are examples of high risk factors. These behaviours of other towards us have not just negative impact on us, but may have potentially deadly consequences for others as well( recent shooting in schools, which were

flamed my humiliation or bad rejection of killers )

– protective factors including socially valued roles, social support and contact:
Inclusion, full or part acceptance as well as learning about individuals, their habits, believes and other has great positive impact and well as it is great prevention of above stated risks. It was this strategy ( were all nation united against nazi example) managed to achieve great goal to win both world wars as well as in today’s climate to prevent or quickly end another. The same result is achieved when dealing with individuals.

Example of risk factors- understaffed care home may have a problem with staff having enough time to spend with client to ensure proper job done and to avoid any distress on clients as well as carer’s side. Carer feeling under pressure to do it all in hurry may send signals to client( by actions, voice tone or body language) “ u again/ I want you off my back” despite it may not be so.

Example of protective action- providing enough staff in to care home as well as management taking time to re ensure staff that they value staff opposition, time and afford can provide furtherer creative thinking on staff side. ( suggest improvements, proper problems records and correction ect)

This can resolve in calm and happy staff and their happy feeling can transfer on client ( client being more positive, calm more co-operative, health problems stabilized)

Also, the more respect and interest in client carer shown ( within the reasons) the more open, happier and co-operative client is.

2. know how to implement an effective strategy for promoting mental well-being and mental health with individuals and groups:

2.1 Explain steps that an individual may take to promote their mental well-being and mental health-

-take himself/ others with reserve ( not too seriously, not everything is as bad as it seems)

– if problem which cannot be solved by your own doing seek advice ( also helps to stop problem from getting worse)

– socialise with people you feel good with and minimize contact with those one who may cause stress or worse. ( no worth of your anger, or damaged health)

– regular sport, indoors/ outdoors activities, meditation, relaxation, find a hobby ( doing things you love have great healing properties)

– sometimes animals can provide great comfort and relaxation ( so called animal therapy is used on daily bases. Given love= received love)

– Find goal who want to achieve as a reason to be. ( having a goal can be great engine to keep you going on the road you want to be)

– Volunteering can provide great satisfaction, boost up self believe and self-worth ( by doing something good and make a difference, makes you feel better about yourself.)

– Love frequency- every emotion has a frequency which resonates. Frequency of love is 528 MHz. In Switzerland used to heal damaged tissue. Can be also used for emotion balance restoration

2.2 Explain how to support an individual in promoting their mental well-being and mental health-

– showing by practical example, that anything can be done. ( someone just got new will never use leg again and there for run, visit with him army heroes centre to visit people with similar injury, but still doing what they love)

– re-ensure client you and everyone else involved will be always there for him and there is nothing he cannot ask or do.

-listen the problem and act as a middle man to find the right solution, comfort or just show that ” not all is lost”

– make people aware/ organise various events meetings or programs where everyone is welcomed. ( cancer UK research run, Macmillan coffee morning. You never know what it can give to the individual)

– together visit or to do all kind of sport/ other indoors/ outdoors activities

– introduce all options how to stay happy and healthy ( books, youtube videos, talks)

– Radiate happiness and positivity- in order to help other you must be ok. If people sense from you negativity, may not accept your help and support.

2.3 evaluate a strategy for supporting and individual in promoting their mental well-being and mental health-

– Assessment- gather all info available about client ( friends, family, medic. Professionals, other)

– make- up your own pre- picture of client, but use it ONLY as a guideline ( so you know what you stepping in to )

– meet up with client and talk ( than you can make final picture, which will need gradual and frequent adjustments- every day is different)

– support- finding the best optional choices for client based on your assessment and introducing them to client. ( make sure he knows there are just options he makes final call)

– Let client choose the best one for him with explanation it may be changed at any time if needed.

– proceed to chosen program providing constant support, re-ensuring, assistance, example and guidance

– revaluation- this part should be done on regular bases to see how client view all what is happening also to see his state of well- being and mental health

In past have worked with client who was very linked to his wife. She regularly visited him on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, between these days he was angry and wanted to see her or leave the care home.

In order to ensure his calamines and better management of his behaviour, lady wrote by herself days and times on small peace of paper when she is due to come. So when she was due on Wednesday and on Tuesday he was angry, I just shown the ticked for Wednesday to him.

He recognised the writing of his wife and under written promise on Wednesday visit he calmed down.

To make it feel like “ it’s just in few moments”, I have converted ? day in to hours minus sleep( giving feeling it will be here soon) and than doing various activities in order time to pass more quickly and waiting to feel much bearable.

2.4 Describe key aspects of a local, national or international strategy to promote mental well-being and mental health within a group or community-

-Raising awareness about the problem and identification of consequences ( supporting various groups, meetings, internet media other media, explaining consequences of mental illness and importance of mental health)

– Education and physical education- providing knowledge to people and promoting various activities -Promoting inclusion and fighting discrimination and various stigmas

– improving mental health of- infants and very young children
– children and young people
– well- being in working life
– well-being in later life
– in communities

– improving mental health promotion and prevention in local services

– promoting research and education as well as international/ national co-operation

– regular evaluations of status of national/ international Mental health and well being

– Promoting inclusion and comunity spirit ( mix meetings of various religious or other groups)

2.5 Evaluate a local, national or international stratedy to promote mental well-being and mental health within a group or comunity:

In last decade have been finaly recognised how important well-being and mental health is. So much so, that comunal, local, national and international tratedies have been developed and implicated to fight growing problem of mental health. ( more and more people have well- being or mental health issues or physical illneses directly linked to mental health)

Most of the strategies are directed on young people where problem is the worst.

Promoting equality and conclusion is one of the important part of promoting mental health as well as preventing mental health related illneses.

Regular meeting on local, national or international level have been held in order to tackle problem more effectively.

There are lot of support groups/ organisation supported by goverments or just run as charities. Also great finances have been put in to education and prevention programs in order to esure healty future and current generation.

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