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Treasure Island
Original title Treasure Island
Author Robert Louis Stevenson

Adventure Fiction Young Adult Literature

Language English
Characters Billy Bones, Captain Alexander Smollett, Captain Flint, Ben Gunn, Israel Hands, Jim Hawkins, Dr. Livesey, Long John Silver, Squire Trelawney
Published May 23, 1883
ISBN 978-0-14-310528-3
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Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is a classic tale of pirates, buried treasure, and adventure on the high seas. The story follows young Jim Hawkins as he sets sail on a quest to find a pirate’s buried treasure. Along the way, he must outwit the treacherous Long John Silver and his band of pirates. With its exciting plot and cast of colorful characters, Treasure Island is a timeless tale of adventure that has captivated readers for generations.

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