Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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FAQ about Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

How does Stevenson present the conflict between good and evil in ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’?
...I think that the message in Jekyll and Hyde is that although evil dwells naturally within everybody, it can be overcome and that we all have the strength to overcome it. Jekyll's pride caused his inner demons to take on a life of their own in Hyde, a...
How does Stevenson explore duality in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
...Finally, there is Dr Jekyll. Throughout the book he is described as a good man, who was respectable, admired by his friends, as someone seen as nearly perfect by Victorian standards. However, beneath the public face we can see that his fascination wi...
How Stevenson Creates a Sense of Intrigue and Engages the Reader’s Interest in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
...After reading The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, when it was first published, readers would have realised that man has both, an evil and a good side to him. At the time the book was published, society was very strict, it didn't question relig...
How does R. L. Stevenson create horror and suspense in the novel ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?’
...Overall, I think this was an interesting book, at times I found it quite difficult and got a bit confused, however I soon picked up again. I think that Stevenson was clever in the way that he used multiple perspectives to heighten the suspense of the...
How Successful is Concealment in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
...Teens can identify with this because they take drugs to relax, to have fun; some feel they can only do this with drugs in there system. In society today concealment still plays a very big part, parents conceal evil such as drugs, drinking etc...
How Is Mr Utterson Presented in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
...In addition Mr Utterson is presented as a character who throughout the novel constantly uses rational thinking perhaps due to his occupation of being a lawyer. His rational thinking and denial of the supernatural is especially noticeable when ‘he a...